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Beings Like Us by zodiak023


Kagome Higurashi age 24. The happiest day of her life was when she was getting married to her mate Lord Sesshomaru. Most of the people at the ceremony were her friends in their community and her mother and her brother from her old life. Yes most of her world had not accepted them yet and still wanted to live in the dark ages.

Where if they weren’t normal human beings then they were thrown behind locked doors and tested on like lab rats. However, Kagome’s recent new mate had found a way for them to blend into the human society without being known as what they truly were, demons. People are scared or freaked out by things or creatures they do not understand and they set up tests for these creatures so they can learn more about them.

These test were anything but easy, there were blood tests, x-rays, tests to measure their pain tolerances and once they found out that some had the ability to heal themselves they tried creating a way for humans to receive that ability. Humans were weak when it came to these demons.

Oh wait…I am getting ahead of myself. Lets start from the beginning of all this. Step through this tragedy to see if one pure hearted miko has what it takes to turn her own kind, humans, to believe that demons and humans can live in peace together.


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