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Cacophonic Symphony by LadySmurf

Moonlight and Sunshine


Moonlight and Sunshine

  It started with one shot. And then another fired. And then another. And another. And another. Until all I could hear was a cacophonic symphony of projectiles surrounding me. I remember being thrown to the ground and crushed. The massive weight of my father squishing me to the ground, protecting me with the only thing he had, thick enough to halt the bullets serenading the room but not to save his life—his own body.

  I remember being trapped beneath his body for days, unable to wiggle my way free from his death grasp.  I was six years old at the time and I couldn’t understand why daddy couldn’t see that I wasn’t enjoying the game anymore. I was hungry and scared and I didn’t want to understand his terrible stillness. I didn’t want to understand how he had been able to stare at me, unblinking, for days on end without sleep. I didn’t want to understand. I couldn’t.

  And then he came. He was glory personified and was announced much the same way as the bullets were—with terrifying sound and fury.  All I remember is the blessed release of the weight on my shoulders. Both the weight of my father and the weight of my fears.

  All I saw was moonlight and sunshine.

  Not quite sure how I managed to see both at the same time, everything went black before I saw much more than that.

  Next thing I know, I woke up in the domain of the Western Lord.

  The Inu-Taisho.


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