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The Angel Underneath The Darkness by zodiak023

The dreaded move

Love, love my new beta! now maybe you guys can read this chapter a whole lot better! Credit goes to my beta for rereading and taking the time to fix some things in this story.

Standing there in black combat boots, black baggy pants with chains  hanging from the sides and a black spandex long sleeved shirt with  silver metal bra buckles that closed the front, a small  silver hoop nose ring hung from the side of her nose and an ear ring in  her ear cartilage. She had crazy hair extensions in her hair that was put up  in a crazy style she stood looking up at the brand new house. Her name  was Kagome and at 16 years old she was in rebellion, she had been since the  accident and since her mother had tried to psychoanalyze her just as if  she were one of her mother's clients.

Kagome was more than pissed, because her mother decided to move them  to Tokyo, Japan.  They were moving because her grandfather was getting older and  moving around a lot slower. This is why she had to leave her friends and the malls they sometimes hung out at. Sota, her brother was fine with  her mother being a psychologist. Her mother never treated him like  one of her clients, because he was a normal little boy, she however  always dressed like death warmed over.

“We are finally here.”  Her mother sighed happily. Kagome didn’t seem to be paying to much attention to her since she had her music on and turned up in her ear buds; she was currently listening to Nine Inch Nails. In the sunlight, the white house with its tall white columns,  shined with pristine paint, Kagome groaned,

“I’d rather live with my crazy ass grandfather,” Kagome mumbled.

“Kagome, watch your mouth, it’s a gorgeous house; now come on.” Her mother said, unlocking the door.

“Just because you have money mother, doesn’t mean you have to exploit it,” Kagome grumbled in her dark mood, her mother went and stared  outside at the neighborhood for a few minutes, she sighed once Kagome’s  Mustang arrived.

“I don’t understand you, I bought you a brand new Jeep Wrangler and  you still insisted on building a car from the junkyard.  You could have  any car you wanted, but you still drive that Mustang, why?” Her mother  asked as Kagome carried a box in.

“You act like its such a horrible car, as if you don’t care for them  at all, I happen to like working on cars.  My friends helped me learn a  lot in auto shop, I liked auto shop but you don’t care what I like. I  liked my friends and my school, but you don’t care because you moved us  here, across the fucking ocean; where  people don’t even speak English!” Kagome said harshly as she put her  stuff down in the door.

She had actually loved watching her father work on cars when she was a child but bringing him up in conversation was never an option around  her mother, because she would sit Kagome down and try to treat her like a client.

“Yes, I kind of figured you liked auto shop but did you have to bring that death mobile with us? And you know why we had to move, your  grandfather is getting older, he has no family here and you know he  wouldn’t move to the states.”  Her mother explained.

“I like working on cars and bikes.  It’s the only thing, besides my  used to be friends, that kept me sane at home. If grandfather is so old  then put him in a home or hey, your rich enough, hire a live in nanny  for him and lets go home.” Kagome whined.

“Family is important, one day you will learn this, now get unloaded;  tomorrow we get you and Sota registered into school.”  Her mother  explained, Kagome merely rolled her eyes,

“How am I supposed to work on my bike without a job? And without a garage?” Kagome asked.

“There is a garage attached to the house and I will give you the money if you cant find a job.”  Her mother explained,

“No thanks, I rather work for my own money, it's what I did at home,  this place is going to be no different.” Kagome said as she was about to go upstairs,  suddenly there was a knock on the open front door.


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