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He Never Smiles by LadySmurf


This is quite decidedly different from the stuff I've posted before this. Warning now: this is creepy and many will find it disgusting so read at your own risk. I own nothing but the plot.




She was glorious in red, just as he had known she would be.  The sensuous color accentuated her luscious lips and left him with an overwhelming sense of possession. He needed a taste of her perfection before the others came to take her away and mutilate the beautiful scene she had created just for him. She lay there splayed open for his viewing pleasure, waiting for him—yearning for him—to take his pleasure from her delicate porcelain flesh.  He was nearly afraid to touch her, less he himself ruin the picture she made with the playful teasing shadows dancing across her blessedly displayed breasts, her nipples tautly erect waiting patiently for his attention, and the wetness that coated her most private areas left him straining to grasp the fleeting reins of his control.

He moved to dip his fingers into the slickness of her body and a shudder made its way through his body.  She was so ready for him—so wantonly had her body provided evidence of her need.  With his fingers submerged and her essence beginning to slide down his hand he began his exploration her body.

She remained quiet and this pleased him. Actions speak louder than words and her body demonstrated her pleasure better than broken chant of his name ever could anyway.  He pumped her once and then twice slowly before freeing his sodden digits from within her to lap at the decadent treat she had produced for him.  At her taste his eyes fluttered shut and his balls tightened painfully.


Breathing through his nose whilst sucking his fingers clean filled him with a need he had never felt before. Her scent was glorious. His already prominent erection had start to create lubricant of its own and he reveled in the feel of his precious liquid slowly beading up and rolling down the length of him. He could imagine how her eyes would follow its progress down his shaft before finally giving in and catching the runaway with her clever tongue, following its trail back up to his head before engulfing it within her hot oral chamber.

The warm spurt of cum that followed his thoughts only served to warm his throbbing member further, mimicking the wetness of his beautiful vixen before him.

His eyes snapped open form his thoughts and he returned back to the present. He couldn’t cum yet. He needs to take of her first—he was nothing if not a gentleman after all.  His eyes darted back to her gorgeous hues and he was taken back yet again by her absolute perfection.

What was going to do with her?

An idea lit up his eyes and reached back to the task he had at hand before his minor distraction. Ensuring that his fingers were coated with her he reached to begin tracing a slick pattern over her breasts neglecting to touch what he knew she wanted most.  When he satisfied with himself he bent to take her left breast into his mouth, suckling and nibbling, drinking of her body’s milk.

As his out was pre-occupied he allowed his hands to wander to his belt, loosening it to easily grab onto what he needed and thrust into his hand.

They were both ready and his need was about to explode—quickly he found her entrance and began pumping into her with reckless abandon. He felt her body buckle under him and he knew she was spent, feeling quite proud of himself he finally released his control. His hips quickly went sporadic before he broke into a cold sweat and he blew his load into her.

Feeling curiously unsated, he traveled down her body to capture his prize.  With his face eye level to her opening, his tongue flicked out and he began his task of cleaning her—the taste of both himself and her fluids only served to reawaken his lust, so when he finished he moved to her head and waited before readjusting and thrusting into her pliant mouth.

She was just as he had imagined.

Hot, slick, and just a slight hint of teeth.

He came to his peak quickly and watched transfixed as a small stream of him escaped from her mouth and—as her mouth was busy and thus was unable to capture to escapee—his finger caught it, halting its journey and transferring its destination to his mouth.  His flavor was intriguing, but before he could swallow he heard a knock at the door.

They were there.

Sighing he gently removed himself from her mouth and fluidly replaced his pants.

It was a shame he couldn’t stay longer to admire his quiet lady love, but alas it was never meant to be a permanent arrangement. Neither of the could afford what would happen if anyone were to discover who had taken part in this—their torrid love affair.

He could feel her sapphire eyes upon his back as he retreated threw her window.

The investigator would later report that he had left her mutilated and staring blindly in her lonely room.

The only mutilation he could think of was the fact that they had probably touched her with their filthy hands and closed her eyes for the final time so she could never see the beautiful perfection their union had created ever again.

She would never see another man again.

Her last vision was of him.

He was smiling down at her sweetly.

No one had ever seen him smile and no one besides her would ever see him smiling again.

He never smiled.

At least never at the living.


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