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In another life I would be your demon by zodiak023


I do not know how long this story will turn out but I do have a sequel already in mind.

He watched his little brother’s group from afar, when had he begin to have such strong feelings for the woman his brother treated like trash? He couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that this woman continued to be interested in his brother, he just couldn’t phantom the reason behind her great loyalty to him when he was running off to lay with another woman, who by the way wasn’t even alive. He stood there thinking back over the memories of his first encounters with this slip of a human woman that had somehow wormed her way into his life.

First was when he was torturing Inuyasha with a woman who he claimed to be Inuyasha’s mother, Kagome was on Inuyasha’s side then, sure it was the beginning of Kagome’s journey and she hadn’t really develop feelings for Inuyasha yet. Kagome had told him her feelings on the situation, that he was so cold for tricking Inuyasha into thinking that the woman was his dead mother. The second encounter was when Inuyasha and him had entered their father’s grave, again Kagome was there on Inuyasha’s side, she had encouraged Inuyasha to pull out the sword to hit him in his ego, again he had attacked Inuyasha.

She had eventually gotten around to pulling the sword out, stunning him and Inuyasha, Inuyasha had gotten protective over her then, he even seemed heart broken when he thought she were dead when he had sent poison over at her, but of course the sheath of the his father’s fanged sword had saved her.

He had lost his arm due to that onna, but then a little girl had shown up, she had tried to care for him, she was never scared of him which highly confused him. Kagome had never been afraid of him either, she was just determined to protect Inuyasha from him. From that time on that little girl Rin had started to worm her way into his cold heart, he had wondered why his father had left him such a sword that could not kill anything, but bring life back.

When he grew attached to the quiet, happy little girl who loved flowers he was grateful that he had a sword that could do something so unbelievably godly, it was like he was playing God every time he brought a life back, but had only happened once so far. After Rin had become apart of Sesshomaru’s life he became less cold, and had even saved the miko and her friends on several occasions.


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