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Learn to love again by zodiak023

Bachelor's Pad

Kagome’s boss was screaming at her,

“Kagome, what the hell is your problem? You had the press pass, and you usually get the best scoop on bands. So what…?” her boss being interrupted,

“Actually, that was my fault, and I am here to reschedule for that interview if Kagome is available,” a familiar baritone voice explained. Her boss turned around,

“H-hi,” Kagome’s boss stunned to see the lead singer of M.I.S.S Demonic standing in the newspaper room. Sesshomaru eyed the woman whose name was Kagome,

“Uh, er, n-no, she isn’t busy, Kagome, take as much time as you need,” her boss explained.

“Thank you Jaken,” Kagome getting up and grabbing her leather coat and her notebook and her camera bag, she tried not giving him a glare, she was professional.

“I’ll take my car,” Kagome explained,

“I think you are better off with coming with me,” Sesshomaru explained. They got down to the front door where there was an angry crowd of girls and grown women waiting for him.

“Stay close,” Sesshomaru putting his hand on the small of her back, when they got outside his bodyguards kept the crowd off of them and Sesshomaru had Kagome pulled tight against his side all the way to his private car, he got her in the back and followed her inside the car and shut the door and rode to his hotel.

“I apologize for my rude behavior last night,” Sesshomaru explained,

“Its not a problem, I read the tabloids usually for entertainment but most of it is just big thought up stories, besides I’m sure its pretty rough being famous. You know Sesshomaru just because I am doing an interview with you and the band doesn’t mean you have to start liking me as a person, you never have in the past,” Kagome shrugged.

“In the past? Do we know each other?” Sesshomaru asked,

“We went to school together, I used to date Yasha, I hung out with you guys in your garage phase and did the photos, helped with your CD covers, I even helped you come up with your band name,” Kagome listing all she ever did with them and for them. She sighed, Sesshomaru stared at her, his human face had a shocked look on it.

“I remember you, you are the only one descent photographer we have ever had,” Sesshomaru coolly. Kagome was appalled, that was all he had to say to her? Really?


At the Hotel

Sesshomaru waited until the bodyguard knocked on the window of the car signaling it was alright to leave the car. Sesshomaru got out and helped Kagome out and quickly got inside the hotel and into the elevator. It was an awkward silence between them, Kagome knew he didn’t care for her back then, why should things change now? It was just an interview right? The elevator opened to the pent house and Sesshomaru unlocked the door.

“I told them all to be ready to go for the interview but they are probably still sleeping,” Sesshomaru shutting the door,

“No doubt, Sango and Inuyasha always liked sleeping in, but Miroku… Miroku!” Kagome gawked and turned her back to him, Sesshomaru looked at Miroku, he was sitting on the couch and watching TV in nothing but his boxers! He was watching the newest recording of the news on the band,

“Dude, I did not say that, they are twisting my words!!!” Miroku huffed,

“Miroku, put some clothes on, no one wants to see that!” Kagome closing her eyes tightly and having her back turned toward him, she shook her head.

“Hey, Sessh, how about taking your little fan girl into your own room, I’m trying to watch TV,” Miroku lazily and offended. Kagome opened her eyes and turned around to shout at him, when suddenly Inuyasha came out into the living, in nothing but a towel, Kagome gawked, she slapped a hand over her eyes,

“I swear I walked into a bachelor’s pent house!” Kagome sighed,

“Roku, what the hell did you do with my nice black sweater and my khaki tan…” Inuyasha being interrupted,

“Yasha put some clothes on, god!” Kagome still shielding her eyes.

“If it pleases you to look, by all means…” Inuyasha being interrupted again,

“Hey, how about keeping it down out…” Sango stopped talking. She stared at the woman who was growing red from embarrassment with each second,

“Sango, please tell me you have clothes on,” Kagome still hiding her view from Inuyasha and Miroku.

“Kagome? Oh god! Its Kagome!” Sango charging at her friend, with an ’oof’ of breathe being forced from impact by her long lost friend, Sango continued to hug her.

“Glad someone still remembers their best friend, hey…Sango…” Kagome trying to catch her breath,

“Sango, San… a little air,” Kagome choked out. Sango jerked away,

“Oh, sorry, wow, look at you, you grew up so gorgeous,” Sango touching her black hair that had some highlights in it, Inuyasha stood there gawking at Kagome. He hadn’t seen her since they broke up, Miroku jumped up, he was about to come toward her,

“You, put some clothes on, and don’t think about groping my ass today,” Kagome pointing a finger at Miroku. Inuyasha was still frozen in the same spot, still with only a towel around his waist,

“Breathe Yasha,” Kagome encouraged him, once Inuyasha sighed the towel came undone and pooled at his feet. Kagome stared at his face and her face grew hot, she blinked, she avoided looking at Inuyasha,

“Um, ookayyy, I think I will wait out in the hall until everyone is dressed,” Kagome turning to walk toward the door,

“Don’t act all offended, you know we did go out at one time,” Inuyasha walking toward his room with the towel slung over his shoulder,

“Well, I’m engaged, things change,” Kagome shouted back as she slammed the door. His ears twitched as they picked up on the word ’engaged’,

“Engaged in what?” Inuyasha shouted, Kagome was already waiting in the hallway, she could hear his brash shouting from out there.

“Five….four…three…two…” Kagome smirked as the door jerked open and Sesshomaru stepped out and shut the door back. Kagome held her laughter in,

“Seems like things are really working for you,” Kagome giggled a little.

“You have no idea, I am beginning to wonder if taking over my father’s business wouldn’t be easier,” Sesshomaru resting a foot against the wall he was leaning on.

“So it seems things worked out for you as well. I would have thought you would have still been hung up on my little brother,” Sesshomaru glancing at her. He noticed her frowning a little, she glanced at him and locked eyes with him,

“He never told you why we broke up did he? I broke up with him,” Kagome explained softly. By that look on her face he knew that Inuyasha had caused her to break up with him, he just thought she stopped hanging out with them because she couldn’t face Inuyasha after he broke up with her. Now it had to have been bad, as he started to move over to her to demand her to tell him, the door flew open,

“Hey Kags, its safe to come in now,” Sango hanging onto the doorway,

“Alright,” Kagome giving Sesshomaru one last glance and moving towards the door, Sesshomaru caught her wrist, she gave him a look. He let go of her wrist, he would get an answer out of her later. Kagome had spent the whole day with them, catching up on the years, doing the interview, and now they were at the theater doing photos.

“So what’s your guy like?” Sango asked, ogling the simple but gorgeous diamond ring on her ring finger,

“He’s great, perfect gentleman, he’s similar to me in ways, a big heart, selfless. He is in the Army, he is doing a tour in Iraq, were are getting married when he returns, his name is Ronin, gorgeous silky light blonde hair. I used to braid it every chance I got before he went in the military and had to cut it,” Kagome explained,

“How did you guys meet?” Sango asked, Kagome found a great pose Sesshomaru didn’t know that he was doing and took the photo.

“Oh, um, we actually met in college, I tripped over something and before I could fall on my face he was catching me,” Kagome blushed.

“He was also a firefighter before he went off and from that day on we kept running into each other,” Kagome giggled a little, she looked at her watch,

“Wow, its late, I’ve gotta go, I have to type this up and get it submitted, I’ll send you guys some copies of the photos through email, maybe we could do lunch before you guys go onto your next stop,” Kagome explained.

“Yeah, that would be great, a girl’s night out maybe?” Sango suggested,

“That does sounds great,” Kagome collecting her notebook and her camera bag.

“God, it was so great seeing you,” Sango hugging her,

“It was weird at what I walked in on, but it was good seeing you as well,” Kagome moving towards the exit in the theater,

“Sesshomaru, come on, Kagome’s got work to do,” Sango shouted. Sesshomaru was just coming out from the dressing room in a white long sleeve buttoned up dressy shirt and some jeans, and his boots, he was throwing his coat on.

“You look nice,” Sango curiously,

“I a going to go see my father while I’m out,” Sesshomaru explained. He escorted Kagome down to his private car. They were sitting in silence the whole way, when dropping her off at her car,

“I’m going to follow you home to make sure you get home alright,” Sesshomaru explained.

“Um, okay, thanks,” Kagome getting in her car and driving to her apartment.


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