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Learn to love again by zodiak023


This is what happens when you mix Paparazzi the song, and the song Just give me a reason together. A great start to an awesome story! btw i have found the missing chapters so this story has been overhauled with some new chapters, may want to refresh yourself with this story! 

She was amazing at what she did, she worked as a photographer. A very professional high class photographer, and she loved what she did, her name Kagome Higurashi. She was 26 years old and had a bachelor’s degree in photography. Her grandfather would be rolling in his grave if he knew what she did, she was a miko and had lived on a shrine since she was six years old.

She used to be a traditional miko during the traditional tours of their family shrine not out shooting things with a camera. Back when she was in high school she had a bunch of friends, Inuyasha, who was a bit immature for his age, and a half demon, Miroku, who was a monk, a lecherous monk who liked the ladies far too much, Sango who was brought up in a family of demon slayers, and Sesshomaru a full blooded demon and Inuyasha’s half brother.

The last time she heard they were all in a band, she had been there in their garage phase and she came and did photos for them. Back then it was all film, now she did digital and she worked for the high class newspaper Shikon No Tama Tokyo Gazette. She also did family portraits for the rich, business photos for companies, and she did pro bono work as well, she was always busy. Her friends all promised to keep in touch even when they hit it big, but they all were too busy to try to drop each other a line.

The fact is the only reason they were discovered was because of Kagome’s PR work for them. She designed all their covers for them and even came up with the band name, M.I.S.S Demonic which consisted of each letter of their first names.

“Hey Kags, I need you down at the theater tonight,” her boss shouted over the commotion in the news room,

“What’s happening tonight?” Kagome confused, she was always too busy to keep up with all the happenings and goings on even for the newspaper.

“What rock have you been hiding under, M.I.S.S is in town, I want an interview with them, a deep interview,” her boss seriously.

“Sure thing boss, its in the bag,” Kagome nodding, she had her V.I.P press pass to get through the crowd and the bodyguards, so she didn’t expect too much of a problem. She was the only one who actually knew who the band members really were, and the irony behind half of their band name. She could probably even come up with a pretty good start on the background on their band without having to interview them.

Flipping open her notebook she started writing questions she would ask to get the full deep interview that her boss wanted and by the time she left for the concert she had about three pages full of questions.

At the Theater

“All these photos of us suck, I mean isn’t there a descent photographer out there?” Inuyasha shoving a tabloid in Sesshomaru’s face. Sesshomaru looked through it, he hated tabloids and the paparazzi, they all said lies and even their photos held lies, like the photo of him and a mysterious lady friend. Now they were saying that their whole band were on drugs of some sort.

And the women, oh Kami, the women that threw themselves at Sesshomaru, he wanted to rip their heads off, skanks  and whores who wore too much make-up and not enough clothes. He even had some that wanted him to sign their asses or breasts. Sango was getting even more ticked off about Miroku groping the women every chance he got, they were engaged for Kami sake!


At the Concert


The band was still in the back getting dressed and getting their hair and make-up done, only it was just a cover up for Sesshomaru and Inuyasha, all they had to do was to drop their concealment and throw on the clothes they were going to wear on stage and make sure their instruments were tuned right and they were done. Kagome was right at the backstage door trying to talk to the bodyguard when Sesshomaru walked over in all his humanoid glory,

“Look, if you have a problem with my pass call my boss, I am as professional as they come,” Kagome strongly.

“Sorry sweetheart, they don’t do tabloid interviews,” the bodyguard explained,

“I am not the tabloids, I don’t write bullshit, I work for Shikon No Tama Tokyo Gazette,” Kagome trying hard to keep her cool.

“Hey Sesshomaru, do you guys want to do any interviews tonight?” the bodyguard asked,

“Absolutely not,” Sesshomaru glaring at the woman in a suit, he knew her kind, she was a miko, there weren’t many of those left in this era anymore.

“I am not leaving here without an interview!” Kagome commanded.

“Look…” Sesshomaru reading her name on her pass,

“Kagome Higurashi, the band is tired of shit photos and the lies. You can explain that to your boss,” Sesshomaru coldly,

“I work for  Shikon No Tama Tokyo Gazette, the newspaper, we only print the truth, no lies or scandles and I happen to be a high class photographer. Work with me and we can set the story straight on your band,” Kagome appalled that he didn’t even remember her.

“Sorry, I’ve gotta hit the stage Mike, show Ms. Higurashi out please,” Sesshomaru getting a migraine already. Kagome went back to her car, she couldn’t believe it, the Sesshomaru Taisho, or as she knew him ‘ice prince’, had not changed one bit, how could he not remember her, she had dated his half brother for a long while and she was always around them in their garage days. She was fuming, she cranked up her shiny black Mazda and took off to her small apartment. Sesshomaru was thinking about the young attractive woman that was from that newspaper,

“What’s up with you?” Miroku asked,

“Some newspaper chick wanted an interview with us for the Shikon No Tama Tokyo Gazette,” Sesshomaru grabbing his electric guitar and headed for the stage. He couldn’t get her off his mind, he knew he had known her, her face stuck out, but where did he know her from?

“I’ve heard that’s an actually pretty good paper,” Miroku grabbing his drum sticks,

“And pretty good photos for it being black and white,” Inuyasha grabbing his bass. Sango grabbed her guitar,

“I used to read it, it was definitely the better newspaper in the city,” Sango explained.

“Fine, I will call them tomorrow and have someone sent to the hotel then,” Sesshomaru sighed,

“Good, maybe there will be some descent photos out there of us,” Inuyasha explained.

“Come on guys, lets just do this,” Sesshomaru hearing the crowd roaring, they went on stage and had a great night.


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