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As it has been written in the stars by zodiak023



It was as if the universe and the Kamis above had converged together to give her such an ill fitted fate. She felt used by Inuyasha for a while now, he always wanted something from her, her soul so he could give to Kikyo, Ramen from her time, and if Kikyo wasn’t around when he needed ‘attention’ he would take Kagome against her will. Finally she had had enough,

“Come on Kags, I need you,” Inuyasha trying to drag her away from the camp, she jerked away from him.

“No, you are done using me, go find Kikyo to satisfy your needs! I am done!” Kagome screamed out. Inuyasha never expected Kagome to cause a scene, he thought she was still in love with him and he played on her feelings to satisfy his needs and wants.

“Kagome, this isn’t like you,” Sango confused by her outburst, Kagome couldn’t believe her, her best friend, her sister, siding with Inuyasha.

“Sango, I am so fucking tired of getting abused by him, cant you even see it? He is and has been using me for his own damn pleasure, if he doesn’t want to rut with me he wants my soul for that undead swine! Or he wants Ramen, or he wants me to wear myself to the brink of death hunting for that stupid jewel! No more! Get your two-bit swine to do your dirty work, I am done!” Kagome seethed.

“You know, at one time I thought you were special, I loved you just as you are, I now know you are, have, and always will be a disgrace to your family bloodline just as Lord Sesshomaru always said you were,” Kagome jerking up her bag and bow and arrows and heading out of the camp. Shippo ran after her, she allowed him to ride on her shoulder, she had no idea that someone had been eavesdropping on their scene. Finally Kagome made it back to Edo late in the night.

“Ye child, what is the matter? Where is your group?” Kaede being awoke by their sudden presence,

“I left them, I am going home, I wont do this anymore, I wont risk my life anymore for some stupid jewel,” Kagome angrily and in tears.

“Come now, is that all that is wrong?” Kaede building the cooking fire back up to cook some soup for her.

“She is pupped, Inuyasha forced himself on her,” Shippo explained, unknown to them there was a growl of deadly anger just a few feet from the hut. Their eavesdropper had followed Kagome to Edo, he wanted to murder the halfbreed more than ever now, but he couldn’t leave the village in case Kagome really did decide to leave the jewel shards up to her group to find the rest. Kaede hugged Kagome,

“The Kamis have cursed you with such fate, ye cannot leave this era though, not with having a pup inside you, your time does not know of how to react to such children,” Kaede softly.

“I don’t want to be here, there is nothing for me here, it was not my fault for the jewel to bust! I didn’t even know I had it!” Kagome cried.

“But ye have done a lot of good and you have learnt so many things about yourself,” Kaede trying to reason with her. Kagome shook her head,

“All my efforts were in vain, and risked my life for what, for who? The good I’ve done doesn’t account for the betrayal of my friends. I wont do it anymore, I refuse to accept this fate, I am going home, and I am going to seal the well and try to salvage what is left with my life,” Kagome hissed out as she got up abruptly and walked out and started to the well.





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