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The Heroic and Super-Duper Trials of a Girl and a Demon by UnknownRandomness

Laugh 'Till You Die

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Prompt: Pajamas (Week 2)

Word Count: 283

She wanted to laugh, oh how badly she wanted to laugh; until tears streamed down her face and her ribs ached. But she couldn't because that was mean and she wasn't a mean person. Normally. 

Perhaps just this once she could make an exception? No, she wouldn't; because that would mean certain death and she didn't want to die. 

Barely containing a snort, Kagome addressed the taiyoukai. "Sesshoumaru, what are you wearing?" 

"This Sesshoumaru is merely fulfilling your challenge, miko."

This was confusing- or perhaps he was confused? "Uh, Sesshoumaru? Are you feeling okay? I haven't issued any challenge."

The regal glare he sent her titters sneaking past her lips. "Do not mock me, woman. Did you not say to the kit this past night that no-one had better 'pajamas' than yourself? Consider yourself beaten miko; this Sesshoumaru is superior to you in every way."

That did it; she couldn't hold it in anymore. The laughter burst out of her, pealing through their small campsite into the cool night air. Kagome laughed until she couldn't breathe, slapping her thighs in pure enjoyment. He really did have bad luck; last night she'd worn an oversized shirt as a nightdress because her usual pajama set were drying from a scrub in the stream. Thus, he had gotten- from Kami knows where- an extended shirt in the most garish orange she had ever seen, with bright- almost fluorescent- pink diamonds. 

Kagome wondered whether his powerful eyes were hurting from the sight- hers certainly were. 

"Are you done?"

The young woman sobered immediately. "Hai, Sesshoumaru-sama. You are indeed superior to me in all regards."

He would've believed her too, if it weren't for the huge shit-eating grin on her face.   


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