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Breakpoint by UnknownRandomness


A/N: (Rated T for suggestion- just to be safe). If this is similar to anyone else's plot due to the popularity of the idea, I apologize; it is entirely unintentional. 

Word Count: 619

Kagome couldn't take it anymore.

She just wanted to break down into a sobbing mess, weeping over her hard work; which in the end, had amounted to nothing.

Slowly rising from her living room floor, the young woman's eyes took on a dangerous glint as she began the search for the cause of her current problem; one youkai by the name of Sesshoumaru.

When they had first managed to get him through the well, Kagome was thrilled. Their love blossomed away from the trials of the Feudal era, and Sesshoumaru lived with his miko in her apartment, specifically chosen because of its close proximity to a large park.

At first, it had been perfect; Sesshoumaru could explore the future disguised as an ordinary dog, and stay with the woman he loved. Yet, as the months passed, Kagome started to notice things about her lover which were just plain annoying. 

He was such a dog. 

Of course, she knew that, but did he really have to bury her things in the back garden? Like her hairspray? And she could accept the fact that being an inu-youkai he was bound ot shed some fur.

But this... this was ridiculous.

She had spent the entire day cleaning the apartment, ensuring it was spotless, and had left for ten minutes to go and pick something up from the shops, only to return to her... less-than-spotless apartment.

Setting down her purse on the kitchen counter, Kagome had made her way to the sofa, intent on relaxing in front of the televison for an hour, only to find her couch covered in Sesshoumaru's long, fine hair.

Groaning in despair at the prospect of having to vacuum the furniture again, the young woman begain the hunt. 

"Sesshoumaru, you had better come out now and explain yourself, or I will be very irritated with you." Kagome smirked, that threat always worked; the last time he'd gotten on her nerves she hadn't let him in bed for three nights.

Opening her bedroom door, the miko was greeted by the sight of a very wet, very naked Sesshoumaru, who had clearly just vacated the ensuite bathroom. Turning to face the annoyed woman, Sesshoumaru closed the distance between them and enveloped her in  a damp hug, his breath tickling her ear.

Kagome valiantly resisted the urge to embrace him back and kept her tone cold, determined to win this battle. "I am very, very angry Sesshou, I spent hours cleaning and you immediately mess up my efforts."

Nuzzling the space under her ear the taiyoukai replied, "Sorry Kagome, yet you know this Sesshoumaru detests it when you clean- it erases your scent; and that is unacceptable."

Feeling her resistance begin to waver, he drove home the knock-out blow. "Have a nice hot bath, and I will be waiting for you."

Kagome shivered involuntarily, before conceding defeat, perhaps a nice hot bath was exactly what she needed. Glaring at the gorgeous male, she extricated herself from his arms and headed to the bathroom, disrobing as she went.

Sesshoumaru could sure be an irritating dog occassionally, but he could also be a sweet and caring partner- not that she would ever call him sweet to his face.

Stepping into the still-warm tub, Kagome was about to turn the taps on when she noticed something that stopped her dead.


The warning tone with which she summoned him had the fearsome youkai lord warily poking his head around the door.

"What. Is. THAT?"

Slowly making his way over, Sesshoumaru finally caught sight of what she was pointing at. He cringed.

A large mass of dirty, tangled, (but definitely his) hair blocked the plughole.          


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