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Because of Loving You by Maria-Salvatore29


Chapter 1: Revenge?

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha.


"Do you feel my cock inside you, Kagome?" Sesshomaru asked in a husky voice that caused a shiver of delight run through me.

I moaned, arching from the bed, offering my breasts to him. He obliged by sucking my right nipple enthusiastically before moving to its twin to do the same. He let my nipple go with an audible pop.

"You're mine," he whispered, everything about him screamed dominance and I can’t help but submit.

Submit for the night, yes.

"Yes." I hissed as he hit a spot inside me that almost made me scream with delight. Own me. Dominate me. Take away all the pain. I pleaded inside my head.

He groaned above me. Ramming his cock inside me so hard and fast that I thought I’d lose my mind. He saturated me completely, stretching me open and taking what he wanted. It made me so hot.

"Please," I whimpered. My head thrashed on the pillow as ripples of pleasure overwhelmed my mind and body.

"Look at me," he demanded, slowing his movements and circling his hips, making me ache for more. He moved out slowly and pushed his thick cock fractionally inside my quivering pussy.

"Please," I begged. I needed him to push inside me so fast, so hard, and so deep that it would erase every memory in my mind.

"Look at my eyes, Kagome," he demanded again, torturing me, bringing me to the brink of orgasm but never letting me fall through.

The intense feeling of hanging there almost got me wild, and almost made me reach out to touch myself to end this torture.

I tried reaching for my clit but Sesshomaru’s hand caught mine. He stretched them above my head.

“Look, Kagome,” he demanded again, his voice firm, and authoritative.

I opened my eyes reluctantly. My blue eyes met his golden ones. I almost broke apart again. Those golden eyes, so familiar, so similar to the ones who ruined everything I have.

Sesshomaru saw the pained look in my eyes and growled. "Stop it. I am not Inuyasha!" He pushed deeply inside me with a wild look in his eyes. I cried out both from the pleasure and pain that his thrust caused.

"This is Sesshomaru,” he snarled. "My cock is the one sliding in and out of you. I am the one making you slick and wet right now. I am the one who is going to make you come. Not him!" His eyes bled red after that and he tortured me with pleasure, overwhelming me until I couldn’t think anymore.

He sucked my right nipple and moved his thumb to press into my clit. His hips hit his unmoving thumb over my clit, which created friction that made me lose my mind. I arched towards his body, and moaned.

A second later, the pleasure became unbearable, and it threatened to tear me apart. I screamed as an orgasm raced through me, making me see blinding white, and stars. A tear escaped my eyes from the intensity of our…fucking.

I could not call it lovemaking because I didn’t love Sesshomaru. I loved someone else. I loved Inuyasha, my husband, who had another woman in his life. A douche that had the nerve to call me useless and nobody compared to his beautiful whore of a mistress named Kikyou.

It hurt so much. He threw seven years of our marriage for a slut. He didn’t even think of our young son. He was such an asshole but I was still in love with him. I lovde him too much. I cared for him, even now. Why wouldn't I? It'd only been two weeks since I caught him fucking another woman in our bed.

I went limp on the bed with Sesshomaru kissing my tears away, and making soothing noises to calm me.

I had no idea how I got here with Sesshomaru. But when I thought of what Inuyasha did, I can’t help but think of getting some payback.

"Revenge..." I trailed off uncertainly.

Sesshomaru nuzzled my neck, murmuring his assent. “You will have it,” he promised before pulling me up for another round.


Prompt: Stella's Word Prompt Game - Saturate (to imbue or impregnate thoroughly. To soak, fill, or load to capacity.)

Word Count: 550


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