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Not The First Time by Lyra

Not The First Time

Not The First Time


The fight began as they usually begin – but was to end quite differently than usual. For Sesshomaru, the monthly battles with his brother had become an exercise in frustration; it was not the hanyou that defied him but the sword he wielded, a sword that protected his brother with bombastic, reckless power even when Inuyasha was unconscious. What brought him back, repeatedly, was not his brother – not any more. No – it was the sword.

He would defeat the sword. How unflattering to the magnificence of his power – a sword, a mere remnant of his father's power, miniscule compared to that great portion of glory which had once belonged to the Inu no Taisho -

Many times, he had defeated Inuyasha...but never the sword -


The day he opened his mouth and said this to Inuyasha was the day all things changed. Inuyasha could not bear the insult, as he had know his brother would be unable to, but his accusations were – untenable.

“Ha! You only want Tetsusaiga 'cause your sword is miniscule. Tiny even – ha. Does it even work? You must really be compensating for something -”

When Sesshomaru moved forward again, he did not go for Inuyasha; at the last moment, he darted aside and grabbed Kagome.

In two movements, he had untied the closure of his pants; he took the miko's trembling, clammy hands and brought them down to wrap around the heated length of his erection, growing in her hands. For a moment, Kagome was unresponsive – then her hands tightened around his arousal and stroked swiftly, using her thumb in a way that she knew he liked -

And her words came out a little muffled, a little panting, a little moaning -

“Sorry – sorry, Inuyasha but – I could have told you – there's nothing miniscule about your brother. You, on the other hand, I seem to remember being a bit...premature. And....ooooh – shrimpy.”

Inuyasha stared with a mixture of repulsion and fascination at Kagome, stroking the hard length of his brother's erection with her soft hands, her head tilted back, her shirt up and Sesshomaru's mouth on her taut pink nippes -

“I – Kagome, you – you were my woman!”

Sesshomaru turned to glare at him, lifting his face from Kagome's breasts for just a moment. His hands did not stop working beneath her skirt, and Inuyasha's were fixed there; the edge of Kagome's pushed down panties were just visible beneath the hem of her pleated green skirt -

“You sound like the wolf now, Inuyasha. Go, and leave us. That you never noticed I had taken your woman for my own – that is just a sign of your own stupidity.”

Sesshomaru turned his full attention back to Kagome then; already, his senses were crippled by desire for her, the longing to be deep inside the wetness he could feel slicking his fingers and the careful points of his claws.

Kagome's fingers managed a particularly dexterous squeeze, and Sesshomaru let out a low, deep groan and then nipped sharply at her nipple.

“Wretch – wretch. Enough, now -”

He spoke the words almost lovingly, and Kagome stepped back from him and then got on her knees, waggled her buttocks at him, reached back between her spread thighs to open the dark flower of her body to his gaze.

Sesshomaru experienced a malfunction of the brain – in a moment, he was behind her, thrusting deep into her, bloated with pleasure, a thousand tiny squeezings of muscles sending sharp and sweet sensations throbbing through his body. He had first given in to the urge of her flaunted body because there was no reason not to – for another thousand years, he would be sterile, until he had come to his full maturity and was ready to take a mate.

The urge for pleasure persisted, however, and from the day he first saw them he had wanted the pleasure of Kagome's soft thighs parted for him.

As was usually the case, he had gotten what he wanted - this, this, the incredible, impossible tightness of her body, the depth of her, enough to take the whole, turgid length of his erection -

And more than that, she loved it. She had cried out so sharply, so high and loudly the first time he had entered her fully – in pleasure, not in pain – that it had hurt his ears, made him dizzy and queasy. She had learned, since then, and now she muffled her moans and her cries.

He could enjoy them that way, and she was in no danger of being conked in the skull by his agonized, flailing elbow.

Now, she was being almost silent, the hem of her shirt between her teeth, her features strained; he could see it all in the glare of sunlight as she turned to look at him over her shoulder, and the words that finally escaped her were a whisper, hoarse with need.

“More...please -”

A slow, rich smile spread across Sesshomaru's face -

And he obliged her.


A/N: A half hour smutathon in response to the Extremely Hard Smut Challenge - all words used! Woo!  I liked this, it was fun...and smutty.  Aha.  

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