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The Benefactor by sarhea

Who Is He?

Summary: A mother struggles to do what is right for her daughter.

AN: Starts after Kagome returns from her last trip to the past. The Well never re-opened.

AN: Using Kun Loon as Kagome’s mother’s first name. I picked it up from a fanfic somewhere, I can’t remember if it’s canon or fanon. If it’s fanon and yours send me a PM and I’ll credit you.

For: 2012/2013 Raffle prize for Kim. Thanks so much for donating. Hope you enjoy :D


~ooO Who Is He? Ooo~

Higurashi Kun Loon stared at the phone and the stairs then back at the phone. It had been more than a year since Kagome had returned home, more than a year since she had seen her daughter smile. Something had broken in Kagome and Kun Loon did not have any idea on how to fix it. She’d tried coaxing the truth out but all she got were tears or blank expressions. Souta and Jiijii had the same problem. The joy-filled cheery Kagome was gone and none of them knew how to bring her back.

She stared at the letter sitting on the kitchen table next to the cordless phone. It was one of a correspondence that spanned over several years, since her husband had died.

She did not want to impose but she was desperate. Grimly she picked up the phone and dialled the familiar number.

“Moshi moshi Sakiko-chan, is Tsumaru-sama available?”


“Kagome-chan, can you come down to the kitchen? I have something to discuss with you.”

Kagome resisted the urge to pretend she didn’t hear her mother and obeyed.

“What is it Okaa-san?”

Her mother did not respond but gestured to the tea. Kagome settled and sipped at the brew and waited. It did not do to rush Kaa-san when she did not care to be pushed.

After drinking her own tea the older woman spoke.

“Kagome, did you ever wonder how we managed to hold onto the shrine after your father died?”

Kagome blinked at that unexpected topic. “Iie. I thought Tou-san had insurance or something.”

“He didn’t. Most of our savings were used up to pay the inheritance taxes and the funerals. Souta was too young for me to work full time and your grandmother had just died. Jiijii was too affected to look after himself much less the shrine. We were this close to losing the shrine.” Kun Loon demonstrated by holding two fingers bare millimetres apart.

Kagome looked around the familiar much loved surroundings. She had been born and raised in this house. She couldn’t imagine being brought up anywhere else. “Then how?”

“We had a benefactor. A wealthy businessman offered to help with the expenses and taxes, to use them as a write-off after your father died. He helped set up the paperwork so the shrine was officially listed as a non-profit organization and a legitimate recipient for his donations.”

Kagome frowned. “I don’t see what that has to do with me? He’s probably some old guy looking to do a few good deeds before he dies.”

“Perhaps.” Kun Loon allowed. “But did you ever wonder why I allowed you to go in the past in the first place? Why I didn’t burn the well after you returned from your first trip to the past? Why I never protested you missing so much school and made more of a fuss when you returned with serious injuries?” Kagomes eyes widened at the unexpected heavy words and serious tone coming from her usually gentle mother. “Because the most recent scion of our benefactors clan visited me hours after you vanished. He told me your presence in the past was necessary, to interfere would doom the present/future by causing a temporal paradox.”

Blue eyes widened. “Someone in Tokyo knows about the well?”

“Hai. His family knew for a long time. They watched and waited since the Feudal Era, to make sure the Higurashi clan and shrine remained intact, so you could fulfill your destiny in the past.”

Kagome was confused. “But who could it be? I haven’t sensed any youkai around. And Inu… And InuYasha did not smell any.”

“I do not know if he was youkai or not but he looked like a businessman and very well mannered. I usually only speak to him on the phone once or twice a year. When he visited I knew it had to be very important.”

Kagome blinked. “He could be from Sango and Mirokus family. I mean they knew I was from the future, I told them enough they could have written down and passed down as a family legacy, a clan secret.”

Kun Loon shrugged. “I do not know and I have not asked. It would be rude to pry and inquire on his reasons.”

Kagome frowned. “Why are you telling me this now?”

“I contacted Tsumaru-sama a few days ago. He has offered to pay for your tuition and boarding expenses for a university in Kyoto. His clan makes sizable donations to a small private university there and the Dean has agreed to make a conditional acceptance for you, provided you get good grades for the first year.” Kagome blinked rapidly to deny the tears. “I know you have been down since the well was sealed. You feel like you have no purpose; since you missed so much school your friends here have moved on without you and you feel it would be wrong to impose on them when you denied them so much. Going to Kyoto will give you the chance to find something new so please just accept it. Just try.”

Kagome opened her mouth to protest then shut it. She knew how her mother felt about charity. She must have really scared her to ignore pride and accept debts the family more than not would not be able to repay.

Suddenly Kagome felt ashamed of her actions. She had denied them the right to help her, to share her grief and burden.

“Who is he?”

“Tsumaru-sama? I do not know his clan name. The funds are paid into the shrine bank account from a numbered company bank account. The donation receipts are issued to the same numbered company. The phone number is caller ID blocked. I usually leave a message with his assistant Sakiko-chan and she looks after it. Sometimes I speak to him on the phone. He only visited the shrine the day you fell into the well the first time.”

Kagome blinked. “You accepted money from a total stranger?”

“That was his condition. He did not want the publicity so I accepted it because I was desperate. When I met him in person I understood why he helped our family so much; because in the past his clan became indebted to you. That is why I asked him to help us, to help you heal.”

Kagome nodded slowly. “What does he look like Kaa-san?”

Kun Loon blinked. “Very tall with long black hair in a pony tail. He wore sunglasses but his skin was very pale. He dressed very smartly and had beautiful manners.”

Kagome stiffened. Kouga? Then her body relaxed. She couldn’t imagine the impatient ookami-youkai ever learning the discipline to Not jump her. But then who?

“Can I meet him Kaa-san?”

“I don’t know dear. But I can give you Sakiko-chans number. Perhaps she can set up something.”




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