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The Rabbit’s Misgivings by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch.1 Vow

AN: ROFL I just love curses or spells! You can have so many of them and the same amount of ways to get ride of it!

My Character/s: Mira, is Latin, Slavic and Hindi origin. Name means “Wonderful; peace; prosperous.” She’s a fox in this.


Ch.1 Vow

Orange hair blew backwards slowly. Almost caressing the light amber skin. Though the light pink eyes were staring off into space. A small frown marring her delicate jaw. She was soo… bored. One pointed ear twitched as she saw a rabbit run through the trees. At the poofy tail that disappeared an idea occurred to her. A joyful smile dispersing her gloomy mood. Exclaiming rather loudly. “That’s it!”

It was never a good idea for a fox youkai to get bored. Because, that always meant trouble. But, hey; she grew up alone and was now almost 400 years old. Who could blame her? Jumping from her perch her own luxurious three tails swished behind her. “I vow that the next person I meet I will turn them into a rabbit and that is how they shall stay till they find their true love. Like a typical curse or spell it will be priceless!”

Much to her disappointment she did not cross anyone’s path for at least a week. Till she spotted a head full of black and very much wet hair with two beautiful blue eyes. The young woman’s voice laughing in light tones as she talked to a friend.

Mira couldn’t help it. She was drawn to her calming aura. As she waited to check a few things out. Apparently she did not have a man either. Which worked for her plans!


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