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Through The Eyes Of Another by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch. 1 Falling Chance

I am Testing This!

AN: YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Right? Well my computer was down for several days and as you probably know from reading my other stories, “This one just popped up!” I couldn’t get it out of my head and it wouldn’t let me sleep! You have no idea how frustrating that can be! Lol well, anyway. In this one Inuyasha is in human form… Hm… I’m only using these characters because it sounds like a good idea for a book. Yet it fit’s the characters somewhat. What do you think? I wrote this on Jan. 12, 2013 6pg.

Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha and ect.


Ch. 1 Falling Chance

“Damn runt! We’ll take care of you for the last time.“ A scraggily grey wolf bristled at the smaller cat sized other while he was at least 3 ½ ft at his shoulder alone.

“You haven’t brought mother back.“ It whined. Bent brown ears drooping further. “I was only hungry…”

Surprisingly, another wolf, but white growled warningly. “Filthy dog. Watch your tongue.”

“Enough Kenji.”  The grey barred his fangs. Circling the now cowering pup. “You want to know why your mother hasn’t returned?” He taunted. The rest of the wolf pack now watching. “She was weak after leaving the mainland’s and offered her services to me in exchange for protection.”

A shiver of fear ran down the pups spine at some of the other males amused snorts. “I don’t understand.” She had all ready heard that part from her mother. But why were they suddenly so mean to her recently? It didn’t make sense.

“She’s dead.“ The second beta of the grey alpha chuckled somewhere in the group of pelts.

“That’s not true!”

“Oh… it is pup.” Kenji added. “I was there.”

Panicked, she looked at all of them till her red eyes that had always unnerved them met the alpha’s straight on. Asking hesitantly. “Pridon, where is my mother?”

“She was too willed.” His regular brown stared at her unrelentingly. Holding back any trepidation in the face of those eyes. Ones that beckoned to all of them in warning since she first opened when born, as they had never changed color, and spoke of power. The very same as their blood. She was a curse and a stain to their pack. Having only left her be because Amira fought tooth and nail with them. It had been four two years till they took their chance. Leading Amira away to try to coax her into a mating. That was the only time she would leave her pup to keep her promise and his protection. His eyes almost glazed over at the memories of clamping his jaws into the flesh of her neck. The sound of it tearing as her blood spilled before his first and second beta came into the fray. Sadly, even nearly dead, the dog had killed his first beta. Making sure to leave a few bites on his second. Then so he, the alpha, couldn’t run to his full abilities because of a deep gash inside his back leg. It had taken him months to heal. He used to admire that thick coat of hers till her end. Now it was time for her pup as well. “So, I killed her.”

“NO.” With the best growl that she could manage, her hackles raised, and body poised. Almost shaking with her grief. She charged the surprised alpha. A quick fight breaking out as she was able to tear his ear off. Dodging the miss match pack of wolves that bombarded her.

Not wanting to die she used as much energy as she had to run out of the area. Actually making it past a few trees till a wolf member jumped over her. Her claws digging into her shoulder before tumbling into a bush farther away. Half in pain and anger the tiny female yelped. Eyes widening when her body started falling down what could only be part of a sheer drop on a mountainside. Seeing one glimpse of that blasted grey that killed her mother.


She sighed, looking up at the dark clouds that threatened to rain in a few hours. What was worse, heights always made her nervous! Everything on her left was full of fog that ghosted out toward the forest down below. It was notorious for having many rivers running through it. Carefully looking down there her mouth instantly became dry. ‘That’s a long way…‘ Of their own accord her legs slowly moved closer to the mountain wall. Like a giant, steady rock, it held it’s ground, and made her want to plant herself against it once again.

“Will you quite doing that!”

Looking toward the person with the very irritated tone a bit sheepishly. “Sorry, Inuyasha. I can’t help it.”

Long black hair waved behind his back as he still had his brows narrowed in a heavy set glare. His bangs framing them above honey brown orbs. Tanned arms folding over his chest. He was at least half a foot taller than her to. Normally that would intimidate or make the other person he talked to cower. But her… she completely ignored his warnings. Eventually becoming his only friend since he was abandoned at the age of 5 and shunned by everyone else. “How about you just stay in the middle!“ He added a bit gruffly. With her weaving to the left of the path from her curiosity. Her own black hair falling over a shoulder as she leaned over slightly. His hand twitched and he had to make himself stay where he was. Then, she would move to the right every time she couldn’t see the ground down there. It was starting to even make him nervous.

‘He‘s such a softy.’ The edge of her lips turned into a grin. Shaking her head in slight amusement. Teasing him. “What if I miss something?”


At his exaggeration she quickly answered, “Just kidding.” skipping a few feet ahead. Though, when she noticed he wasn’t following. She paused to glance back. He had stopped and was looking up with a frown. The white mare he was holding the reins to pawed the ground briefly, nostrils flaring with a deep breath, and her shoulders quivering in agitation. “What is it?”

He could have sworn he just heard a howl off in the distance. That couldn’t be right could it? As he listened a bit more the sound of growling and a fight reached him. “I think there’s wolves up there.”

‘Yup, that can‘t be good.’ Kagome tensed. Only being able to hear a yelp since she didn’t have his really good hearing. “Should we run?”

“No. Let’s keep walking and no sudden movements or it will alert them to our whereabouts.”

She nodded, taking his advice till she saw a few rocks on her right move. Her eyes widened in shock. A few feet above a brown ball of fur was rolling straight for her at an alarming rate. To fast for her to dodge. For in the next moment it slammed into her chest. Momentarily knocking the air out of her lungs and her legs practically falling out from under her. The momentum causing her to go towards the ledge.

Bolting toward her with his hand held out to grasp anything. He watched as he made it to late. The blouse of her green shirt and brown riding pants disappearing.

“INUYASHA!” Her yell echoed through the mist eerily. Flashes of green and reddish brown crossing her vision. Mind thinking a mile a minute she reached out to a bush in hopes of anything at that moment. Her left arm holding onto the bundle that had caused her fall. Yet each time she reached for some form of purchase her decent ruined it. Which was a only a few seconds when her shoulder hit something hard. Making her curl into herself for protection as she started to roll to the side at a dangerous angle. Mentally cursing and letting out a pained groan. All she could think about was trying to make it out alive. How could she though when the mountain was nearly a 100 foot drop and apparently only sloped on occasion? Much to her dismay blood from the back of her head smeared the side of her face and her vision turned black.

What may have been minutes or hours the little bundle in her arms didn’t know. But they made it to the bottom. She was horrified that she had even ended up on a human in the first place. She shook her shoulders to loosen the girls grip. Why did she protect her after what she had done? Her red eyes searched the unconscious girl. Whining at all the blood on them and her hurt shoulder. They needed help and she at least owed her that much. Her paws tripped on the corner of a large puddle. Getting covered in mud and doing a summersault onto smooth grass. She stopped on her back. Paws in the air before she could roll to the side. Panting at the effort of standing back up. She was so tired… A small growl bubbled from her chest. ’No. I need to keep going.’ With effort she raised her snout toward the sky. Sniffing for anyone nearby. Which was pointless since this area was left alone mostly because a river blocked it off in the summer and another wolf pack prowled it on occasion. There was an abandoned bridge northward though.

Mind made up, the pup started walking north, stumbling and whining as she went. Since she couldn’t put to much pressure on her left leg it took longer. Every step feeling like needles shooting through her. Knowing that normal humans wouldn’t be able to hear her she whined again anyway. “Someone, anyone…” Her eyes blurred momentarily and she rubbed a paw against one. Adding louder. “PLEASE HELP!” Continuing further she couldn’t tell which direction she was going anymore. Calling out on occasion.

It was at least twenty minutes that must have gone by. Her pelt now thoroughly soaked she shivered. Stumbling over her own paws and collapsing. To her relief she could smell someone coming. Barely managing another whine before dropping her head. “please help us…” A cold chill ran down her spine the closer the man got. His unnatural energy practically filling the area. Making her second guess if it was a good idea to ask for help or not. Maybe he would just kill her and the human? Dark boots appeared before her half open eyes. Not having the energy to do anything else she succumbed to her bodies needs against a white sleeve.

“Lord Sesshoumaru, WHERE DID YOU GO?” Someone hollered rather loudly.

The man sighed at the semi high pitched young kid. He had been following him for how many years now.  Three or four? That didn’t matter. All that did was that he was know as his vassal and a good one at that. “Lower your voice, Jaken. I had only heard someone calling for help.” Scrunching his nose at the smells coming from the pup safely tucked in one arm against his shirt. Tilting his head to the side in thought. ‘What have you gotten yourself into Changed one?’ His pointed ears twitched when he heard Jaken stumble around behind him.

Wide yellow eyes and similar pointed ears the kid stared at him in worry. “Your bleeding milord!”

Taking a second look at the pup. It was indeed bleeding down the side of his shirt. Well that can’t do. He growled in annoyance. Soon humming in the back of his throat. Pulling out a part of himself to form a red haze over his palm. Bringing it over the brown fur. “Such a trouble you are… I will not allow you to die on me though.” The cut on it’s shoulder and small scrapes began to heal and seal itself before their eyes. The tip of a fang gleamed over his raised lip in a bitter grin. His nose easily scenting the trail it had led from. Even seeing the blots of mud showing the way.

“What is a dog doing in the middle of this forest?“

“She’s not alone.“ He added almost absentmindedly.

Seeing that expression on his masters face, Jaken frowned. “Do you wish for me to get the healer at the camp?” All he got was a nod and his retreating back.

His long legs easily went over the logs that were covered with the stuff stuck to the pup. It wasn’t like him to help just anyone. How would he be able to help so many if he did?  So he choose to only do so to the ones that caught his interest. It wasn’t often to be able to find a Changed animal. One’s that could actually speak the human language when they were old enough. Though, they were somewhat similar, because of the energy surrounding those deformed humans that turned into an even uglier monster with an unsatisfied hunger for more of its kind, that was the only semblance. Those monsters were either cursed by the gods, a witch, or they could have been purposely bitten by a Changed as a punishment. He was different. An enchanted being since birth.

To be specific, all enchanted beings could change into the form that most fits their souls, thus the unnatural abilities added to it. Like the size of their soul forms and a few side effect that were permanent. Pointed ears, fangs, sometimes claws, or strange markings. Some could even be stuck with wings on their back, paws instead of feet, different types of tails, scales instead of regular skin, heightened sense of vision if you were an avian type, or smell. All of this would be depending on their soul forms. Their own presence could be felt by all. It was described to him once as a kid that it felt like a bit of electricity in the air. Only the strongest could hide themselves and come off as a human. Those ones would be brought to the enchanted royal families, because they would protect the lands from the others. What the humans didn’t know was that they could all understand each other if they wanted to.

The pup whimpered in her sleep as he paused in his step. Eyes glowed in the dim briefly. Looking down at her. A hand smoothing the fur on her head back down. There was others… that governed or took care of a Changed. It was the Caretaker’s. They were rare and few and definitely cherished. Bringing his attention to the task at hand he felt the warmth coming from her and could summarize that she had lost a lot of blood. Especially from that distance.

He could feel it. The slight presence of another just ahead. Picking up his pace he pushed a tree branch out of his way. ‘Another female?‘ A bit unsettled by the sight of the human on the ground he quickly kneeled by her side. Checking her over for any serious injuries. She was laying half on her back and slouched to the side as if she had been holding something. Which he could guess was the pup now tucked in one arm. The back of her shirt was stained red and her arm was bleeding from a shallow cut. Other than that he was hesitant to move her. Considering both of their injuries and another trail of rocks it wasn’t hard to figured it out.


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