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Deadly Spices by sesshomarusama33


Deadly Spices

Stella’s Spicy Challenge:

Prompt: Saffron


“There’s a new cook?” Kagome asked, walking towards the time clock and punching her numbers in. Her friend, Sango, who was a fellow waitress, followed suit before they made their way towards the coat hangers.

“Apparently he’s all the rage in Tokyo. He came highly recommended.” Sango explained, hanging up her jacket before going to her locker, retrieving her uniform.

“Really? He must be really good, then.” Kagome mused, grabbing her uniform as well before taking her shirt off, throwing it into her locker as she placed the white dress shirt of her uniform on.

“I heard that he cooked personally for the Queen of England!” Sango gossiped, sliding out of her jeans as she put her black slacks on. Kagome snorted, finishing off her outfit with a pair of black kitchen shoes.

“Are you serious?! That woman’s so old, I doubt her taste buds work anymore!”

Sango burst into laughter as she agreed with her friend, closing her locker shut.

“Excuse me, ladies!” Came the lecherous voice of Miroku, one of the chef’s, as he entered the women’s locker room, instantly being pelted by random objects while the girls screamed at him.

“Miroku, you lecher!” Sango cried, slapping his face hard while she tried to fight the blush rising to her cheeks.

“I can’t help myself around such lovely ladies…” He grinned, rubbing his face gingerly as a red mark started to form.

Kagome heard voice in the other room and peeked outside, gasping softly as her eyes met with a beautiful man with long silver hair that was tied into a high pony tail, with piercing amber eyes.

She clenched her thighs together, feeling very hot and flushed all of a sudden. This man was so… alluring! She couldn’t help but gawk at the sheer sexiness of him! Lean, taut muscles rippled underneath of that white shirt, which was unbuttoned slight, revealing a sexy, chiseled chest beneath it. His face looked as if it were carved by the gods themselves. His lips were teasingly parted, revealing glistening fangs, causing Kagome to almost moan softly.

“Kagome…?” Sango asked, walking up to her friend and putting a hand on her shoulder. Kagome jumped slightly, shrieking as she did. The man heard her shriek and turned, meeting her eyes with his own.

Kagome felt her lust multiply by a thousand. She shut the door instantly, falling to the ground as she held her face in her hands, trying to cover up the blush staining her cheeks.

‘I’ve been using too much damn saffron…’


A/N: Well, I promised the wonderful Stella that I would partake in her challenge, and so here is my first entry! Here is the first chapter! I've used Saffron in this chapter as it has an aphrodisiac effect. 


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