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The Ten Spices by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch. 1 Goading


Summary: With Inuyasha’s goading it’s Kagome’s cooking verses the killing perfection for ten days! Who will win?

AN: I couldn’t resist! This is for “Spicy Challenge” by miss Stella. Hope you enjoy.


Ch. 1 Goading

“I bet Kagome can cook better then you.” Inuyasha glared at his brother after he was refused a refill.

Sesshoumaru stood on the other side of the bar. A white rag in one hand and a half dried mug in the other. When his gaze drifted to the scantly clad woman Inuyasha had brought in with him; he got a sharp glint in his eyes. Guessing her to be this, Kagome. “Oh really.”

“Inuyasha please don’t.” She pleaded. Not liking how Sango had made her wear the stupid dress to a club. An actual night club! She never went to those. It was too loud and the guys wouldn’t leave her ass alone. Now that she had finally pulled Inuyasha away from the club to get a ride home he stops at a pub... ‘Really?’ She refused hitting him over the head. ‘I don’t even know this other guy! I just want to go home.’

“Damn straight, Sesshoumaru!” He reached out a clawed hand to grasp his blue tie. Making him lean forward. “Spend 10 days with her and switch every other day.  If she isn’t up to your taste by the end I owe you a months rent.” Grinning wickedly. “But, if you loose… you have to do everything I say for a week and let me use the resort for the last two weeks.”

“Hmn…“ Unclasping the vise grip from his tipsy sibling he raised a brow at him. ‘A months rent huh?’ Eyeing the pale female he made his decision. Flipping the mug and placing it on the bar. “You have a deal, little brother.”

Kagome groaned. ‘This is not good.’


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