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Pet Names by Stella Mira

Pet Names

Made for Kneazles' "Mythology Challenge". Enjoy ^^

Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha. All credit belongs to Takahashi, Rumiko-sensei.

"Can I call it Fluffy?" Kagome asked the regal inuyōkai laughing as she petted his luxurious pelt lovingly, marveling at the softness of the lustrous white fur.

"Absolutely not," Sesshōmaru denied her absurd request in a clearly disapproving tone, but allowed her to continue running her fingers through the fur. It was an oddly erotic sensation; which he enjoyed tremendously, but was never going to admit aloud.

"Then how about…Fuzzy?" she suggested giggling as she buried her face in the creamy fur, relishing in its velvety caress on her skin.

"I forbid it," he replied haughtily in a deep rumble, warning her to cease these ridiculous attempts at naming his pelt with furry endearments.

"Oh, I know! It should be Cerberus!" she exclaimed with a sly smirk, perusing him through half lidded sapphire pools in a slightly heated gaze now.

"This Sesshōmaru cannot see the resemblance between a mythical three headed dog and this one's pelt, miko," Sesshōmaru countered wryly, raising an elegant eyebrow at the bold woman.

"I was not referring to your pelt this time, Sesshōmaru…" she clarified in a sultry voice as she relinquished her hold on the soft fur to straddle his lap, leaning close to lick sensually a sensitive pointed ear.

"It is…acceptable," the daiyōkai finally agreed in a lusty growl as that particular part of his anatomy rose to attention promptly.


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