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Just Imagine by cakeiton

Chapter 2

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The small youkai became easily agitated in the weeks that followed, which darkened his normally stoic demeanor. His tutors suggested Sesshoumaru take private lessons instead of sharing in the customary social learning group, since he was frightening the other children. Even the lord and lady noticed odd shifts in his behavior.

Routinely, his mother would greet him every morning before lessons then call on him when it was time for the daily hunt. His father would then instruct his son on alpha requirements and conflict resolution while pursuing prey for their night's meal. But, they were keeping their distance during the short time spent with Sesshoumaru a day, unaware of what was causing him such conflict.

The young inu spent most of his free time in the dojo, adjusting for his poor center of balance due to his age and executing his katas with an increasing ease. A rare late summer chill swept in from the open shoji screen, but he didn't pay it any attention. His mind was too busy thinking about deep, blue eyes and a painfully cheerful voice.

He detested being plagued with her memory, which was the only proof she had existed at all. Still, if he could only see the girl once more. She needed to know her place and, as far as he was concerned, she needed to be reprimanded for 'sneaking up' on him. He wished to meet her again.

Sesshoumaru jumped in the air and spun, extending one leg to slam it on an invisible opponent, when finally his wish came true.

"I didn't sneak up on you."

It was her voice. Sesshoumaru, as before, was so alarmed that he could not feel her presence he fell ungracefully upon the mat. Then he looked across the room as an echoing giggle mocked him throughout the dojo.

"I thought you were supposed to be good at this."

He sneered at her voice. Her raven hair just graced the top of her shoulders. Unruly bangs hung too long, almost hitting the bridge of her nose, and in the few seconds he stared she had already tried brushing them away. Her clothing was odd, like nothing he'd ever seen, with shortened sleeves and an indecent amount of leg showing under her cropped hakama. Well, he assumed he could call them hakama…

"Um…" The light tones of the mysterious little girl' voice broke his concentration. "What do you want?"

Sesshoumaru's brow wrinkled as he pushed down the anger that had built up since her last appearance. "Me? You are the one who shows up unannounced and unwanted."

She pouted, her full bottom lip comically sticking out, and whined. It was then Sesshoumaru noticed she had no fangs, no claws… and her ears were rounded.

"You are human!"

"If that's what you want me to be." Her smile returned and it confused him more.

He began to stalk her and was shocked when she mirrored him, matching step for step until they were making wide circles, staring at one another.

"Who are you?" he demanded.

Another girlish chuckle. "Why don't you tell me?"

Sesshoumaru turned to circle the other direction and she followed.

"You know me."

"Yes." She was still smiling and part of him wanted to claw it off her face. The other part wanted to smile with her.

He compromised. With a scowl, Sesshoumaru continued his interrogation. "You are an intruder."

The girl rolled her eyes. "Nah-uh. You," she pointed at him with a dull finger, "want me here."

"Hn. I do not want for anything, especially not for a snide human with no sense of hierarchy."

She giggled even more. "If I'm snide, what does that make you?"

Again, they both spun simultaneously, however each step now slowly brought them closer together.

"You cannot be here," he warned.

"You need me to be here."

Sesshoumaru started to fit all the pieces into place. The girl had no scent, no aura, and she appeared when he was most vulnerable. "This is impossible. I do not act like… like… a fool."

"It's not foolish," she scolded, "It's fun. And I know you don't, that's why I must."

"I have lost my mind."

"No, Sesshoumaru. You gained a friend!"

At last, they met in the middle, standing toe to toe and watching each other carefully.

With one more look up and down her small form, Sesshoumaru's brow arched in confused acceptance. "You are not real."

Her blue eyes warmed. "I am to you." Yet again, she gave him another brilliant smile that had him forgetting he was ever alone.

They stood there for a minute as Sesshoumaru waited for her to either disappear or for him to wake up, but neither happened. Uncharacteristically, he sighed and gave in completely to his imagination. "So, what do we do now?"

The girl gleamed and she clapped her hands, skipping away with her short black hair bouncing until she reached the far wall. Unnecessarily, she cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled, "Show me how it's done! I want to see it perfect this time!" Sesshoumaru could hear the laugh in her voice and before he could suppress the urge, the corner of his mouth rose in a small smirk.


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