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Secretly A Prince by sesshomarusama33


Many thanks to Stella for beta-ing this for me! Love you, dear!

Hope you enjoy!


Kagome quietly entered her house, leaving her sandals at the door step before tip-toeing to her bedroom, trying not to alert her mother that she returned. She had taken much longer than what was expected of her, and she was sure to be punished severely for being late.

Helping that beautiful creature would be worth it, though. She couldn’t help but treat the poor thing - what else could she do? Leave it there to die, alone and miserable?

Kagome had always had a soft spot for animals and people alike. She was a Shinto priestess, after all, and one of the many teachings she had learned was to preserve all life - she was not only following her heart, but following her teachings as well.

Still, she couldn’t help but wonder about how the dog might be doing now, and just how exactly he had landed in such a predicament. Had he been fighting with another dog? It was obvious he’d been in a fight of some kind - but as to what kind, she didn’t know.

She felt worry consume her body, but she could not return to him just yet. She had other duties to perform, and so she pushed thoughts of the wounded stray to the side.

As she continued to her room, she winced when the floor betrayed her and made a loud creak. Kagome braced herself for the shriek that was sure to follow, but was surprised when there was none. Curious, she peeked into her mother’s room. She was passed out face down on the floor - her cheeks flushed as a sake cup was lying empty near her outstretched fingers. The room reeked of alcohol so much; the bitter smell was almost tangible .’

Frowning, she closed her shoji bedroom screen.


Yes! I have kept the 300-count limit I have set, lol.

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Word Count: 300


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