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A Demon's Spell by sesshomarusama33


Thank you to everyone who liked my drawbles last night at GMDDN! I made a story to go with each one of my drawbles, but not all of them were uploaded with the pictures. I thought I'd make a series dedicated to GMDDN, and so this story is going to be a collection of 100-300 word oneshots - specifically for GMDDN.

Here is the first prompt from last night!

Word Count: 300
Written: 1-19-13
Prompt: Enraged


“You are nothing to me… I cannot love you - you are nothing but a filthy ningen. Get out!” He yelled,  his back facing towards her as his eyes betrayed his words. He hoped she wouldn’t leave.

Please don’t let her leave.

She gasped, her eyes watering before she frowned, clenching her fists in anger.

“If that’s what you want… fine. I’ll leave. Goodbye, Sesshomaru!” She cried, running from the youkai as tears flew from her eyes.


He watched as Koga, the Prince of the Eastern Wolf tribe, placed his hand on the small of her back, touching the woman he had laid his claim on centuries ago. His claws dug into the bark of the tree he was lurking in, growling with rage as the wolf talked of a life they would have together.

She said nothing but nodded her head, letting the wolf youkai lead her into a trysting cave. The wolf grinned, pleased that he had finally gotten his way. He stopped mid-step as a powerful youki overwhelmed him, his eyes widening in surprise and fear.

"Koga?" Kagome asked, turning to see where her soon-to-be mate was looking at, only to gasp at the sight of the taiyoukai in the trees.  Sesshomaru jumped from his place in the tree, claws extended as his green venom illuminated his pale fingers.

"Your loyalties seem to lye elsewhere, miko." He spat, eyes bleeding red as he swiped to the taiyoukai, effectively striking his chest.

"Koga!" She cried, falling to his side instantly. Tears brimmed her eyes before she looked to the taiyoukai with disbelief. He seemed... hurt? Soon his body transformed - youki swirling as his body shifted and molded into the giant inuyoukai that he was. He lifted his enormous muzzle to the sky and howled with rage.


Here is the first prompt!


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