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To Rut or Not to Rut: the Misfortunes of Mating Season by HelloCandy


Sesshomaru’s eyes turned red with need and his erection pitched an excruciating tent in his trousers. Sesshomaru’s patients pushed further that he had ever allowed. His body was hot and ready…and he hoped his bitch was ready as well. He waited far too long to touch her, taste her embrace her. 

‘I’m coming for you my pet!’  Sesshomaru thought as he waked through the halls of his home, his beast purring at the idea of claiming their woman.

Walking to their bedroom, he heard noise coming from the adjoined bathroom. He moved slowly as if stalking prey that he would soon devour, ‘And devour we shall…’ both sides concluded. Sitting at her vanity, she brushed her wet hair, doing so slowly as to be sure to get any kinks and knots out. Bombarded by her clean fresh scent, he relished in the thought that all the outside smells washed away from her person. No smells of outside men especially. He took a moment as he always did to breathe all of her in. She smelled of honey naturally.

 His moment of idle thoughts ceased as he noticed a faint heady scent of her womanhood. ‘Our bitch is ready to be bedded and pupped…’ his beast cooed.

Sesshomaru continued his stalking, he became closed enough to touch her, his manhood twitching with anticipation. However, before he could, he met with a bucket of dick softening ice water.  “Sesshomaru I am not in the mood right now! My cramps are giving me a backache and I have a headache from earlier. Go take a cold shower and come to bed.”

He blinked in awe, wondering how she knew. Next thing he knew he was in a cold shower. Dried and still a little horny, Sesshomaru got in his bed and slept.

Mating Season: Attempt to rut #1- Failure


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