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Twists of Fate by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch.1 An Ancient Awakening

AN:This one I will be writing also. It’s kind of like the opposite of Youkai Freedom. ^-^ But! I do not know when I will update since it will be very sporadic or an extreme late update type story. It seems that I will be messing around with Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru’s fathers name again… I lost the original one I used in my old comp so I’m fishing for it. Sorry if there’s confusion.

Note: Satoru, meaning "wise, fast learner"

Warning: Kagome may be OOC in this. I’m just using the characters in a different setting and I do not own InuYasha and co.!


Ch.1 An Ancient Awakening

A shrill terrified scream from a young child’s running form distilled the vast forest near Autumn’s Gorge. Her pace frantic. Tripping several times she earned scrapes. Hissing with venom, the group of snake demon’s followed her till she was cornered, spitting taunts and throwing stones at the poorly taken care of human skin that was tinted almost brown, because it was so thin against frail looking bones. She fell to the ground with a whimper, covering her head from the kicks she new would come. What they didn’t notice was a being in white sitting on a boulder behind the child. The flash of silver blew with the wind and the light bounced off it from the sun. A sudden rumbling and profound growl shook the earth beneath their feet that broke their movements.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Not far off hidden deep within the mountains, in a sphere of gems, something stirred. Wild black hair moving around the soft features of a female that was just turning into a woman. Swirls of gold energy idly surrounded her body. Her eye lids fluttering with movement, till warm brown orbs gleamed awake with knowledge. The irises taking in the light she hadn’t seen in nearly six centuries because of her confines.

Memories resurfacing instantaneously as her legs, that were slightly crouched while she floated in between, straightened. Black robes that clutched to her form like a cloak split in five sections on her hips to almost touch the ground for easy moving. Barely making a sound when brown colored knee high boots appeared on her feet to stand on the diamond below. Her white pants tight against her legs and white shirt a stark contrast with her clothes. A black and emerald sheath of her katana at her hip. Armor as dark as night across her chest and shoulders glowed with her powers eerily. Her anger arose in her soul feeling humanity crying from many miles around her. Their agony pulling her towards them causing her aura to send out a pulse.

Narrowing her eyes she raised a hand to her prism. The gems cracking against her onslaught of energy. Hearing an explosion on the other side she paused. Remembering when she had fought so hard for years against the evil that caused trouble in the lands. How out of the blue her family was slaughtered by someone they thought was family, and her kind, and others were herded like cattle into slavery. Wounded in her last battle, and being hunted at the same time, she had no choice but to seek a shelter. When she passed out from blood loss to wake up she found out she had been out for months and placed in the prism by the only free humans alive. Her friend Sarah, Kai, and the demon Inu No Tashio. Unconsciously she had sensed the years pass and her wounds heal while her heart mourned for them. She had become what she didn’t want to. Someone that was left to hide and be placed into a catatonic like state. Trapped.

As she looked down at her body a frown marred her face. ‘Was her friend still alive after all this time or anyone she had known? Did Inu No Tashio…’ She almost smiled at a memory. ‘Satoru-sama finally acquire a mate he was searching for?’ Many more questions popped in her head. All she felt now was a twisted glee, sorrow, and anger in the few auras she sensed.  She took a deep breath contemplating. “Who had awoken her?’ Taking a step forward her eyes narrowed, a dangerous air emanating from her. She had been gone long enough. ‘Now it was time to pay back Lorn for his transgressions and free her people once more.’ The gems before her began to melt and slam into the rocks around her.  They shuddered and moved away to create a path. In it’s wake the mountain seemed to groan. An eerily silent wind blowing through the trees outside.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Golden eyes turned in the direction of the sound. His hand still holding the third snake youkai by the throat while blood dripped from its scales. The second had died swiftly and the first was thrown into the mountain behind him. Probably gone also. Though the child stayed where she was, shivering with her arms above her head. Two other snakes dropped their weapons to plead with him while another hissed. Snapping the third’s neck he let it slide to the ground. Sending his acid whip at the one that raised it‘s tone with him. “Leave this place or die by my hand.” He stated in a bored tone. Glancing at the mountain out of the corner of his eye again. Just in time with a blast of fresh air, dirt, and rocks were thrown from what used to be a small crevice. Minutely he picked up the child out of the trajectory zone. Placing the small human behind him to look at the newcomer.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Walking out of the debris with her sword unsheathed by her side, she spotted silver hair, and a small gasp left her lips. “Satoru-sama?” She questioned. Dreading the answer. When he turned around to look at her both sets of their eyes widened. “You must be…”

The youkai eyed her marginally. “How do you know my father?” He demanded. Especially wondering why she addressed his late sire so informally.

“I knew him personally.”

‘That is not possible. She only looks to be 18 summers old.’ The dishonorable snakes got up from their pleading and took out their weapons pointing at him. “Give usss the child.”

The female looked to the child by his feet and then the snakes. Taunting them she asked. “Why?”

“Insolent human, shut your mouth.”

She raised a hand toward them. “That, my dear scalies, is rude. Have you ever learned your manners on how to talk to a woman?” The next second she was standing in front of them. One hand holding the bigger ones raised arm and the other using her blade on the smaller ones neck. Their eyes widened and she leaned forward till she was by it’s ear. “Or small children. Do you know how cruel that is?“ She whispered, causing a trail of blood to fall down it‘s comrades scales. Her eyes darkened, and her left hand started to glow, eliciting a shriek. “Very.” With that, she let go of them. The arm that she had held was burning with blue flames. “Decide now what to do before I change my mind.”

The flames continued to eat away at his arm as he continued to shriek and roll around.

A bit irritated that the woman, a human no less, was taking away his kill a green light shot out of his hand. Slicing the heads off the rest of the demons and folding his arms across his chest at her glare. “They had all ready been warned.” He watched in curiosity as her eyes seemed to dim and focus off towards the distance. His ears straining to hear her quiet question. Her voice calm and soothing to his nerves.

“What is your name Inu?”

‘What is she?‘ He tilted his head slightly. “Sesshoumaru. Your‘s?”

“Kagome… Kagome Higurashi.”


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