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Neither Forgive nor Forget by HelloCandy

Chapter 1

Author’s note: It has been five years since I first started writing KM&SL; when I realized that it needed serious editing, I decided to start over before I finished it …yes it was that bad. All you former fans, I would like to thank you for sticking with my former travesty and all ye new comers welcome! I would also like to thank my beta, Maryse! It would not be as good without you. You’re the best! Well without further ado, here is the revised version of KM&SL.

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights of Inuyasha; the one who does is Rumiko Takahashi.



Not being able to concentrate on paperwork, Kagome put it away in her desk. After all, who could focus on the world’s past when she was too excited about here and now. Leaving her office, Kagome felt like she was on cloud nine, as her excitement sored. Earlier, she received results from her doctor that she and Sesshomaru were expecting. Walking past the night guard of the museum, she said her good nights.

“Oh Mrs. Taisho, don’t forget your umbrella,” the night guard called to her.

“Thank you Akimaru-Kun,” Kagome smiled, bowed, and walked out the door into the rain toward her car.

Entering her car, Kagome had an awful, vague feeling about leaving so soon. However her joy overpowered her fear and she left cautiously, keeping in mind the weather. Four blocks away from the museum, Kagome waited at the light and connected her Bluetooth to her phone to call her mate. After a long wait she hung up and realized that he must have been busy. Even more than usual, since he took major precautions to make sure his company is running like a well-oiled machine. Being the next in line to go, Kagome inched her car to the corner to turn when Sesshomaru called her back.

“Hello?” She answered, hardly able to contain her excitement.

“You called a moment ago?” he asked. 

 Kagome started chattering away about her day being careful not to spoil her surprise. “So can I expect you home in time for dinner?” Waiting for his answer she started to pull off, another car sped passed the red light and T-boned her car, crushing the driver side door on impact. The faint sounds of Sesshomaru frantically calling out to her could be heard over the phone.

Sesshomaru was one of the first to arrive to hospital, his mother-in-law with Kagome’s grandfather and little brother arrived soon after. The family and friends sat in the waiting room; anxiously they waited for an update on Kagome’s condition. Finally, a doctor appeared and announced her condition being better than what they expected it to be. The accident caused her to lose the child and due to the amount of blood loss from the hit, she reached a comatose state. While the relief of knowing she was relatively safe washed over them, the idea she had a miscarriage, made their heart ache.

Every day, family and friends visited her, telling her about their day and any major updates in their lives. However, the visits became more infrequent as the months went on and eventually only her mother made sure to see her. The thought of seeing Kagome so pale and virtually lifeless, made Sesshomaru too depressed, no matter how hard he tried to hide it.


Mrs. Higurashi stared at her daughter’s seemingly lifeless body and grasped her hand. The doctors have asked for weeks now whether they should take her off life support and tomorrow they had to make their decision. Holding her hand tighter, she felt the stinging of her eyes and the warming of her cheeks, as tears began to fall down her face. ‘No parent should have to bury their child,’ she repeated to herself in her mind. A soft gentle hand broke her out of her dreary thoughts. Turning around she noticed it was Izayoi; her smile was gentle and understanding. She and her husband walked the grief struck mother out of the room for a little break, while their son spent some time with his mate.

Sitting next to her, he too grasped her hand and gave it a small kiss. Since the doctors approached him about removing her life support weeks before, he sunk into a depression. Sitting there, he started to think back on their lives together from their first encounter to the last night, they had been discussing about starting a family. He smiled, the first time in months. “Kagome, if you can hear me, please come back to me sweetheart. I do not know if I could live without you. I love you.” Whipping a lone tear from his cheek, he rose from his seat the longer he stayed the more depressed he became. Just as he turned the knob to leave her hospital room, he heard a faint whimper. Turning around, he watched her eyes flitter open. Calling out to his family and the nearby nurses, they all entered the room to check on Kagome’s improved condition.

Chapter 1


Kagome was in a realm of existence in her own mind- she was neither awake nor asleep, alive or dead; in her mind she was there but not at the same time. She wandered throughout her psyche, for what only seemed like a couple of minutes- hours at the most.

Every now and then, she would hear the murmurs of familiar voices speak to her, one voice in particular made her heart ache. That one voice, a man’s, was cold and seemed to be without emotion but to her trained heart, Kagome could tell he was in pain. Kagome pondered what it would be like to talk to him- the others too, but mostly him. From what she could tell he care deeply about her; she could tell by how he held her hand and kissed it before he left. How she wished he would kiss her lips the same way. The female voice that seem so caring and motherly, came see to her everyday, brought a little happiness to her lonely existence, but it pained her whenever she didn’t hear his voice for a long period of time.

 “Kagome, if you can hear me, please come back to me sweetheart. I do not know if I could live without you. I love you.” Drifting in her psyche, she heard his voice. It sounded more hurt than usual, more depressed and it made her worry. ‘Something is not right. There must be something terribly wrong,’ she thought and she had a feeling it was about her. With all the energy she could muster, she willed herself to back to the world she knew she should be a part of.

Opening her eyes she saw an outline of a handsome man, his shoulders were broad his hair long and the air about him was solemn. Trying to speak, she let out a little whimper catching his attention. Slowly he turned around in fear of his imagination was playing tricks on him again; but the fates granted the desire of his heart him and noticed her eyes were open. “Kagome,” he whispered and rushed to her side. Small tears formed around his eyes. Sesshomaru called the nurse in and the next thing he knew, the room filled with both their parents. Just as the excitement flooded the hospital room, Kagome’s doctor entered and asked everyone to leave the room so that he may conduct some tests and he would get back to them as soon as he was done.


Mrs. Higurashi called her son and father-in-law to the hospital and Sesshomaru contacted their friends, Miroku and Sango, while his parents called their youngest son to the come to the hospital announcing that Kagome was awake. Soon the waiting room filled with anticipation waiting to hear the doctor’s news. After about forty-five minutes, the doctor walked out of Kagome’s room into the room filled to the brim with friends and family. He took a seat in front of Sesshomaru. It became quite as they waited to hear what he had to say.

“Mr. Taisho, I have good news and bad news.”  

“Well,” Sesshomaru demanded, “tell us!”

“Well, Mr. Taisho, the good news is in the accident, she didn’t suffer major brain injury…”

“But there was some?” Izayoi voiced.

“Yes, that’s the bad news. I asked her a few basic, who she is; her birth year and who her parents are, but she told me she did not know. While the accident didn’t, as far as we can see, hinder her speaking or thinking skills, it did however slightly damage the hippocampus in her temporal lobes.”

 “What does that mean?” Mrs. Higurashi asked next.

“The temporal lobes are right here,” he started pointing to his temples, “right behind the eyes.  They are in charge of short and long term memory storing, thought processing and mood stability. Inside the lobe, there is the hippocampus, this analyzed new information and memorized it. In extremely bad cases, once the hippocampus is damaged, the brain will never be able to store new information or retrieve old memories.” Everyone listened intently to the doctor as he explained what was wrong. “In your wife’s case, Taisho-san, nothing seems like there is any serious damage- more likely minor bruising. I would like to run a few more tests on her in order to get definitive results, and would like to keep her here longer to keep a close eye on her. More good news is she hasn’t lost feeling in her lower body, I’ll give you a list of physical therapist to look over so we can get her walking again; since she hasn’t walked in months, she will need to strengthen those muscles. I may prescribe some sort of memory-enhancing medication as well as some sort of mood stabilizing medication, depending on her results. She’s being prepped for that right now, and you will be able to see her when she comes out.”

The waiting took forever. Miroku and Sango took Souta and his grandfather out to a little restaurant for some dinner, the Taishos, Touga and Izayoi took Mrs. Higurashi out as well, to get a small bite to eat and some coffee, only ones left in the waiting room was Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. Inuyasha wanted to break the uneasiness he felt being alone with his brother. “Sesshomaru, I’m gonna get some coffee, would ya like a cup?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“What about a bite to eat? Mom, dad and Mrs. Higurashi have been worried that you haven’t been eating much since they asked about taking Kagome off life support.”

“Inuyasha, I know what you’re trying to do but I’m not in the mood right now.”

“Ptff, fine, but the folks’ll kill me I didn’t bring anything back for you. So what do you want me to get?”

Sesshomaru really wanted to sit in silence as he waited to hear news about his wife; he also realized that his brother was only trying to help. He sighed, “Surprise me.”

With that, Inuyasha walked out the hospital and drove off. Just as he left the parking lot, his phone rang and he connected it with the Bluetooth. “Hello?”

“How is she?” A female voice asked over the phone.

“She’s doing fine. Ya know you come see her.”

“I will when I have time.”

“That’s always your excuse, I know for a fact you’re not that busy, especially since you became a dance instructor.”

“That’s not completely true; even though, I gave up most of my responsibilities at the company, I still look over it diligently making sure it is in proper working order.”

“Ptff, the same ol’ Haru-chan. Hey I’m going out for a quick bite. Are ya too busy to join me?”

The voice over the phone sighed. “I guess I could get a bite to eat, I am getting a bit hungry. Where should I meet you?”

“I’ll come get you.”

“No I have to go straight home; I have to get my girls ready for their competition.”

 “Who says I won’t take you straight home?”

“I know you Inuyasha, and you won’t. Tell you what, I’m still here at the studio, I’ll meet you at the café not far from there.”

“Deal.” He hung up the phone and before long; he was parking his car and walking into the café. Inuyasha told his friend the news regarding Kagome’s condition, as well as other topics. When they were done eating, Inuyasha grabbed Sesshomaru something before leaving, saying their goodbyes, they went their separate ways.


Inuyasha reentered the hospital and handed Sesshomaru his meal. “How much do I owe you?”

“Don’t worry about it. Were you able to see her?”

He nodded, “I did for a while, her family is in there right now.” Sesshomaru opened the drink can Inuyasha bought him and started drinking. “Thank you.”

“No problem.”


Thank you for reading! It may not be much so I’m gonna try and write some more hopefully before school starts back up again… not likely but I will try! XD


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