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By The Sea by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch. 1 The Gift

AN: This popped into my head when I read about the One-shot #108 By The Sea. Or it was just the title that jogged something. I guess this will be a short snippet. Hey who knows if I actually get random ideas to write more for the other stories. Gosh I’ve been so stumped. 367words


Ch. 1 The Gift

“Where is it?” Kagome frantically searched through her bag.

Sango peered over her shoulder curiously. The firelight casting odd shadows around the group. “What are you looking for, Kagome?”

“I can‘t find it.” Sitting on the back of her heals with a huff she looked at the half dozing monk. “Miroku…. Did you take out my notebook again?”

“I have no clue what your talking about.” Miroku opened one eye and closed it. “Was it the green and blue one?”

‘Of course he would take her blue backed romance novel.’ She rolled her eyes. “No. This one was older. A gift from my mom.”

“Maybe you left it at the previous village we passed.” Inuyasha yawned. Jumping out of the tree he was in to silently land on his feet. Kagome quickly appeared in front of him. Causing him to look down. “Oi! Wha-” She brought her hands up as if in prayer, staring back at him. It was the look that always made him rethink things. Like why in the world did he consent to this? There was a slight twitch of an ear a top his head. “No.”

“Please, Inuyasha. The last time I took it out we were at the beach. I have to get it back.”

“Can’t it wait for tomorrow? Were all ready half a days walk away from that place. Besides, what if a demon catches a whiff of you or tries to kill you because of the jewels?” He folded his arms and shook his head.

“I can bring Kirara with me and be back in just a few hours. It will be fine.” As he still didn’t seem to budge, she sighed. Letting her hands fall to her side and resigning her self to telling him the truth. “It used to be my fathers.”

Eyes wondering over the orphan kitsune fast asleep he relaxed his stance. “Fine.” Inuyasha nodded. Knowing too well what it was like growing up without a dad and having only three things given to him. His fire rat robe, Tessaiga, and… unfortunately a stuck up bastard of a brother. Though he wasn’t sure if the black pearl in his eye counted.


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