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Damsel on Display by SunsetMiko


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Chapter 1 - Betrayal

She was to be out of town on a business trip for the week and wouldn't be returning for several more days. Still, even with that knowledge, Sesshoumaru was unable to keep himself from sitting in his favorite chair. He kept a silent vigil over her bedroom, simply waiting until she came home, while reliving some of his favorite shows. He missed her, more so then even her boyfriend did, who'd been coming home later and later every day that she remained away.

He was surprised when the bedroom light flicked on, illuminating a space he wished he inhabited with her instead of his half-brother. Inuyasha didn't deserve her. The half-breed hadn't returned home until well after two a.m. the previous morning, so Sesshoumaru hadn't expected him until much later this evening. Still, there he was, showing up a little after eight pm.

One silver eyebrow rose in genuine interest as a raven-haired woman stumbled into the bedroom, wrapped around the hanyou in what appeared to be a very passionate embrace. She had returned early? He hadn't heard a thing, and he was her number one twitter follower. She tended to tweet everything, so it was strange that he hadn't read about it.

Sesshoumaru grabbed his phone and opened the familiar application, checking her most recent tweet.

Kagome @ShikonMiko -  'This conference is killing me. Soooooooo BORED!' 

No, she hadn't left Kyoto yet, so who was this woman currently laid out naked on her bed? The taiyoukai watched as Inuyasha slithered his way down the stranger's body, and Sesshoumaru managed to get a good glimpse of her face. That was definitely NOT Kagome, and yet she shared similar features with the miko of his dreams.

Deciding he needed to have some proof of Inuyasha's less-than-faithful behavior just in case it became necessary, or could somehow be used to his benefit, Sesshoumaru stood and walked closer to his window. Taking advantage of his top of the line, high tech, and really expensive camera phone, he zoomed in close enough to ensure that each participant was clearly identifiable before snapping several very incriminating photographs.

'Poor Kagome,' he thought to himself. She was in love with the fool of a half-breed and now she was in danger of having her heart broken, all because Inuyasha couldn't keep it in his pants. A part of him rejoiced at this new bit of information, though he felt somewhat guilty about it. Still, this wasn't the first time his half-brother had cheated so maybe she would find out this time. Maybe it was his turn. Maybe Kagome would realize that she deserved someone so much better, someone who would worship her, who would never betray her. Maybe now he could let her know just how much he cared.


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