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The Awakening by Lady Beloved

The Rave

Summary: Kagome and her friends go out to have some fun since her boyfriend, Inuyasha, stood her up. But little does Kagome know that her night at the party will surely change her life.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters nor did I create any of it, all of that belongs to the one and only RUMIKO TAKAHASHI.

A/N:  I know I am working on rewriting/editing two other fanfics already, but I just couldn’t help myself since this particular story is the most popular.  I will try my best to post a chapter AT LEAST twice every week for each story, but if not there will only be one posting for each story. ENJOY (^_^).

Chapter One: The Rave

Kagome sat on the couch as she watched TV waiting for her boyfriend, Inuyasha, to arrive and pick her up. They have been going out for almost a year now, and she is truly and utterly in love with him. They met through her friends, Sango and Miroku, one night at a club. When she first met Inuyasha, she thought he was the rudest person she has ever known, but then he started to grow on her with his uniqueness. They were going out for their one year anniversary… at least that is what she thought. “Where is he,” Kagome muttered as she looked at her cell for the 15th time, “It’s over 30 minutes now and I haven’t received a call or text.”

As soon as the woman was about to check her phone yet again, she heard a knock at her front door. “Inuyasha!” Kagome squealed as she ran towards the door, but was disappointed when it wasn’t her boyfriend who showed but good friends Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi.

“Sorry we just showed up without notifying you, but we’re going to this new rave and you have to go with us,” Eri exclaimed as she walked in Kagome’s apartment.

“I kind of already have plans with my boyfriend guys,” Kagome stated crestfallen, “It was planned a month ago.”

Ayumi saw how sad her friend looked. “What’s Wrong, Kags?”

“It’s been almost an hour now and I haven’t heard from Inuyasha yet,” Kagome replied at the brink of tears. “You know what; I am going to give him a call.”

“No, Kagome,” Yuka disagreed, “if he hasn’t contacted you at all yet, then he most likely has other plans without the decency to inform you on what’s going on.”

“Yeah,” Ayumi agreed, “just come with us.”

The old friends saw that Kagome was not giving them any attention nor listening to what they were saying, so they decided to leave out the door and make their way to the club.

The words of her childhood friends went in one ear and out the other as their love-struck friend pressed the call button under Inuyasha’s name. The phone went straight to voicemail after one ring, so she dialed his number once again. “Please pick up the phone,” she whispered to herself not noticing that her friends left out the door, “I hope he is alright.” When the fourth ring came, a male voice answered.


“Inuyasha, where are you,” she asked concerned.

“Uhm… I’m sorry Kags, but something came up and I have to cancel out on our date tonight,” Inuyasha replied.

“But it’s our one year anniversary,” she announced almost at the brink of tears once again.

“Yeah, I know. I’ll make it up to you. I gotta go. Love you, bye.”

Kagome thought it was a little strange how he rushed off the phone, but she pushed that thought away thinking he was just doing something very important. Kagome slowly walked over to the couch and silently cried to herself. While thirty minutes passed and her sobs decreased, she went upstairs to wash her face. She didn’t want to be alone on this night, so decided to give her friends a call back and take them up on their offer.

The sad woman dialed Ayumi's number to inform her friends of her decision. "Ayumi," she said softly.

"Sorry Kags, I can't hear you can you speak up," Ayumi stated, "the music is too loud and Eri will not turn it down."

"I said that I will go ahead and meet you guys at the party," she said louder, "Inuyasha had to cancel and I don't want to be alone."

"Great, but I am sorry to hear that, Kagome. But I did tell you that you should have left with us in the first place."

"It's okay and I know; can you tell me the address and the name of the club."

Kagome wrote down the information given to her by Ayumi and decided to wash up a bit more before heading out to her destination.

Kagome and her friends sat down at a table waiting for their drinks. They reminisced about their earlier years back in high school. Kagome felt a little out of place with her old friends because they changed so much, but then again who doesn’t change after being teenagers to adults in college. So why didn’t she change as much as they did? She was not very talkative at all that night; all she could do was keep her mind on her love, Inuyasha, and her friends saw that.

“Kagome, I am sure he had to do something very important,” Eri said as she placed a comforting hand onto her friend’s shoulder to lift the spirits a bit.

“Kagome, let's just have some fun tonight and forget all of our troubles,” Ayumi finished while taking a sip of her Strawberry Margarita,

‘Yea they’re right,’ she thought as she forced a happy smile upon her features. “You guys are right, I am sorry I have been spoiling the fun.”

“I love this song,” Yuka squealed while cutting into the conversation as she stood up and grabbed Kagome’s hand, “let’s go dance!”

Kagome could not contain her laughter at the way Yuka acted leaving her behind in the middle of the gathering with Eri.  No way out, she decided to just dance and let off some steam. On her way to the dance floor she passed a strange guy dressed in trench coat in all black and she involuntarily shuddered with a chill going down her spine. ‘Who was that,’ she thought as she looked back, but he was nowhere in sight due to the large number of people that attended the event.

Kagome and Eri approached the dance floor following Yuka and pushed through the mass of individuals to find a suitable place to dance. As they found a spacious area for all of them to boogie together, they began to swing their hips with the beat of the music.

On the third song Kagome twirled around and suddenly ceased dancing as she could have sworn she saw a mass of silver long hair. “That couldn’t have been Inuyasha, could it?”  Immediately she gazed back towards the wall where she saw the shiny haired male kissing a woman. She couldn’t exactly get a clear view of the unknown person, so out of instinct she walked over towards them cautiously ignoring the yells of her friends calling after her. Kagome was in a trance as she was right behind the male and still can only see shoulder length black hair. ‘Inuyasha is the only guy that I know who has that color of hair,’ she thought.

“Inuyasha,” Kagome called out and as the said male turned around, she saw a glimpse of the woman he was with. “Sango! How could you and on our anniversary night, Inuyasha?”

“K-Kagome, it’s not what it looks like,” Inuyasha said while still holding Sango’s hand.

Kagome looked at both individuals that she held so dearly to her heart with disgust and sadness. Inuyasha had a very shocked expression adorning his face while her supposed to be best friend eyed down the floor avoiding eye contact. Kagome couldn’t say anything to them; she was too upset for words, so turned to leave. As she took a step towards the exit, she turned back towards the only man she have ever loved and punched him directly in his face.

“Kagome wait, come back,” he shouted through the crowd as he held his painfully, bleeding nose.

“Inuyasha what did we do,” Sango asked as she watched her once best friend walk away. “Do you think she will tell Miroku,” she asked as her eyes glistened with tears.

“I don’t know,” he said sadly as he took Sango’s hand once again and went the opposite way Kagome had just gone.

Kagome stood outside of the rave trying her best not to cry, but a tear escaped anyway. She never thought that her best friend would do anything to hurt her, but how wrong she was. ‘How could she do this to me? How could she do this to Miroku,’ she pondered. Sure most of the time Miroku was a pervert, but he was also a nice guy to have around. She would never have thought that Inuyasha would ever cheat on her. She angrily wiped the tear away and held herself through the cold night. Not wanting to go back inside, Kagome decided to walk home and call her friends in the morning to explain her disappearance.

As she passed a dark alley she received that same chill down her spine. She got the feeling that someone was watching and following her. She began to walk faster as she felt the presence becoming closer. “Please let me return home safely,” she whispered to herself as she opened her purse to grab her pepper spray. With said object in hand, she felt a cold extremity touch her shoulder and immediately turned around spraying, but no one was nowhere in sight. That was until she felt someone bite her neck while holding her frame close to his/her body.

Kagome mind was not thinking straight. All she felt was extreme pleasure from the bite that this stranger is acting upon. She tried not to moan and she was far beyond shocked because heat formed in her belly that she never felt before. Not even when she was being physical with Inuyasha. She slowly began to fall deep into an unconscious state and the last thing she saw were golden orbs looking straight into her cerulean eyes.

“I have been watching you,” the stranger announced as he flew her back home.

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