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The Things We Do For Love by Marimay

Fate's Sealed

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The chilling air whispered through the tree tops as the moon shone its greatness down upon the mysterious land known as Lavasca.  Tree’s over a hundred feet tall stood strong and proud upon the soil they rest on.  The fairies that inhabit the great trees slept peacefully in the warm bark, protected from the harsh winds the Noslakia Mountains brought in.  This land was known for its exotic landscape that was peaceful to look at, but deadly to even the strongest creature alive if they were not aware of its secrets.  Rivers flowed all though out the lands.  Hot springs resided in the forest and open meadows all around.  The floating mountains that were the lands greatest mystery went on day by day without a care in the world.  The land known as Lavasca was indeed a sight to behold to anybody that has or will ever set their eyes upon her beautiful landscape.  

Just a few miles over, the Lord’s castle rested safely on the side of a mountain off the coast of the Naoki Ocean.  It had tall walls that stood as a protective barrier against any invading enemies.  The ocean served its purpose to prevent any enemy from attacking from behind this magnificent castle.  The white brick walls of the castle gave off a shiny effect as the moon cast its blessing upon the castle with its light.  This castle was known as the House of the Moon.

The House of the Moon stood three stories high.  It was halfway built into the mountain and inside this castle lived and worked many servants, warriors and the lord himself.  The lord is known as a man who ruled with an iron fist.  He was not feared by his people, but rather respected.  He brought victory to every battle and war he fought, peace to every land he set his foot on, and adoration from all the female population from the celestial looks he was blessed with.  

 Lord Sesshoumaru Taisho was tall.  He stood at an astonishing six feet and five inches. A mane of white- peal colored hair fell down his back, all the way to his calves like a waterfall.  A dark blue moon rested between his brows and two magenta stripes on each check and a single strip of the same magenta color rested on his eyelids which accented his eyes that were a rare golden color found only in his bloodline.  He was a built man with broad shoulders, a chiseled chest and body that the gods themselves sculpted. He was overall, a very handsome dog demon.

The land was not only occupied by demons, but also nymphs, few hanyou, fairies, and humans.   They lived among themselves in their respective territories.  Minor problems would come and go between these many different species, but they were all settled and the species went back into their life’s routine.  There was one particular demon that was known for her beauty and kind heart.

Kagome Higurashi was very carefree and innocent to the harsh world around her. She was an average height woman, standing at five foot and eight inches.  A shiny black sheet of hair fell down from the top of her head, all the way to her backside, accented with curls at the tips. Amethyst eyes watched the scenery before her. A line of the same amethyst color rested on each eye and a set of swirls sat at the edge of her right eye, going all the way down the side of her face and stopping right before it touched her jaw. Kagome was indeed, a very beautiful lighting dog demoness.  Kagome was sought out by many males but none would catch her eye.  She would end up befriending them, oblivious to their attempts to try to take her hand.  She was not just known to the occupants of the great land, but to the lord of the lands himself.  They shared a secret bond between themselves, having of met under the most unusual circumstance.    


The sound of battle cries could be heard from the river Kagome was currently admiring.  The Metallic sound of the swords clashing with each other accompanied the cries she heard.  Wincing after every blood curdling scream that would unfortunately reach her ears, Kagome continued her trek up the rivers bank with her trusty scythe in her hands and her twin blades resting on her back.  Usually Kagome would not carry her weapons, but because there was currently a war raging on Lavasca, she would rather be safe than sorry.

  Coming up to the end of the river, rested a waterfall with an abnormally huge willow tree.  Bellow the willow tree was a very well kept grave with worn words written across its surface. Kagome walked up to the grave and put freshly picked hibiscus roses just below the worn words that read General Ahirokama Higurashi. 

Kagome’s father was a man raised to do one thing and one thing only, to kill.  Ahirokama was an assassin in Lord Toga’s army when he was the supreme ruler at the time.  Lord Sesshoumaru was just only reaching his middle teens when kagome was born.  Kagome’s mother, Sakura, died of child birth complications which left Kagome to be raised by her father.  Because of his skill and position as Lord Toga’s first assassin, Ahirokama was gone periodically.  The times Kagome did spend with her father were dear ones. Memories were made every time they got the opportunity to spend time together as father and daughter. 

Kagome was only five when she became an orphan.  Not understanding death at such a young and tender age, Kagome only understood that her papa was now reunited with her mama in the happy lands.  Kaede, Kagome’s grandmother from her mother’s side, became her guardian.  Kaede was a four thousand years older than Lord Toga, which made her well over six thousand years old. Her age was apparent in her face with lines around her eyes and forehead. Kaede lived until Kagome was in her late teens until she passed away.  Instead of being buried like her son in law, Kaede wanted to be burned and her ashes scattered into the winds. 

Kagome said her blessings to her father and mother then got up from her sitting position.  Wiping the dirt off her knees, Kagome got her scythe and made sure her twin blades were securely on her back before making the long walk back to her tree home. 

Slightly tilting her head up at an angle, Kagome took a deep calming breath before her whole body tensed up.  Kagome kept on walking at a normal pace.  She was aware of what she sensed up ahead along her path and was prepared to fight if she needed too.

Coming up around the bend, Kagome froze in her tracks to the sight she saw before her.  There stood Lord Sesshoumaru.  His chin held high, his famous swords with him, Bakusaiga in his right hand and the two brother blades beside him and safely tucked into his purple and yellow sash, Tensaiga and Tetsusaiga. 

The wind made is moon kissed hair gently blow behind him. His attire was splattered with his enemies’ blood.  The usual hexagon flowers on his left shoulders blended in with the blood.  His armor was stained with the dirt and debris that was once out on the battle field.  His attire was not the cleanest, but that did not affect the way he looked. Sesshoumaru looked like a warrior god at that moment.

 The sun hit his whole profile at the right angle and made it look like his whole body was glowing with an unnatural light.  When Kagome’s heart took its next beat, he turned his face to stare at her.  For a mere three seconds, Sesshoumaru stared at Kagome.  Gold clashed with amethyst.  A sense of calm washed over the pair before Sesshoumaru turned his head back to the river.  Kagome noticed that his head was not facing the sounds of battle, but away from it.  She wondered if he was trying to get the smell of blood out of his nose.  She was having trouble trying not to cough while in her lord’s presence. 

Kagome sat there staring, a usual habit for her when she starts to think.  Kagome has heard rumors about her lord and his looks, but they gave him no praise.  He was a living god with looks like that! There could be no denying it!  His looks made Kagome get a warm feeling in her stomach.  The butterflies started to appear before a deep baritone voice broke her train of thought. 

“Why is a girl like you here?  Are you not capable of hearing the sounds of battle happening less than a mile away? ”

Kagome stood there, blinking once…twice…about to go for a third time…before the voice broke her concentration again.

“Hn, it appears that you cannot.” With that, Lord Sesshoumaru turned and started to walk towards the sound of battle to continue to honor his name, the killing perfection. 

When he said that, Kagome stiffened; her claws at her sides drew into fist.  Kagome Higurashi was not known to lose her temper so easily, but this arrogant prick didn’t have to answer his own question when it was clearly meant for her to answer herself. What a Jerk!

“I can hear, thank you very much!” Kagome felt confident when she said that.  She started to lose that confidence when growling could be heard from the killing perfection a few feet away from her.  His back was rigged.  That was the only sign that Kagome saw that showed her reply bothered him.  “You dare speak to your lord in such a manner?”

Okay, so maybe snapping back at him was not the best idea, but she couldn’t help it! He was the one who started it!  "I am sorry my lord, I did not mean you any disrespect. I was just visiting a grave.”  Looking at the back of his head, Kagome watched as he slowly turned around to completely face her.  His eyes pierced into her fearless eyes.  She watched as his eyes roamed her body, and then came back to her face.  It was a stare down Kagome was not going to win.  She felt uncomfortable so she was the first one to look away. 

Sesshoumaru stared her up and down.  He noticed that she had a full bosom, a small and curvy waist, and long, shapely legs with a toned butt, he might as well add.  He made his way up from the journey his eyes took to look back up to her face.  He saw how her face was heart shaped.  She had big eyes, a button nose, and a nice set of red, full pouty lips.  Her eyes were a rare amethyst color. Her hair was long and healthy looking.  The markings on her face told him she was from a powerful blood line, lighting wielding dog demons to be exact.  He tilted his head toward her and took a deep breath.  Her smell was the sweetest sent he has ever smelled.  It was a mix of cherry blossoms and hibiscus roses. 

The way she looked down toward the ground told Sesshoumaru that she was not used to male eyes roaming her body.  He did smell that she was still untouched.  That in itself was a rare fact to find in demoness’s these days.  Finding that this demoness was attractive Sesshoumaru wanted to find out more about her.  “What is your name, girl?”  The slight intake of breath from said demoness and the widening of her eyes told Sesshoumaru that she must have been surprised that he would want to know more about her.

Just then, a soft melodic voice flowed to his ears.  “My name is Kagome, Kagome Higurashi my lord.”

Coming to the conclusion that it would be best for him to get back to the battle and fight alongside his men Sesshoumaru departed with Kagome with the words that would tie their red strings of fate together.

“It is time for me to return to my men. I will see you again, Kagome.”


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