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Inevitable by Helena Mariel



This is my first shot at writing a story in drabbles. Each chapter will be 100 words long, except on random occasions where I will write 500 to 1,000 word chapters. Reviews are encouraged and appreciated, because they give us writers' helpful criticism. I hope you enjoy!

Warm regards,

Helena Mariel


Disclaimer: Inuyasha and all rights belong to Rumiko Takahashi.

Word count: 100

Chapter One: Kagome


Kagome Higurashi was sitting in a crowded train car, heading towards her first day at her new job.

She had once held a respectable position as a junior partner in a reputable law firm. Unfortunate circumstances had forced her to resign, however.

The loss of what had been an enormous part of her life had deeply shaken her confidence. It had taken her long weeks to recover, and unemployment had made her desperate enough to contact a temp agency.

They'd seemed impressed at her credentials and quickly offered her what they insisted was a 'most coveted position' inside Nijurokuya Corporation.


Nijurokuya: 'crescent moon'.


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