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A Blue Ribbon by Stella Mira


Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha. All credit belongs to Takahashi Rumiko.               


Kagome wore a scowl of fierce concentration, searching the ground on all fours. “I’m sure it was somewhere around here.”

“Kagome-chan, did you find it yet?”

Sango’s voice rang jarringly loud from the road, startled Kagome, and she sighed, more than a little disappointed.

“No, Sango-chan. The wind carried it away at this direction, but so far I can’t see it anywhere.” Kagome huffed, cursing her poor observation skills, still on hands and knees and frantically searching. “Come on, it’s bright blue for crying out loud…and everything around here is green or brown. How hard can it be to spot it?”

A deep voice came from behind her then, making her jump in surprise again.

“Miko, what are you trying to accomplish in that position?”


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