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Gods and Goddesses by Lady Beloved


DISCLAIMER: I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters nor did I create any of it, all of that belongs to the one and only RUMIKO TAKAHASHI. I also disclaim creating any of the Greek Gods and Goddesses that I will be using within this story.


Above the clouds and into the heavens there stood, Zeus, God of all mystical beings. He sat on his throne awaiting his brother's arrival. A moment later, the sky and thunder god watched his brother step out of his ball of ash and approach him in a manner not normal to him. 'Why is my sibling approaching me in a confident and superior way,' the king of the gods thought. "Tell me, brother," Zeus said in an impatient demeanor, "why you have called upon me," he demanded as lighting flashed through the skies showing his rage. "It is my turn to command over this world and the living," the brother replied. Your control has expired and my place is not in the Underworld any longer."

"Your place is where I say it is," Zeus roared. "I have tried to give you the easy way out, frater," he screamed as he charged toward Zeus, "if you will not give me my rightful place, then I will take it and destroy all the gods and goddesses with it! I will rule the universe!"

"You will have to defeat me first, my young sibling," Zeus replied as he formed his thunderbolts in the palm of his hand.

"With pleasure," Zeus's brother responded as he tried to strike his older brother with his staff. The God of all gods' easily dodged out of the way while throwing his bolts straight to his opponent's chest.

"You did exactly what I needed you to do! Absorbeo," the young sibling exclaimed as he absorbed the bolts from a jewel placed upon his staff. "This ornament was created from the fires of the Underworld; you will also like this ring I created from those said flames as well."

"And what… does that do," Zeus asked as he felt himself become weaker with each breath that he took. "The ring absorbs my adversary once the trinket on my staff absorbs my rival's mystical power and strength when it is in use. As soon as the energy has been collected, it is useless for my challenger to use that energy once again. This allows me to make sure that my foe does not step in the way of my plan." Placing his hand out in the form of a fist with the ring facing his older brother's form, "Goodbye elder brother, rapientem corpus," he says as he watched his brother's body disintegrate and flow into the ring artifact. 'One down; Twelve to go,' the new enemy thought with malice.

In the present time there was none other than Kagome tossing and turning in her bed sleeping. 'Hmmm where am I? She asked herself as she covered her eyes from the bright light that kept floating towards her. 'I could have sworn I was dreaming about sitting Inuyasha a minute ago.' As Kagome unshielded her eyes, she couldn't believe on how a woman could be so stunning. The no longer miko watched as a beautiful woman dressed in a two-pieced white silk stood out of the ball of a pink and purple light showing off her body and midsection. This woman had long and flowy golden hair that draped down her back and onto the floor. A green leafed hair ornament adorning her head. As the woman spoke, Kagome tried her best to listen to the older female's bell like voice instead of staring at the beauty in front of her.

"Kagome," the mysterious lady called out, "Kagome; listen carefully this is very important." "Ok," Kagome replied slightly shaken, 'Am I still in a dream or is this real. What I've been through in the past, nothing is surprising to me anymore.' "There is a greater evil than Naraku who is planning on ruling the universe," The lady spoke once again. "He is stealing the gods and goddesses weapons as well as absorbing them into powerful artifacts he has created. You must go back through the well and retrieve the help of Lord Sesshomaru; there is no one else who can help you on this journey."

Kagome's blood ran cold as she heard her first love's half-brother's name. "Wait, Sesshomaru will kill me head on if I approached him asking for help. Not to mention that I am human as well." Kagome stated drastically.

"You are not human." Before Kagome could respond, "please Kagome, only you and Lord Sesshomaru can help save mankind as well as the universe. You must hurry before it's too late." And with that the figure faded.

Awaking from her sleep with sweat draped all over body, "Why do I always have to get the most unwelcome and difficult journeys? Wait, I'm not human?" 'That's the least of my worries at this moment. I must figure out a way to convince a certain demon lord to help me onto this voyage. Most importantly, I get to see them once again.' Kagome thought.

A/N: Well that's the prologue. I know it was short, but stay tuned it will become better and much longer. R&R and let me know if you liked it or if there is something that I should have changed and anything else; then feel free to state otherwise. I am also open up to new ideas to put within the story. With that being said I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter. This is my second fanfic by the way.

Can anyone tell me who this mysterious new enemy is; I gave a few hints at the beginning. (^_~)

Frater – Brother in Latin

Absorbeo – Absorb in Latin

Rapientem Corpus – Body Snatcher in Latin


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