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Surprises by Lady Beloved

Chapter One

Summary: Who does Kagome find Inuyasha rutting with in the forest? Wait if it's not Kikyo, then who is it? And what does a certain sexy demon lord do when Kags ask him for some help? A must read. Rated M for safety; no viewers under the age of 17 please.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters nor did I create any of it, all of that belongs to the one and only RUMIKO TAKAHASHI.

A/N: This idea came to me within a dream, so I am going to try it out. My first FanFic by the way, so some reviews with constructive criticism would be most appreciative if need be. (^_~)


Chapter 1:

"Bye mom, Souta, grandpa! I'm on my way back to the feudal era, I'll tell everyone you said hi!"

Jumping through the well, blue and pink lights swirl around Kagome taking her back to the past. While she touches down, she throws her atrocious bag over the wooden wall and climbs up the vines to reach the top. 'I hate having to pull myself up with these vines, just a week ago one had broken and I slipped and fell right back to the bottom. I should ask someone to make me a ladder like the one at home.' Picking up her bag she runs all the way to the village towards Kaede's hut.

Almost at the hut Kagome hears a loud smack and thud wondering to herself 'what has that monk done now?', and right when she opens up the flap to the hut she sees Miroku with a big red handprint on the right side of his face twitching with a smile. 'That was worth the pain' Miroku thought. Shippo hops on Miroku's stomach and simply asks, "when will you ever learn, sometimes I feel you are just as much as brain dead as Inuyasha with all the abuse you go through with your lecherous ways?" Sango and Kagome giggling at Shippo's comment while hugging each other.

"Hi everyone, I brought you guys some presents from home," Kagome says while dropping her bag and opening it up. She hands Shippo a bag filled with apple, strawberry, and watermelon lollipops. "Now Shippo, I do not want you to eat all the candy and receive a stomachache like you did before, ok?" "Ok," Shippo says while two sticks of lollipops sticking out of his mouth with a little drool on the side. While kissing Shippo on the cheek she hands Sango a long, skinny object wrapped in cloth. Sango opens up her present and the sight that reached her eyes was a katana with the kanji faith and courage imprinted on it. While putting the sword down, Sango hugs Kagome again whispering a 'thank you' in the process.

"I hope you didn't have to go through a lot of trouble to get this for me? I would have settled for some candy just as Shippo," Sango says.

"Non-sense Sango, I know you needed another sword since our last battle with an ogre demon with three shards sent by Naraku, when it broke into pieces while fighting. You will receive nothing but the best since I consider you as not only my best friend, but a big sister as well." Then she hands Miroku a few playboy magazines with a box of tissues. "Now Miroku once I give you these, you have to promise that you will not grope me and or Sango anymore as well as watch us bathe," Kagome told Miroku sternly. 'It's like talking to a rock,' she thought as she watched Miroku flipping through the magazine with a lecherous grin on his face while replying to her with a 'mhmm.' Miroku decided to get up with his magazines and box of tissues while telling them he'll be back in 10 minutes. And with that being said he walked out of the hut. 'I didn't think he was going to go and have his "fun" that quickly, but then again that is Miroku I am talking about.' Both Sango and Kagome think, while Shippo is being oblivious to everything except his sixth lollipop.

"Where is Inuyasha you guys, and has Kaede come back from her journey to the other village for some herbs?" Kagome asked while scooping up some stew Sango made into a bowl.

"Inuyasha went somewhere in the forest saying, "'He'll be back in a bit and do not come looking for him,'" and Kaede has not returned. You know come to think about it, Inuyasha has been in the forest for almost two hours now," Sango replied.

"Oh really that's odd. Well I am going to go look for him, no matter what he says and I'm sure he wouldn't want anything standing in his way with his precious Ramen I bought for him." Kagome says while exiting the hut.

'I hope I do not come across Miroku while he's masturbating because that is one sight I do not wish to see,' Kagome thought. On her walk towards the forest she sees Kikyo's soul stealers. 'So that is what Inuyasha is doing in the forest.' After a three minute walk Kikyo appears to be behind a large tree, but wait a minute where can Inuyasha be if he is not with Kikyo. When Kagome approaches Kikyo, Kikyo turns around with her index finger to her lips telling Kagome to be silent. As she became closer Kagome heard some moaning going on behind a bush in the clearing. 'Who could that be?' Kagome thought, but as she looked at Kikyo to ask her, Kikyo was gone. 'Gee some help she was.' Then she heard a louder moan and some grunts and pants and the best got to her, so she looked into the clearing and she could not believe of what she saw. 'Oh My God, THAT'S'

A/N: I know this first chapter was kind of bad and believe me the next chapters will become better. I know some will hate me with the cliff hanger, but I just had to do it, it was calling me. Believe me when I say the next chapter will blow your mind with what you will find out, so stay tuned for chapter to of Surprises. (^_~)


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