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In The Shadows of Hate by Zyren

The Initiation

This story was sparked by a challenge posted on A Single Spark by Night's Perfection.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha; now leave me the hell alone before I sic the Shikon Miko on you.

In the Shadows of Hate

Chapter 1: Initiation

"Well ladies, this will be our last night as a full gang for a while."

The three girls looked up at their leader in awe as she dressed. Her black pants, slung low on her hips were close enough to show off her figure but still loose enough to allow free movement. They tucked seamlessly into black calf high boots that had helped her kick many an ass. The black corset she wore over a midnight blue halter top accentuated her narrow waist as well as protected her from body blows.

"Mistress..." they whispered. Their leader turned to them, her dark makeup contrasting with the brightness of her eyes that shone with painful intensity.

One by one she secured each of her followers' armbands. As with any gang, they kept something on their person, signifying the group they were affiliated with. In their case it was a silver armband. Each one was about 2 inches wide, with intricate designs etched in the precious metal. The clasp was their signature sign, matching the tattoos they each had on their hip, a cherry blossom with the initials D.M. wrapped around it.

After theirs were fastened she placed her own on her right arm. Though the design was the same the cherry blossom on hers was inlaid with shards of a pink stone rumored to be the Shikon no Tama of legend. That and her miko powers had successfully earned her the name Shikon Miko and her gang the Dark Maidens.

The Dark Maidens, despite being the smallest gang on the east side of town, had climbed from the bottom of the slums to become one of the most feared gangs. Its four members had each had their share of trials and tribulations that had hardened them into fearless young women. Having a similar dark stain on their pasts is what brought them together and led to the birth of the Dark Maidens. They used their individual abilities to get what they wanted and stay alive.

Now though, on the eve of their senior year of high school their leader was being forced to move to the other side of town, what they deemed the wealthy area that they had only visited on occasion. Though they were known there it was the side of town they had yet to conquer. Tonight would be their last night out together, as their leader would be leaving in the morning.

The Shikon Miko turned to them, her smile wide and bright, but they saw the pain in her eyes before she put on her usual black shades. "Eri, Yuka, Ayumi lets have fun tonight. And don't let the Dark Maidens disappear when I'm gone, ne?"

"Never!" they said in unison, and followed her to their usual hangout.


"Kagome! Wake up, we're gonna be late on the first day."

Kagome rubbed the sleep from her eyes and growled at her little brother.

"Souta, I'm up."

"No your not, hurry up. School starts in twenty minutes."

"Twenty minutes?!" Kagome jumped out of bed and snatched her school uniform off the hanger simultaneously pushing Souta out of her room so she could dress. Kagome wasn't fond of the skirt but put it on anyway, knowing she'd be late for school if she tried to go into Souta's room and steal a pair of his uniform pants. He was only 2 years younger than her and took joy in looking down at her.

Hurriedly she shrugged into the matching jacket and grabbed her book bag. She met Souta at the shrine steps and they made their way towards the high school. Though she was in shape Kagome still wasn't used to going up and down the massive shrine stairs. She and her mother and brother, moved into the shrine after her grandfather died leaving the estate and funds to his only child, her mother.

Kagome hadn't really wanted to move across town. She had friends and a life back home, but being here was better. Here was a safer neighborhood and a house that didn't threaten to fall apart around them.

Kagome and Souta arrived just as the first bell rang and rushed to their classes. Souta was a sophomore and Kagome a senior. The first half of the day ran smoothly though no one really went out of their way to be nice to her.

Lunch was when Kagome noticed them. Several of the male seniors and a few underclassmen, youkai and human alike wore matching silver dog tags. Most of the females that these guys associated with wore feather earrings in their right ear lobe.

'Gangs...' Kagome thought. The way they wore their dog tags and earrings along with the superior way they carried themselves reminded her of the gangs she had seen back home. The fact that those not wearing them either cowered in their presence or waited on them hand and foot, confirmed her suspicions. By the end of the day she knew what the groups called themselves. The guys were the Hell Inu and their female equivalent, the Lethal Ladies.


Over the next few weeks Kagome found that not only were they the social hierarchy of the school and everything went through at least one of them but that they were 2 of the top gangs on this side of the city. Kagome did her best not to get pulled into the drama and kept to herself though she could not convince Souta to do the same. He befriended two other sophomores, Shippo Matsumoto and Rin Kimura, both belonging to the Hell Inu and the Lethal Ladies respectively. Kagome knew it wouldn't be long before Souta was pulled into the gang world. She tried in vain to warn him but he wouldn't listen and one rainy spring day she knew his time had come.

It was raining when Kagome exited the school building into the courtyard. Looking around she didn't see Souta waiting for her at their usual spot by the gate. Two freshmen ran from the building towards the back of the school.

"Hey!" Kagome called to them, "What's going on?"

"There is a fight on the track field!"

Instantly Kagome knew that's where she would find her brother. Sure enough by the time she reached the track, she was soaked to the bone and there was a crowd on the field. Forcing her way through the throng of people she made her way to the center. Souta stood in the makeshift ring exchanging blows with not one but three Hell Inu members. The rest of the Hell Inu as well as the Lethal Ladies stood by, masks of indifference upon their faces as the rain fell around them. The only ones showing any kind of emotion were Shippo and Rin. This wasn't just a fight this was an initiation, and even Kagome knew the rules.

The fight would continue until Souta either drew blood from one of the others or was knocked unconscious, the latter of which would only win him shame and ridicule, he would become a target. Kagome gasped as Souta fell in the mud and didn't move.

"Souta!" she screamed causing everyone to turn and look her way. She couldn't stop it but she could yell at him until he got up. She stepped closer to the ring and still he did not stir. "Souta Keiichiro Higurashi! Get off your ass and fight back now!!

Souta shifted and began to push himself up.

"Get up and fight! You got yourself into this, so don't you dare lose to these rich pompous bastards!!!"

The Hell Inu lieutenant, Inuyasha Taisho stepped forward. Kagome shushed him before he could say anything.

Souta stood up and spat blood. "Kagome?"


"Shut the hell up!" he yelled and lunged for the nearest Hell Inu, catching him with a right hook. One of the others came at Souta from behind; Souta flipped him over his shoulder, grabbed him by the collar and hit him dead in the nose.

At the first sight of blood the fight ended. Souta brushed himself off and began to gather his things. Inuyasha spoke.

"You know your sister won't always be there to give you a pep talk in the middle of a battle, right?"

Souta nodded and began to walk away.

"Hey kid! You're forgetting something!" Souta turned and caught what Inuyasha threw at him. Opening his fist he saw the coveted silver dog tags.

"Good job, kid."

Kagome pushed her wet bangs off her forehead and smiled. She turned and began to walk home.


The Hell Inu leader turned to Kagura, the head Lethal Lady.

"Who was that?"

"Souta's older sister, Kagome Higurashi, senior."

"Does she belong to any gang?"

Kagura thought for a moment. "I don't know..."

Sesshoumaru Taisho watched the bold raven haired girl as she walked away. As if she felt eyes on her she turned, but instead of scanning the crowd as most would do, she looked directly at him without hesitation. She gave him a quick once over, sizing him up, her sapphire eyes indifferent to the looks many a girl had swooned over. Something flickered across her face akin to dismissal and she turned, continuing her journey home.

"Find out."


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