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Princess of the North by zodiak023

chapter one

Kagome had been in search of the jewel shard for almost a year now. Her 16th birthday was coming up in a few days, and today she was spending time with her mother.

“Kagome, I know you don’t want to talk about your father but there is something you must know,” Akane, Kagome’s mother explained.

“Mom, there’s nothing to talk about, he died in a car wreck,” Kagome trying to leave the room, she was close to her father and really didn’t like when the subject came up, it was hard enough to get through the funeral.

“Honey, what if I were to tell you that the man who died in the car wreck was not your father?” Akane softly. Kagome was almost out of the room when she stopped, she turned and stared at her mother.

“What?” Kagome whispered,

“Ronin, he was nice to me when your father had to leave, I was already pregnant with you and me and your father agreed that with him, well, living far away that is wasn’t going to work, it was forbidden by his laws, but he gave me money to support you, we loved each other dearly, and he wanted to be here for you but he had to go rule his lands,” Akane having tears in her eyes.

“Mother, just tell me already, who is my father? Is he even alive?” Kagome confused.

“He is an Inuyokai, Lord of the North,” her mother whispered. Kagome stared at her, suddenly Kagome started laughing,

“You are funny mom, but really if my father was an Inuyokai that would make me a half breed, I am human, I don’t have puppy ears like Inuyasha, and I am a miko,” Kagome seriously.

“When you were born, the miko who delivered you put a spell on you till your 16th birthday, your father agreed to letting me keep you until that time but when you turn 16 you are to find him, you are the only heir to the throne in the Northern lands, you will be Lady of the North,” Akane explained.

“No, no, no! I wont do it, I wont go back, I am not doing this, I just want to be normal, to go to school, to college, I want to grow up in this world, have babies that you can spoil rotten,” Kagome cried.

~This cant happen to me, no one is ever going to love me for who and what I am!~ Kagome seriously thought.

“Kagome, please? Just calm down…” Akane being interrupted,

“Me, calm down, you hid who I truly am from birth, you never told me, you let me think the man who died in a car wreck was my father, he didn’t even know what I truly was did he? If he did he could never have love me, its all a lie!” Kagome cried out.

“Kagome, wait….” Akane reaching out to her,

“Just leave me alone,” Kagome running out of the shrine house and to the well.

“I hate you, you stupid well, how could you do this to me!” Kagome kicking it, but the wood held strong. Kagome finished her ranting and boarded up the well, she wasn’t going back, she couldn’t face her friends, sure she was a half demon, just like Inuyasha, and he had told her no one had accepted him for who he was, he had not belonged anywhere, half demon, half human, only his mother had truly loved him, and his father, but his father had died trying to save him.

 She didn’t want to rule the Northern lands, she didn’t know how and didn’t want that kind of responsibility. Would her father even love her, would she just embarrass the Northern lands by being who she was, just as Lord Sesshomaru had told Inuyasha, that he was a disgrace to the family all because he was a half demon. She sat alone in the dirt and dark corner of the well house crying.

Chapter two

Inuyasha grumbled because Kagome hadn’t returned and they were throwing her a surprise birthday party at Kaede’s hut. Rin was there coloring with Shippo, they had helped granny Kaede pick herbs for medicinal uses all day until it was time to fix a dinner and a dessert for the party. The whole village was going to fix dinner and dessert and they were even going to have gifts, and Kagome still had some fireworks left over. Sesshomaru was off somewhere but would be back at the end of the party to pick Rin up.

“Go get her Inuyasha!” Sango glared at him,

“Feh, I’m going,” Inuyasha flattening his ears, he knew her family were probably doing something for her and she would sit him for dragging her back but Sango would kick his ass if he told her about her surprise party. When he popped out on Kagome’s side of the well it was too dark, no light from the lamp post outside that always produced a small glow inside of the well house.

“What the hell?” Inuyasha confused, he found the well had been boarded up, Kagome was going to get a piece of his mind, he punched through the boards and ran into the house.

What’s the big idea…Kagome?” Inuyasha staring at her family sitting around the dinner table with a cake half eaten, but what really caught his eye was the hanyou sitting there and no Kagome.

“Hey Yasha, look my sis is the same as you, isn’t that cool?” Sota asked. Kagome’s eyes glanced up at Inuyasha, gold amber eyes met the same gold amber eyes, she looked sad. Kagome looked back down at her cake, she took another bite, Inuyasha stared stunned, same silver long locks with the same puppy dog ears. She had no marking,

“Please, have some cake wont you Inuyasha?” Akane asked.

“Thanks,” Inuyasha quietly, he walked over sitting in the only open seat by Kagome,

“Happy birthday Kagome,” Inuyasha softly.

“Thanks Inuyasha,” Kagome putting her fork down and got up and walked to her room. Inuyasha went to go after her,

“Inuyasha leave her alone,” Akane softly. Inuyasha sat back down, he ate his cake slowly.

“She is heir to the Northern lands,” Akane quietly,

“Um, why hasn’t she looked like this before?” Inuyasha asked,

“She has been kept with a spell on her until now, she is to be taken to her father and become Lady of the North,” Akane explained.

“I will escort her to the North,” Inuyasha nodded,

“Thank you Inuyasha,” Akane giving him a small smile,

“Can you gather her birthday gifts, we have to get going, we are throwing her a party as well,” Inuyasha getting up.

“Yeah, Inuyasha, please take care of her, make her feel like she belongs somewhere,” Akane putting a hand on his shoulder. Inuyasha nodded knowing Kagome wasn’t taking this lightly. Slowly he made his way up to her room, he found her packing two duffle bags full of soap for her hair, female things, underwear and things for her babies.

“Kagome,” Inuyasha softly,

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Kagome sharply, Inuyasha sat down on her bed.

“I heard that the lord of the north is nice,” Inuyasha softly,

“I don’t want to be this way,” Kagome growled.

“Kagome…” Inuyasha being interrupted,

“No, just don’t touch me, and please don’t feel sorry for me,” Kagome packing.

“I don’t, we are the same Kagome, we are both hanyou,” Inuyasha softly, Kagome sighed, and gave in and hugged him, he hugged her back and petted her hair,

“At least I wont be known as the reincarnated Kikyo anymore,” Kagome sobbed.

“I am sorry I called you all those names,” Inuyasha whispered,

“If I wasn’t like this you would not be apologizing now, would you?” Kagome pulling away,

“No, but I have felt guilty for treating you the way I have lately,” Inuyasha explained.

“Inuyasha, I know you could never love me like you loved Kikyo, so I am letting you go, you have my blessing to mate with Kikyo if you so chose to, all I ask is for you to be my friend, to be there when I need you,” Kagome explained.

“Kagome,” Inuyasha stunned, Kagome stared at his eyes, she could see the pain his eyes,

“I know Yasha, please, I’ll get over you, sooner or later, I wont hurt forever,” Kagome softly.

“I am here, whenever you need me,” Inuyasha strongly,

“Thanks Yasha,” Kagome smiling with tears streaming down her face.

“So are you almost ready to go?” Inuyasha asked,

“Almost,” Kagome mumbled.

“Alright,” Inuyasha nodded, a few more minutes of packing and she was finished.

Chapter three

Kagome said goodbye to her small human family,

“Honey, I love you always,” Akane hugging her tightly.

“And I love you forever mom,” Kagome and her mother both being in tears,

“I love you little brother,” Kagome smiling and messing up his hair and hugging him,

“I love you too sis,” Sota rubbing her ears,

“I’ll be back, I don’t know when but I will be back,” Kagome smiling. She turned to her grandfather,

“Grandpa,” Kagome not knowing if he truly accepted her or not.

“You are an remarkable granddaughter, I love you,” her grandfather hugging her,

“Thank you grandpa, I love you too,” Kagome’s eyes watering again as she hugged her grandfather for the longest time.

“Go, tell your father I said hi,” her grandfather seriously,

“And give him our love,” Akane smiling a little. Kagome gave them one last look and a strong smile, and left. Kagome tried to prepare herself for the villager’s reaction,

“Are you ready milady?” Inuyasha asked with a small smile on his face,

“As ready as I ever will be,” Kagome softly. He grabbed her waist and jumped in, Kagome was terrified of seeing everyone, sure Sango and Miroku and Shippo would all be okay with her but what about the rest? Finally they popped out onto the feudal era side of the well, Inuyasha didn’t need her scent to tell him she was nervous, he could tell by just looking at her.

“Come on Kags, you know everyone thinks of you and loves you like family already, this wont change anything,” Inuyasha rubbing her back.

“But it does, I am not who I thought I was,” Kagome softly,

“You are still our sister,” Inuyasha smirking. Kagome nodded as she gave him a small smile, they walked toward Edo. Someone was standing nearby watching with curiosity.

~Who is this half breed?~ he thought to himself, he had been on his way back to pick Rin up from the party.

~Perhaps we shall stay for the party.~ his beast curiously. So be it, Lord Sesshomaru would attend the miko’s celebration.


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