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Demon Soul Stealer by zodiak023

The disappearance of Sesshomaru and Kagome

Kagome and her group were out walking toward the west when Kagome felt something.

“Guys, hang on, I feel two shards up ahead but there’s something totally wrong, I think, Inuyasha, stop!” Kagome trying to stop him from running over the hill. Kagome and the rest of her group ran after him, once they got on top of the hill they saw something weird.

There was some sort of demon fighting with Sesshomaru but there was some kind of white mist in between the two demons. Kagome noticed Sesshomaru’s movements were slowing down to almost as if he were a statue.

“What the hell is going on?” Inuyasha shouted,

“Its draining Sesshomaru’s soul,” Kagome gasped.

“What are you talking about?” Inuyasha asked when he looked over at Kagome she wasn’t there, he freaked,

“Kagome, damn it!” Inuyasha running after her, Sango and Miroku were stunned, but when they saw Kagome tackle Sesshomaru and knock him down to the ground, they sprung into action and ran charging the demon who had been sucking the soul out of Sesshomaru.

This demon, whatever it was disappeared before he was attacked. Inuyasha growled,

“Gah, what the hell were you thinking Kagome?” Inuyasha turning toward Kagome and Sesshomaru. She groaned, her side had been cut open by Sesshomaru’s sword, then suddenly just as the demon had disappeared, Sesshomaru had disappeared with a blink of an eye taking Kagome with him.

Inuyasha’s mouth dropped open,

“What the…” Inuyasha stunned,

“Kagome!!!” Sango shouted out.

In the Dungeon

Kagome slowly started waking up, she tried to move but her side burned in excruciating pain.

“Oh, oh, god,” Kagome mumbled, her bag was still on her shoulder, and there was something under her that was hard but not as hard as the ground. Slowly she moved her arm put of the strap and let her bag fall from her back. 

She took in a deep breath, the air was stale and smelt of dirt. She blinked her eyes a few times and slowly moved her head to look around, she found some color underneath her, white, red, blue, black, yellow, and silver pointy metal above her head.

“Sesshomaru,” Kagome’s mind racing with the last image she had in her head. She panicked,

“Lord Sesshomaru?” Kagome rolling off of him. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breathe from the pain in her side. Once she got herself calm she glanced over to Sesshomaru, he didn’t seem to be in pain, but what freaked her out the most was his black hair, only Inuyasha had black hair on the night of the new moon, when he turned human for a night.

Kagome slowly moved herself up, to where she could reach his hair, slowly she move it back his marks were all gone, she glanced down at his hands, those dangerously clawed hands and found a human hand.

“Lord Sesshomaru, please, wake up,” Kagome softly as she tried jerking him awake,

“My dear, there’s no need in wasting your precious time in trying to wake him, he is a full demon, he can not wake because I have his soul,” the weird ugly soul stealing demon laughed.

“What are you going to do with the souls?” Kagome afraid to ask.

“Ah, that will be a surprise at a later day,” the demon walking off. Kagome had never been so scared in all of her travels until now.

“Lord Sesshomaru, you have got to wake up, please, please wake up,” Kagome shaking him, nothing, she didn’t even think he was alive until she placed her hand on his chest and felt it slowly moving up and down, abnormal even for a human. She made quick work of getting his armor off, hoping he wouldn’t have to fight so hard to breath and removed his outer layer of clothing off and put it in her bag. She then moved his mokomoko under his head to comfort his head from the hard ground.

When she slowly removed his swords she found that one of them had blood on it, that’s when it became evident, she looked down at her own side and found her white shirt growing more red by the minute. She moved to her bag, she had bottles of water, bandages and medicine to keep bacteria out of wounds.

She found a bottle of water, she opened the bottle and put it to her lips, before she drank any she glanced back at Sesshomaru, she moved slowly back over to him, she got as comfortable as she could and pulled his upper torso into her lap, cradling his head, she got his mouth open and gave him a little bit of water at a time, hoping he didn’t dehydrate, since he was now human she knew she needed to take care of him the best she could or his soul would have nowhere to go once they got it back.

She started getting dizzy from the loss of blood. Slowly and carefully she put Sesshomaru back to where his head rested on his mokomoko and went to clean her own wound and bandage it up. She knew if her miko powers didn’t start healing her then she would die from the loss of blood.

After she managed to doctor her side up and bandage it as tightly as she could without cutting off room to breath freely she pulled out a sleeping bag and put it over Sesshomaru and she burrowed down into her sleeping bag with him and put her bag underneath her head and curled up to his human body so he wouldn’t freeze.

Two days later

Sesshomaru started coming around, he woke up feeling strange and empty, he blinked a couple of times, and took a deep breathe. Stale, earth, and a coppery smell, he was staring at a ceiling and felt something laying half on top of him. Slowly he turned his head, he found a sea of black hair, he moved a little but his body felt like a rock, there was a groan from the person laying on top of him, the person slowly moved their head,

“Lord Sess…” the female mumbled,

“Miko,” Sesshomaru strongly, his voice wasn’t so demanding, he moved her off of him, she screamed out, he thought it was weird that his ears weren’t more sensitive. He reached up and felt of his ears, they were rounded, not pointy and he didn’t have claws, he looked at his hands, dull nails, a human hand. His hair hung down but it wasn’t the right color, it was black.

“I am human, what the hell is going on?” Sesshomaru sounding more like Inuyasha, he put his hand over his lips. He then remembered something, a demon of some sort, it was stealing his strength.

He glanced down at himself, noticing his attire had been stripped down to his inner attire, he assumed Kagome had done it to check him for wounds. He didn’t see any blood seeping through his clothing but he still smelt blood, he glanced down at the pale miko, he threw the strange blanket off of her, and found a bandage wrapped around her waist and soaked of blood on one side. He thought for a minute,

~The miko apparently has took the time to care for this Sesshomaru he would seem there is a debt to repay.~ Sesshomaru thought. Quickly he went through her strange yellow bag, he suddenly felt hungry and thirsty.

As he went through her bag, he found two full and weird looking bottles holding clear liquid, he opened them up and sniffed it, there wasn’t a smell to it, but he found an empty bottle, he took one bottle, then he found a box, ‘First Aid,’ he opened it up to find bandages, or what was left of them.

At the bottom of the bag there were other bottles, one was called conditioner for hair and one called shampoo also for hair, and then his attire, folded perfectly, he smirked. He took the first aid kit and the bottle full of clear liquid and moved over to Kagome. When he came over to Kagome, he noticed that her breasts were bound by a white lacy material, he quirked an eyebrow, and gently sat her up,

“Miko,” Sesshomaru a little loud, she groaned softly.

“Damn it Kagome, wake up,” Sesshomaru huffed as he shook her,

“Uh, yeah,” Kagome slowly opening her eyes,

“Is this water?” Sesshomaru showing her the bottle,

“Yes,” Kagome reaching for it.

“Hang on,” Sesshomaru opening the bottle and cradling her head in his other arm,

“Here, drink,” Sesshomaru helping her drink the water. She drank half,

“You need some, you are human now,” Kagome mumbled.

“We have another problem, you are bleeding out, I have to clean it,” Sesshomaru seriously.

“There is another bottle of water, drink,” Kagome ordered softly. Sesshomaru drank the rest of the water,

“The jewel shards around my neck, hide them deep in my bag, tell…whatever demon that took us that I am more valuable alive, there are nutrition bars in the other compartment, you can eat them, it’s the only food I have,” Kagome mumbled. Sesshomaru took the necklace off of her and unwrapped the bandage, he carefully tried to clean it but it was still streaming blood.

“Damn it, how did this happen?” Sesshomaru mumbled,

“I saw you in trouble and I saw the demon, it was stealing your soul, you weren’t moving so I tackled you, I tried to stop it from happening but I couldn’t, the sword cut me,” Kagome breathing hard. He noticed his sword nearby and it had dried blood on it,

“Hey, demon, I need help,” Sesshomaru shouted out. That blood, her blood being on his sword did not settle well with him, the soul stealing demon came down.

“You found the strength to wake in your human form,” the demon smirked,

“This woman needs help, she is the Shikon No Tama priestess, she is more valuable alive, she can find the rest of the jewel shards for you but right now, she is bleeding out,” Sesshomaru seriously.

The demon whistled, two guards came down, the soul stealer stood back as the two guards unlocked the cage, one stayed by the door as the other went in and knocked Sesshomaru out and grabbed Kagome. She screamed, the last thing she saw was Sesshomaru bleeding from the nose,

“Lord Sesshomaru,” Kagome blacking out.


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