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Blood Stains by WesternInu91

Bloody Orchid

AN: this is a sad story collection. Meant to help me get over my writer's block. Sesshoumaru is totally OC in every chapter. New chapters will be added every time I hit a road block with my main story Cast Aside. Lots of death, and sad shit.

Kagome sighed. She was so tired, nothing she did seemed to work anymore. The anxiety built up, the emotions overflowed and there was no way to release it. As she sat by the creek, she looked at her reflection. She was hideous, nothing compared to the great beauty of Kikyo. Kagome was at a loss as to what she should do now. The jewel was completed, she thought that meant that she and Inuyasha would be together forever, but she had failed to realize that with the jewel complete, the kamis had seen it fit to give the dead priestess life once more. And that had been the final straw for poor Kagome. She had run, away from the battlefield, away from the death, the blood, away from everything. In her tattered school uniform she sat, staring hard at the creek. A little further down to her left, she noticed it lead into a river. No one had seemed to notice Kagome run away, she figured no one would notice if she drowned. Drowning, however seemed unpleasant and less climatic then if the tachi found her body laying next to the water and her wrists and thighs slit open. Kagome held herself tightly and brought her knees up to her chest. No one understood the pain she carried. The guilt that drowned her everyday. The sadness she felt, at the realization that she would be alone FOREVER. It was then that the tears spilled from her face. They flowed fast like the river a mere 500 feet from her. With each tear that fell from her eyes she became more resolved to kill herself and end the pain. Let that asshole Inuyasha explain to her mother that it was HIS fault that she was dead. The neglect, disrespect had caused her to take her own life.

A sad smile graced her face, soon the pain would be over she promised herself. No more suffering on the behalf of others, she would finally be at peace. And hopefully when the peace of death swam over her, in heaven-she hoped that was were she was going-she could feel loved forever. And maybe the pain she felt, the ache and need for someone to love her would be soothed by the kamis. She could only hope. Unknown to Kagome, Sesshoumaru had followed her. Casing after the scent of her tears and the giant tidal wave of sadness that wafted off of her. He stood in the shadows, curious. She had shed tears before over the hanyou, but it seemed these were tears of heartbreak. The poor miko from the future realized she stood no chance with Kikyo back in the flesh. He watched with sad eyes and an aching heart as she held herself and cried harder. He was too afraid to admit to her his feelings while Naraku was alive, fearing that the evil spider hanyou would use her against him. 

Now he was ready to confess his feelings. He could only pray to the kamis he was not too late. Just as he stepped into the clearing his eyes widened. She was spilling her own blood! She was cutting herself with a dagger, dragging it slowly across her wrists and then against her thighs. His eyes began to water with tears. He watched her carefully, and frowned when he saw a smile grace her features. She wanted to die! His eyes started to bleed red in anger. The only woman he had ever loved besides his mother was killing herself. Was life for her that hard, that she would rather give up? He shook his head in disbelief. He had no doubt this had to do with the wretched hanyou half brother of his. The constant abuse she received from the hanyou would've pushed anyone to their limits. But he had hoped against all hope that she would fight the depression, but in the end she had given in.

He watched as she dragged the dagger deeper into her wrist and winced when she let out a cry of pain and tears flowed down her face like an overfilled pond. He dug his claws into the palms of his hands, trying hard to hold back a howl of rage as he watched the scene before him unfold like an orchid flower. His eyes widened in realization, he reached into the pocked of his hakamas and pulled out the red and white orchid she had given him before the battle. It lay flat in his palm, soaking up the blood in his hand like it was water. He watched the flower with reverence as it lost all the white color and became a deep maroon. He frowned, much like the flower Kagome had become tainted by a darkness, that he could not pull her out from. His attention was ripped from the flower when he heard Kagome sob loudly. Her thighs and wrists were bleeding profusely. She hugged herself once more then lay down next to the creek, heart wrenching sobs spilling from her pale pink lips. Her hair spread around her in a halo of blackness. His eyes once again filled with tears. His orchid had given up, and he was too late to save her. He would respect her wishes to die, but he would hold her until her heart stopped and her eyes closed. With a firm shake of his head he walked towards her, when she gasped at his approach he gave her a sad smile as she opened her eyes and the tears flowed down his face.

She reached a shaky bloodied hand out towards him, as her tanned skin lost color quickly, and her eyes lost their luster. "Sesshoumaru, I just wanted to tell you, I've always loved you." Kagome sighed heavily, talking was so much work now for her. He grasped her hand as tightly as he could without causing her pain, his body shaking with heartache. "And I you, my beautiful Kagome." It was all he could manage with a shaky voice as the tears flowed freely down his face, he was trying to be strong for her. But he was failing, it was killing him to see her take away her own life.  With his free hand he brushed the hair out of her eyes and kissed her softly on the lips. A sweet and tender kiss to show her, he was honest. She squeezed his hand back gently, her strength weaning with each breath. As her blood spilled freely from her wrists and thighs Kagome forced herself to say one last thing to her beloved. "Don't blame yourself, this isn't your fault, there wasn't anything you could've done to save me, I am too far gone." Her voice was quiet and raspy, and it tore at his insides to hear her so weak, when she had moments before, been so full of life. All he could do was manage a nod, as the tears poured faster out his eyes and his body shook harder holding back sobs of his own.

Gingerly he picked up her fragile form, and cradled her to his chest as tightly as he could without harming her. She lay one bloodied hand against his cheek a sad smile gracing her features, he nuzzled into her hand, trying desperately to take comfort in the gesture. This would be the last time he felt her heart beat, the last time he saw her smile, he was going to treasure this memory as best he could. As her blood spilled onto his clothes he kissed her cheeks and forehead, tenderly whisperings promises of finding her in the afterlife. She smiled brightly, but it didn't reach her pale eyes, and it looked sickly on her now ghost white skin. Her body began to tremble from the blood loss. She was going into shock, for her it meant it would all be over soon. For Sesshoumaru, it meant that the true heart ache was about to begin. 

He tried his best not to panic as her tiny form began to shake in his hands, or wince when he heard her take in shaky rattling large breaths. Her body went cold, but still her heart beat on. The blood spilled faster now, drenching his clothes in her life force. This was the most painful thing Sesshoumaru had ever had to endure in his long years. With a heavy heart he watched as her eyes slid shut, and the breath in her lungs left in one quiet sigh. When the tension in her body released with her last breath of air Sesshoumaru let out a loud long howl of agony.  His Kagome, was gone, forever. Without the slightest clue as to why she had wanted death so badly.

He held her dead body to him tightly, clutching to it desperately. She was his lifeline, and now that too was gone. The one person on this planet who had kept him sane, and kept him from attempting the same fate, was gone. It left him alone once again in this cold, cruel, and bitter world. Another howl tore through his throat, this one of rage. In Sesshoumaru's eyes it would always be Inuyasha's fault. There was no other, besides Naraku who had abused the miko as harshly as he did. And now, Sesshoumaru's once chance at happiness had been destroyed because that boy did not know when to shut up. All alone in the world once more, Sesshoumaru rose from the ground and walked back towards the battlefield, his dead love in his arms. He would let them all see the horror of Inuyasha's crimes.

As he stepped into the clearing he heard the slayer scream in rage, agony, and heartbreak. He looked to her, and his eyes softened in sadness. He knew the slayer thought of Kagome as a younger sister. Sesshoumaru looked to the monk, who no longer possessed the wind tunnel, the monk had fallen to his knee and it looked as if the monk was silently crying. He walked towards the two, first, and his voice was soft when he spoke. "Kagome injured herself shortly after the battle. This was no accident, she wanted to die. I hope you are both in agreement with me when I say it should remain that way. If you two wish, I will make you part of my pack." Songo and Miroku exchanged looks, then nodded. They would much rather be with Sesshoumaru over Inuyasha any day.

Inuyasha and the once dead miko Kikyo walked into the clearing giddy as could be. Until Inuyasha saw Kagome's dead body resting in his brother's arms. He could've sworn the wench was still alive after the demise of Naraku, but he supposed he could've been seeing things. However when Sesshoumaru turned towards him his eyes widened in shock. Cuts, marked Kagome's wrists and inner thighs. Marks like those, could only be self inflicted he realized. His ears lowered on his head in shame. He was well aware it was his fault that the once lively miko had taken her own life. When he looked into his older half brother's eyes he half expected to see hatred and death burning in his molten amber eyes, instead he saw heartbreak, pain and loss. This made Inuyasha feel all the more guilty. He had robbed someone else of a chance to be happy. All because he had been obsessed with Kikyo, Kagome was dead.

Songo had dug a grave for Kagome. She watched with sad broken eyes as Sesshomaru laid her gently down in the grave. They all watched in awe as a pink, purple, and white orchid bloomed over the head of her grave. This was final. Kagome was gone. There would be no more laughter in the group, no more conversation. It had all gone with the miko who had saved them all.

Kagome was dead.

and Sesshoumaru was alone forever.

*~*! END

AN: what do you guys think? How was that for tragic and romance? Not enough of one or the other? Let me know! I always have room for improvement! :) Reviews are much needed for author improvement. <3 ^_^


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