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The girl he used to know by zodiak023

Chapter one

He was a full demon, of course he hadn't trusted any of the humans enough to tell them and he didn't care what they thought when they saw him, he still had his silver hair however his markings and claws, any other things that could identify him as a demon was concealed. His father was the most richest man, well demon, in Japan, and one day, though he hoped it wasn't anytime soon he would be brought in to take over the business.

"Sesshomaru, son, why cant you dress your age? We have money to buy you nice clothes and you choose to wear holes in your jeans and oil stains on your t-shirts from working on those rust buckets you call cars, I could buy you a brand new car, any car you want," his father trying to talk to him.

"Why cant I be more like your golden boy Inuyasha, no thanks, he can run your company, I love what I do and I like my clothes just fine thanks," Sesshomaru growled out.

"And what is it that you do, all I ever see you doing is working on rust buckets and work in that grungy, filthy garage downtown, have you even got any closer to fixing that first car up? Is it running yet?" his father asked. Sesshomaru turned away,

"Just because the half breed is so perfect and is stuck up your ass all the time does not mean you should treat me with such disrespect," Sesshomaru slamming the door to his father's study. Sesshomaru grabbed his skateboard and headed to the garage, he felt more at home there anyway.

At the Garage

Sesshomaru started in on helping the rest of his friends, Miroku and Kouga on the car they had in the shop. Miroku owned the garage, well his father did but he left it for him in his will, and he and Kouga helped run the place. Kouga was the only other demon Sesshomaru knew of but he was a wolf demon, he could tolerate Kouga but they weren't the best of friends and he certainly didn't trust them very much but at least they weren't humans, such vile and nasty creatures that walked on two legs.

Miroku was some kind of a holy monk or so he said but the monk was a perverted punk. Sesshomaru himself wasn't much better when he was alone with his concubines that his father provided for him but that had only been in the privacy of his own room but he never defiled women in public, he had never really been in public with a woman. Now they were working on the car in the shop and listening to the radio,

"Dude, turn that up," Kouga shouted to Miroku, Miroku turned it up,

"Kagome Higurashi's tour is coming to a close right here in Japan, listen for her number one hit song and you could win three tickets and three VIP backstage passes to her concert, did I mention these are front row tickets? Be caller ten when you here this song," the radio announced followed by Kagome's recent song.

"Man, we have to listen to this station, I'm gonna see her, she is the most hottest, no, no, no, sexiest punk female I ever laid eyes on!" Kouga moaned out, Sesshomaru smirked and shook his head, he knew Kouga was having a hard time not to howl right then and there, Kagome had been his world, Kouga's most wildest, wet, fantasy dream girl ever since he found out about her.

"Come on man, she's just a girl, you know, like all the rest you've been screwing as of late," Sesshomaru up under the car as Kouga was leaning over the hood checking fluids.

"Dude, tell me you wouldn't want to be her sex slave if given the chance?" Kouga asked, oil squirted him right in the face, Sesshomaru chuckled a little.

"Man, I would never dream of being any girl's sex slave, I make them mine, this Sesshomaru wouldn't stoop that low," Sesshomaru explained.

"So you wouldn't even lick her toes?" Kouga asked,

"God dude, that's just gross, what is it with you and toes?" Sesshomaru making ugly expression on his face.

"Yeah Kouga, I mean shit, are you resorting to cannibalism? Or does the lint between their toes turn you on that much?" Miroku laughed. Kouga rumbled,

"Okay, what's the most sexiest thing about a woman then Miroku?" Kouga asked.

"Hard to say really, her tits and ass?" Miroku thinking,

"Both cleaner than toes," Sesshomaru chuckled again.

"Okay, big man, what's your favorite thing about a woman?" Kouga bit out,

"It is tough, she's gotta be able to work for me, as in playing hard to get, not any judgmental bitch like around here, I like the cat and mouse games, she's got to challenge me, she has to be able to work her body in all the right ways, I think I have to go with the tongue, that and the eyes, she's gotta have those soul piercing eyes that can see past all my bullshit and see me, who I really am and she cant be afraid to get her hands dirty," Sesshomaru explained.

"Dude, that was profound, you half chick or something?" Miroku asked,

"The last time I checked I was still 100% pure bred stallion, I just know what I want, and I haven't found it, so until I do I'll have a little fun on the side," Sesshomaru smiling.

"Miroku, got another customer!" Kouga shouted,

"Its your turn Kouga!" Miroku huffed,

"Dude, I cant miss the song, I'm getting those tickets!" Kouga banging on the car, his tool slipped, Sesshomaru gracefully dodged it before it could hit him square in the forehead,

"Damn it, Kouga, watch it!" Sesshomaru huffed, he rolled out from under the car and walked toward the front.

"You know Kouga, lint between the toes of your dream girl probably tastes no different than the rest of the female population, maybe Miroku can go with ya and you could lick the lint out of her toes and Miroku could come back with a shit eating grin on his face since he likes asses so much," Sesshomaru giving them something to think about while he was helping a customer. When he reached the front there was a girl, a little shorter than him, dressed up all pretty in a sunflower dress.

"What can I do for you?" Sesshomaru asked,

"Um, yeah, is there any way you can check my car out tonight, it just completely left me stranded about a mile that way, whatever it costs, I am late to my ballet class," the girl explained. Sesshomaru was struck by those blue eyes of hers, those soul piercing eyes. Suddenly Kouga burst through chanting a number, he skidded to a stop before he crashed into the phone on the wall. He dialed the number, a few minutes later Kouga was doing a happy dance.

"I'm going to see Kagome," Kouga chanted, Sesshomaru didn't say a word, he grabbed the keys to the tow truck,

"Let's go and get your car," Sesshomaru leading the way to the tow truck.

"Don't mind him, he's just bouncing off the walls because he apparently won tickets to see his dream girl, Kagome Higurashi," Sesshomaru explained.

"Yeah, I've heard some of her stuff, I cant really get into it, I think she has a great voice and all but most of it I cant understand the words," the girl explained.

"Yeah, its punk," Sesshomaru getting into the tow truck, she got in and pointed out where her car was.

"My name is Harumi," Harumi having her hand out to shake,

"Sesshomaru Taisho, I don't think you want to shake my hand, I'm all greasy," Sesshomaru explained,

"It doesn't matter to me," Harumi shrugged, still waiting to shake his hand, he wiped his hand off on his jeans and shook her hand, she got out and watched as he loaded the car up, he noticed her staring, she was smiling.

"What are you staring at?" Sesshomaru raising a brow in question,

"Your hair, its so silver, it looks white, is it real?" Harumi coming over to him.

"Yeah, why?" Sesshomaru coolly,

"Its so cool, I've never seen any color like it, its pretty, can I touch it?" Harumi asked, Sesshomaru was taken back,

"Excuse me, did you just give me a compliment on my hair?" Sesshomaru confused,

"Yes, I like it," Harumi seriously,

"You can touch it," Sesshomaru still a bit weary of the girl. She ran her fingers through it,

"Wow, its really soft," Harumi catching the way Sesshomaru was staring at her.

"What?" Harumi confused now,

"You, most people make fun of my hair or get scared off," Sesshomaru still wondering about her.

"I like it, it suits you," Harumi seriously, Sesshomaru smirked a little, they got the car loaded and towed it back to the shop.

"Would you like for me to call you a cab?" Sesshomaru asked,

"Please," Harumi softly, they walked into the shop, Kouga was laying in the floor unconscious. Sesshomaru paid him no mind and went to the phone and called a cab for her.

"Like I said anything you can do to get my car running tonight I am willing to pay," Harumi seriously,

"Well we don't usually take cars this late because the part store isn't open this late so I don't know if we'll be able to do anything, but we can check the car for you and at least tell you what's wrong," Sesshomaru explained.

"Thank you Sesshomaru," Harumi explained,

"You can have a seat right over there while you wait, I need to get back to work," Sesshomaru explained, he went and got some cold water and splashed Kouga in the face.

"No lint!" Kouga shouted,

"Dude, no napping, got plenty of work to do, come on," Sesshomaru putting the glass down and going into the shop. Kouga looked at the girl and gave her a smile and rushed off.

"Dude, who is the chick?" Kouga confused.

"Her name is Harumi and she isn't just some chick," Sesshomaru bit out,

"Is she your flavor for the week?" Kouga asked as they finished the car they were working on.

"Lay off Kouga, she likes Sesshomaru's hair and she shook hands with him," Miroku seriously.

"Big deal, what's so great about that?" Kouga asked,

"She's got the eyes, the soul piercing eyes, have you not heard anything I've said about my dream girl?" Sesshomaru walking back to the front and calling the owner of the vehicle. He gave Harumi a small smile while he was on the phone. After he got off the phone he walked over to her,

"Would you like to check back with us after your ballet class or would you like to wait until tomorrow afternoon for your car, either way it will be tomorrow when we actually can get parts we need to fix it, if it's the transmission we cant fix it," Sesshomaru explained.

"You can work on it tonight and locate the problem though, right?" Harumi asked.

"Yes, if you would like to come back tonight I can explain the problems and you'll be able to know if you need a new car or not, if you would like to keep the car I can certainly find a great price for you for a new transmission, if it is the transmission but we are unloading your car now," Sesshomaru explained.

"Will you be here around 11 tonight?" Harumi asked.

"I practically live her, its better than my dad's place," Sesshomaru explained,

"You don't get along with your dad?" Harumi asked,

"Not really, he owns this corporation and expects me to take it over one day and wants me to dress professionally and be stuck up his ass just like my younger half brother and just because I don't want to be him he cant accept me for the way I dress or my hobbies or the direction I'm going in, he cant believe in me or have faith in me because I want to work in a garage, I want to own my own garage and build cars from the junkyard, I guess you can say I am the outcast in my family just because I want to earn the money I work for, I want to be happy in my life, and I know if I am stuck doing paperwork inside all day I wont be the least bit happy," Sesshomaru explained.

"Wow, I've never met a guy like you before, so you rather be poor and happy than be respected and rich, I admire that, money can only buy so much and people who are rich most of the time let money go to their head," Harumi nodding.

"Dude, we need to get to work, flirt on your own time," Kouga shouted, Sesshomaru glared at him,

"Okay, so just come back tonight and I'll give you the verdict on the car," Sesshomaru explained.

"Thanks Sesshomaru," Harumi getting up and seeing the taxi, she grabbed her bag and purse and left. All night long Kouga went on about how he was going to get to personally meet Kagome,

"Dude, shut up, we heard you the first time," Miroku huffed. Sesshomaru popped the hood and took a look,

"You do know she's got another singer who is like her sister, I think her name is Sango? You could check her out, Miroku," Kouga explained.

"Oh, Sango, yeah, she's hot," Miroku getting starry eyed,

"Damn it Kouga, you both need to get your head on straight so we can check this car out," Sesshomaru rumbled.

"Come on Sesshomaru, you're going too, maybe you can find a chick in the crowd," Kouga patting him on the back. Sesshomaru laughed,

"I have better things to do," Sesshomaru lowly,

"Like what?" Kouga confused,

"Working on my car, besides, why would I want to go with two guys, who will squeal like two little girls the whole time?" Sesshomaru glancing at them. They both glared at him,

"If you promise to go, you can drive Miroku's car and we promise we wont squeal, and we'll settle down and work on this car," Kouga trying to persuade him.

"Like I am that stupid to believe you, I'll go but I am not going backstage," Sesshomaru seriously.

"You don't think she is hot?" Kouga asked,

"I have no desire to meet your dream girl or Miroku's," Sesshomaru starting to check the fluids.

"Fine dude whatever," Kouga explained, they finally stopped talking about Kagome and got to work on the car.

That Night

Harumi was just getting out of the taxi when she heard an electric guitar, whoever was playing, they sounded like a rock star. She knocked on the door, Sesshomaru was the one playing and he was so into playing he didn't hear or sense the human at the door. She saw another guy on drums and it sounded like he was drunk by the way he was beating the drums, she pulled on the door and it was unlocked so she walked in, she stood in front of him just watching him, he was singing and really was getting into it, his voice sounded like honey, deep sweet melting honey. When he finally looked up he was startled, he shut his mouth and couldn't move his fingers.

"Oh hi," Sesshomaru softly,

"I'm sorry did I startle you?" Harumi shouted over Kouga's drunken singing and Miroku's beating on the drums. Sesshomaru held his finger up, telling her to hang on,

"Hey, you drunk fools, can it!" Sesshomaru demanded. The guys awed, but stopped the madness.

"I apologize for them, they are celebrating a ridiculous thing, you know Kouga's dream girl and Miroku's, I don't know nor do I care," Sesshomaru putting his guitar down before he actually dropped it, he guided her to a chair.

"You were pretty good just a minute ago," Harumi explained,

"Its been a while since I've picked it up, you inspired me to pick it up again," Sesshomaru smirked.

"Yeah, you freaked when you saw me though, haven't you ever played in front of anyone? Have you ever let someone hear you play or sing for that matter?" Harumi asked.

"I've never been able to, only in my room or here when I am alone, however, the guys are shitfaced and I figured that Miroku was beating around like an idiot so I couldn't be that worse and the fact his really bad beating on the drums thing was drowning out my playing and squawking out, I was able to play," Sesshomaru shrugged.

"I thought you were pretty amazing, so, do I have a car or…." Harumi waiting for Sesshomaru to finish her sentence.

"Well, your car is in great shape it's just old, you need a new transmission, I don't see any other reason why you couldn't keep driving it as long as you change out your transmission," Sesshomaru explained, he walked over to the desk and wrote down a number and then looked at the computer for a while, he had done business with some transmission guys and looked for the best price.

"Okay, this is what you need, the transmission, this is the best price and the business that has it and their number and also the best transmission guy in town and his number, you can also check with them and see if there's a better price for you, I can have your car delivered to your house tomorrow anytime after three," Sesshomaru explained as he gave her the paper.

"So you have knowledge on transmissions but you cant change mine out?" Harumi confused,

"I'm just experimenting on the junk car I own, but all the other stuff I have done over and over again and what I don't know Miroku knows or Kouga knows, but I am working from a book, I don't know how to put a transmission in and the guys don't either and I am not going to pretend to know how to, I don't cheat people," Sesshomaru explained.

"An honest guy, you are perfect," Harumi amazed,

"I've never been called that before, what time did you want your car delivered? I'll also need the address of where to drop off your car," Sesshomaru explained.

"Preferably when you or someone you trust is home," Sesshomaru reminding her,

"You take your job very seriously," Harumi smiling as she wrote out a check, she gave him the address and the check.

"You are one of the few ladies that actually treated me like a decent human, you did not pass judgment on me," Sesshomaru explained seriously, he looked down at the check, $2,000. Sesshomaru chuckled,

"This is far too much," Sesshomaru a little roughly.

"Sesshomaru, you deserved it for taking care of me tonight and my car, and that car is everything to me and I want you to have some money to finish your dream, I don't have the guts to go against my dad and be able to fulfill my dreams," Harumi explained. Sesshomaru nodded, he planned on leaving her an envelope with most of the money given back to her and a receipt showing how much he did take for working on her and it had been after hours and he would charge for that.

"Okay, just call tomorrow and leave a message when a good time to drop the car off, do you need me to call you another cab?" Sesshomaru asked,

"Oh no, he has waited this whole time, but I'll call you tomorrow, and you are a very amazing man, Mr. Sesshomaru," Harumi flashing him a great smile as she left.

The Next Day

Sesshomaru went to the bank, cashed the check, he put in an envelope $1500 and a receipt and drove the tow truck to the address. He ran the doorbell, a servant answered the door,

"I have Ms. Harumi’s car here, I needed someone to sign this receipt," Sesshomaru giving the servant a clipboard,

"I need to know where the car is to be unloaded as well," Sesshomaru explained.

"Hold on just one moment," the servant shutting the door in his face. Kouga was standing by the tow truck.

"Guess they don't care too much for grease monkeys," Kouga huffed, the door opened,

"Yes?" a man asked,

"I have a receipt here for Ms. Harumi and I also need for you to sign this notifying her that her car has been delivered, and I need to know where you would like the car to be unloaded," Sesshomaru giving him the clipboard and the envelop.

"Right there is fine, I appreciate you taking good care of my daughter, I do, however, we will not be needing your services again, thank you," the man giving him the clipboard and paper back. Sesshomaru nodded and walked back down to the tow truck after giving the man the keys and started unloading the car.

"Dude, why don't you change your style, be more like…" Kouga being interrupted,

"If you say my father or Inuyasha I'll rip your head off, besides, I'm not a fucking prick like they are, I don't want to sit behind some fucking desk, I am going to do what makes me happy, and I will dress the way I feel comfortable and if people want to pass judgment on me before they know me so be it," Sesshomaru growled out, he unloaded the car carefully and got in the truck and drove back to the garage.

One month later

Sesshomaru had seen Harumi around but she was always with her friends and they had stuck up their nose at him, so she frowned, he could see that she had secretly liked him but there wasn't a chance in hell she would ever give him the time or day to date him. Her father didn't like him and her friends had a problem with the clothes he wore.

He had finally gotten the transmission for his 1964 ½ Mustang and dropped it in and connected everything to it, just like the book explained and showed in the pictures, he started the car up, it rumbled to life as if there hadn't been anything wrong with it.

"Yeah, dude, this is awesome!" Kouga shouted, Sesshomaru had been growing cold hearted, Harumi was the last straw, and tonight, well tonight he just needed to drive and so he took off in his newly rebuilt car that he had been working on in his spare time for over three years. Sure there was a paint job, a sound system, and a CD player to be put in but he had it running, he had finally showed his father that he could do something on his own and get it to work.


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