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Take a stand before its too late by zodiak023

chapter one

Kagome was standing in front of her favorite restaurant, now 24 years old, she only got to get here once a month because it was so expensive and Inuyasha always insisted on paying, but tonight he never showed up, they were dating off and on for 2 years now. She wondered if it was his father that had been the one to keep him late or maybe his older half brother, he was after all heartless. Kagome had tried calling him but his phone went to voicemail, and just when things didn't seem that they could get any better, it started to pour down.

Kagome had rode her bicycle from her apartment to the restaurant, she had been trying to save her pennies for a better apartment, she couldn't get into any colleges because of the missed times she hadn't been able to attend school because of the jewel shards. She sat on the steps of the restaurant hugging her coat around her although she was already drenched. Suddenly a man with silver long hair came out of the restaurant, he was alone, he prepared himself to walk to his car in the weather that had took a turn for the worst.

"Sesshomaru, you wouldn't know where Inuyasha is do you?" Kagome asked,

"It is not my place to keep track of his whereabouts, he isn't at the office however," Sesshomaru coldly. He glanced her over, she would definitely catch a cold, she was soaked through, he had seen her and Inuyasha on rare occasions in the restaurant. The miko had treated Inuyasha like a prince all the time, she was loyal, loving, caring, she hadn't wanted anything from Inuyasha but acceptance and for the same respect that she had treated him with and his love, everything he himself always looked for in a mate but she was human, not just any human but the Shikon No Tama miko and she had been the key to take Naraku down, he had grown respect and hatred toward her for that incident, he wanted to bring Naraku down.

"Thank you anyway Sesshomaru," Kagome softly, she started walking in his direction and he followed her out to where his car was, he saw that she was unlocking her bicycle.

"I see you are still riding that same bicycle, I figured you would have better transportation by now," Sesshomaru pausing by his black Lexus, just to make fun of her.

"Make fun all you want Sesshomaru, I don't make enough money to wipe my ass with it, and I am glad, money makes people greedy and snobby and most of the time the rich think they are better than those who have to bust their ass to be able to even afford at least some kind of a roof over their head, at least I know the meaning of hard work, do you?" Kagome glaring at him, he didn't say anything, he didn't have to answer to her or to anyone else in this world,

"Didn't think so, goodnight Lord Sesshomaru," Kagome spat. Slowly she walked out of the parking lot with her bike, Sesshomaru caught the old title she had thrown out, it didn't settle well with him, maybe because back in the past they had become familiar with each other, or maybe it was because she had done well in fighting Naraku and in protecting herself, she had had it rough, and Inuyasha still had not stopped cheating on her with Kikyo, he never really cared too much about Kagome, and she had sacrificed her future in her modern era just to protect her friends and to protect the jewel.

She was right, money made people selfish, greedy, and on top of that he did think he was better than the common people who had to bust their asses just to put food on the table, he himself had never cared for anyone except for Rin and she had grown up and married a human man who served honorably in the war, she had died after giving birth to her second child.

There had been no one else to take care of the child but him, their father having died in the war, so he had watched over her children, and they had been just like her, bouncing and wild with energy. Rin had contracted a human disease and it hadn't been long till she had died from it, and he had lost her children to the same disease.

 He was pissed, pissed because he had let her live with humans, for letting her marry a human and not arranging a marriage for her, if he had she would have been alive now, her pups would be alive, and he was pissed because he had gotten so close to a human, it had made him crazy after she had left his world, and he had turned crazy again when he lost her children.

"Damn it Rin," Sesshomaru murmured underneath his breath, he knew that Rin would have cried and pleaded with him to take care of Kagome, he banged his fist on the hood of the car, he damned himself for letting that human child have him wrapped around her tiniest pinky finger, he turned around and leaned against his car.

"Kagome, wait," Sesshomaru closing his eyes, Kagome stopped,

"What do you want Lord Sesshomaru?" Kagome asked,

"I'll give you a ride to my place and you can dry yourself and wait for Inuyasha," Sesshomaru explained through his teeth.

"Are you sure?" Kagome confused, Sesshomaru huffed, he knew he would probably regret it but he went over and grabbed her bike, he walked back and put her bike into the trunk. She followed him and as he was a gentleman, he opened the door for her. She murmured a thank you, after all it was just a few minutes ago he was making fun of her. Kagome sat down and got comfortable as he shut the door, she had her seat belt on before he got in. Sesshomaru got in and started the engine and took off.

"He is with her, isn't he?" Kagome softly spoke after a few minutes, Sesshomaru glanced over at her, it wasn't his place to be involved with his little brother's affairs, but he felt as if he needed to tell her, so maybe she would stop coming after Inuyasha since all he did was hurt her over and over again, and he had respected her more than that.

"I suppose he is since he is not at work," Sesshomaru coolly,

"I knew I couldn't compete with her, I don't know why I even tried, or why I cant seem to move past this," Kagome shrugged.

"He never deserved your loyalty, however, I do think you made him feel like he belonged somewhere in the world," Sesshomaru seeing a wreck up ahead, he couldn't see how bad it was but the traffic was at a stand still.

"Yeah, but he deserved you to treat him better than what you did in the past, you guys are brothers, you're his big brother, you should have looked after him, not try to kill him every time you saw him over some stupid sword," Kagome harshly.

"Quiet," Sesshomaru lowly, he listened to the people talk,

"Kagome, stay in the car," Sesshomaru parking the car, he left it running, she watched him get out and shut the door, Kagome just stared at the traffic and the rain, wondering what was going on up ahead, then she begin to think,

~He didn't answer his phone when I called, or call me back, he always answers his phone when I call no matter if he is with her, what if, no…no not you!~ Kagome thinking about when Sesshomaru told her to stay in the car, why would he have said that unless it was Inuyasha. Sesshomaru could feel her aura coming toward him, she was running, he saw panicking, he grabbed her waist,

"It cant be him," Kagome trying to push Sesshomaru away. Sesshomaru tightened his human hands on her waist,

"Kagome, listen to me, hey, Kagome!" Sesshomaru demanded in his deep baritone voice. She looked up at him, her eyes holding so much fear and pain and a very wild look in them, to say it even scared him a little to see all that in her eyes was a first. He just gave her a look that confirmed her statement,

"I want to see him!" Kagome started fighting to get loose, Sesshomaru didn't have the greatest hold on her waist and she slipped free, the paramedics had Inuyasha on a stretcher, he was bleeding everywhere and had been crushed, Kagome froze, Sesshomaru had been trying to keep Kagome away, for two reasons, one to let the paramedics work, and two so the sight would not be etched into her memory of his brother looking so broken, Sesshomaru stared at her from his spot, she was frozen in that spot, her legs trembled and threatened to collapse where they stood, he came over and caught her before her legs could send her to the wet pavement. He knew she was in shock when she didn't fight him, he slowly walked back to his car with her in his arms and sat her down in the passenger seat, he shut the door, then got in himself, he stared at the ambulance lights for a few minutes, then snapped out of it when his phone rang.

"Hello," Sesshomaru lowly,

"Sesshomaru, where's Inuyasha, I need him to…" his father being interrupted,

"Father, Inuyasha was just in a car wreck, I have Kagome with me she was waiting for him at the restaurant, its pretty bad," Sesshomaru clearing his throat,

"I'll meet you there," his father hanging up. Sesshomaru snapped his phone shut, he looked at Kagome, she looked as if she hadn't blinked since after she had seen Inuyasha, he looked in the back seat and found one of his coats, always carrying an extra for emergencies, he grabbed it up and tucked it around Kagome, her eyes followed him.

"He…" Kagome whispered,

"You know he has been through worse," Sesshomaru coldly, he thought she would fight him for not even sounding like he cared, but she didn't move a muscle, she didn't even verbally fight him. He turned the heat on and maneuvered down the road in the pouring rain carefully, it would do him no good to be so careless.

At the Hospital

He sat in the parking lot, Kagome hadn't said anything else on the drive over. Sesshomaru stared at her, he had acted out when Rin died, why wasn't she, she seemed so….defeated, so lifeless,

"Kagome," Sesshomaru stated sharply,

"Tell me that wasn't him," Kagome whispered,

"I cant do that," Sesshomaru coolly.

"I cant go in there," Kagome beginning to shake, he didn't know what he could tell her to get her to come with him into the hospital to check on his brother,

"Then come with me, I can not go in there without you," Sesshomaru strongly, he expected her to laugh and say something insulting like, he was the Lord Sesshomaru and wasn't afraid of anything, slowly she turned her head to him,

"Okay," Kagome squeaked out. Sesshomaru got out, he walked around and opened her door, he helped her out and placed an arm around her waist escorting her in the hospital.

"What condition is Taisho Inuyasha in?" Sesshomaru asked calmly,

"He is in the OR now, they just brought him in," the nurse explained. Sesshomaru wasn't a patient male, but he was trying to hold in his anger because he wasn't one to cause a scene in a public place, however he was failing pretty bad at this moment, he balled his fist up and hit the top of the receptionist's desk,

"I want to know his condition now!" Sesshomaru roared, his actions snapped Kagome out of her stupor, she was afraid that he would transform right then and there if she didn't somehow calm him. Kagome put her hand into his, he glanced at her, he had forgotten she was even there, she stared in his eyes, they were starting to bleed red, she gently touched his face, her eyes trying to sooth him, and to warn him about his current actions, he tightened his grip on her hand and she squeezed back.

"When, um, can we find out about his condition?" Kagome's voice cracking,

"I'll get an update now," the nurse explained as she quickly walked away,

"Sesshomaru," Kagome pulling him over to the chairs. She wiped her face with her hands but the tears continued in streams. After an hour later Kagome again sat in a stupor, Sesshomaru was ringing his hands, he glanced at Kagome twice within the hour,

"Excuse me, are you family of Taisho Inuyasha?" the doctor asked,

"We are doctor, how is my son?" Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's father asked as he came running in.

"I'm sorry, your son had extensive damage," the doctor glancing at Kagome and Sesshomaru. Kagome stared up at the doctor, a few seconds later, she was putting her hand over her mouth and running outside, Sesshomaru walked out after her and found her drying heaving, he figured it was just because she had made herself sick.

"Come," Sesshomaru slowly wrapping his arms around her,

"I…don't make me go back in there," Kagome pushing him away weakly. Sesshomaru got her in his arms and carried her to his car,

"I am taking you to my place," Sesshomaru putting her in the car and shutting the door.


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