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One step forward, three steps back by zodiak023

An old decrepit well

There it stood, the old decrepit well that had let Kagome pass through all those times in the well house on the Higurashi Shrine. Lightning struck, lighting up the inside of the well house and shown a shadow of a semi tall figure, a hand rested on the rim of the well, and a lone tear fell and soaked a tiny little spot of the old wood.

On the other side of the well, a rather large figure stood by the well, by the light of the new moon anyone could see the figure clad in armor and mostly white was not a human at all but a demon. He stared down at the well, wondering how could a well have so much power to bring her to another time. He remembered the last moment he had spent with the miko.

It was after Naraku had been killed and Kagome had disappeared back out into the ocean still as a mermaid. He was out on his private beach just staring out at the ocean as his hair swayed in the light breeze. Suddenly he saw something floating in the air, approaching the beach rather quickly. From the aura of this figure he knew he wouldn’t need his sword, he waited, once the figure got closer he found something in the unyokes arms, Kagome unconscious.

“Mother,” Sesshomaru greeting her coldly,

“I was returning home when I found her floating in the water below, she does not have much time left,” his mother explained as she gave him the miko. She gave her son a kiss on his crescent moon, and left him alone, for she could see in his eyes his mind was all jumbled up as to what to do from here on out. As he sat there in the ocean, he stared at Kagome’s peaceful expression, she had done well in battle and with the battle within herself. Slowly he brushed a piece of her hair out of her face,

“You are not just any ordinary human,” Sesshomaru softly, he didn’t know if he was worthy of her love, he didn’t know if any yokai was or if any human was for that matter. He brought her closer to his face and leaned down and gave her a gentle by strong kiss to her soft cool salty lips. Slowly he pulled away and lowered her back down into the water.

 Nothing happened for a few minutes, and it scared the shit out of him, he felt as if he would be sick, here she was dying in his arms after she had saved him in battle, after two years of her coming to aid Rin because he had ordered her to and he couldn’t do anything to save her.

“Do not die on me Kagome,” Sesshomaru ordered as he cradled her to his chest. A few seconds later a pink bright light surrounded them and slowly it died down, leaving them the way they were but Kagome had legs instead of a tail and a full head of black hair that was shorter and she was naked as the day she was born. Sesshomaru was stunned into silence, he was the yokai to save this miko, but what did that mean?

Did he love the miko? Sure she made him feel something, something toward caring but was it love or pity? Once he snapped out of his stunned silence he realized she had no clothes on, he looked down at himself and realized he didn’t have his tops on, he looked around for Daitaro but he wasn’t around within sight anyway,

“Daitaro, your attire,” Sesshomaru bellowed, Daitaro had heard the command and came running to Sesshomaru’s aid, when he saw what was going on he quickly stripped his armor off and outer attire off. Daitaro quickly moved over to the both of them and covered Kagome as much as he could.

“Is she alright? You broke the spell milord,” Daitaro giving him a smile,

“She is alive, Kagome,” Sesshomaru calling out her name, she groaned,

“Lord Sesshomaru?” Kagome asked with closed eyes,

“It is I, how do you feel?” Sesshomaru asked.

“Um, naked and exhausted,” Kagome nuzzling into his naked chest,

“It is good to see you are yourself again milady,” Daitaro sighing in relief. Sesshomaru didn’t know how to feel with Daitaro calling her ‘milady.’ Things were certainly going to change but Sesshomaru didn’t know if he liked that or not. Sesshomaru slowly stood and started walking toward the castle.

“Hang onto this, I’m going to…go sleep,” Kagome slowly pulling her arm up and opening her fist to produce over half of the jewel, missing only a few pieces. Sesshomaru stared at the jewel, it was about to roll out of her hand but he quickly picked it up between his fingers and put it away for safe keeping.

“You have done well, little miko,” Sesshomaru moving inside, Daitaro holding the door for him and resuming his post, just because Kagome was alive and without a tail did not mean for him to skip his duties to the lord. Inuyasha’s ears twitched and he smelt the air,

“Kagome?” Inuyasha jumping off his bed as every servant in Sesshomaru’s house dropped what they were doing and followed Sesshomaru. Shippo suddenly grew quiet,

“What’s wrong Shippo?” Rin sobbed, he smiled big and grabbed her hand, without a word being said he jumped off the bed and ran into the hall, he had just ran out just in time to catch Sesshomaru entering the room next to his bed chambers. Shippo dragged Rin into the room.

“Mama is home, Mama!!!” the pups cried out, Kagome moaned and opened her eyes a little,

“Shippo, Rin,” Kagome giving a tired smile. Sango ran in,

“Thank the kami’s, Kagome, you’re alive!” Sango cried as she hugged her,

“Easy, I’m so tired, I need sleep,” Kagome mumbled.

“We love you mama!” Shippo and Rin giving her a kiss on each of her cheeks.

“I love you both so much, mama needs sleep now though, I promise I am not going anywhere,” Kagome patting them both on the head.

“Okay mama,” Shippo and Rin skipping together in the hall singing and telling everyone in the castle in their new made up song that their mama was home. Kagome smiled a little as she drifted back to sleep. Sesshomaru sat on her bedside, trying to understand what this all meant, he could feel prying eyes on him and Kagome.

As he turned his head he found Miroku and Sango sitting on the other side of the bed, Inuyasha and Koga was by the doorway, along with the servants gathering behind them.

“You broke the curse,” Sango noticing Kagome didn’t have a tail,

“Yes,” Sesshomaru looking down at Kagome, he glared at the servants,

“She is fine, the curse has been broken,” Sesshomaru knowing his servants were attached to the miko. They scattered, but their new rumors floating through the hall and giggles didn’t get past his ears,

“I wonder if she will be our Lady of the West?”

“I hope so, she is so perfect for him, they are so cute together,”

“Imagine the pups! Gorgeous and more powerful than anyone could imagine!”

Sesshomaru huffed, if anything were going to go on between him and Kagome, things would be taken slow.

“Thank you for saving her,” Sango tearing up, Miroku thanked him, Inuyasha, well,

“You better treat her right,” Inuyasha thanking him in his own way.

“She deserves the best, and well, you are the best,” Koga resigning. He even pulled out his jewel shards in his legs and gave them to Sesshomaru.

“Now all that is left is Kohaku’s shard,” Sango letting a tear slip free,

“I imagine we will find a way to save your brother Slayer,” Sesshomaru seriously. Sango laughed a little and couldn’t help but throw her arms around Sesshomaru’s neck.

“Thank you Lord Sesshomaru, thank you so much!” Sango pulling away, he could feel her gratitude pouring out of her toward him. He finally got up and came back with a healer and Amaterasu. The healer checked Kagome out, she was just exhausted from everything but she would make for a full recovery, Sesshomaru ordered the healer to make a tonic that would speed up the healing and give Kagome back her energy quicker.

With that the healer had left the room to work on the tonic, Amaterasu smiled as Sesshomaru had asked the old bat to clean her with all the good but light smelling soaps, Sesshomaru sat in on the bathing, making sure he could trust her with Kagome. Amaterasu gave him a strong smile,

“You did it, you broke the spell,” Amaterasu explained,

“She will be going back to her time after she makes a wish on that jewel,” Sesshomaru coldly.


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