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Marks Of A Vampire by ~CherrySakuras~

Chapter one

I do not own any of the original inuyasha characters, and with that i am glad to finally present my reboot of this horribly wirten fanfiction in hopes that you like it. It took me so long to finally kill the writers block i have and i have so many storys in my mind at the same time im going made. but finally here is the rewriten work i promised. Iv also messed with the plot ALOT so dont 100% exspect the original plat im sorry >.< 




Marks Of A Vampire

Ch 1

Purple and silver was decorated around the room that belong to teacher Kagome Higurashi. Silver walls, dark purple rugs, black dresser with a huge mirror and plenty of room for clothes with silver handles decorated with black roses. It was her childhood room but soon it would be a memory. As the sun went up in the sky the rays lightly hit her face, which caused the woman to stir in her sleep. Her alarm would soon go off in hopes to awaken her for her first day of work. Her black hair was fanned around her as it shimmered in the sun. As the rays reached her pale face, her alarm went off with her favorite rock station blaring at a loud volume. As the next song started to play her sky blue eyes fluttered open, and her pink lips parted for a long yawn as she stretched her body and rolled over in an attempt to hide from the suns rays that peeked through her curtains. At that moment Mrs. Higurashi poked her head into her daughter's room and smiled with amusement as her daughter threw a pillow at her radio.


I know, but it is time to get up.” She said as she walked to her daughter's dark purple curtains and let the sun fully shine into the room. At that action she got a moan from the girl and laughed. “This will be a great year for you honey, no more collage and now bright kids to teach. Oh and the movers said this weekend will work good at 12 saturday.” She paused and knew her daughter eyes shut tight from the stress she endured during collage and now the stress of moving. “Hurry up ok sweetie.” Her mom said while moving to the door.

Okay. I'm up. Maybe.” Kagome said with a groggy voice as her mom smiled, nod and left her room so she can get breakfast ready for them. After about 2 minutes of thinking about what she would wear for the day she sat up on her bed, and saw her reflection in the mirror. Smudged eyeliner, bed head, and squinted eyes looked back at her. “I'm starting this new year just lovely.” She told herself sarcastically She got up and headed to the bathroom for a much needed shower.

Steam poured out of the bathroom into the hallway as her hair dripped down her back and to the floor. She walked into her room and looked around, this was her last week in her family home and most of her things were already packed. She walked to her dresser that had a large mirror and started getting ready for the day. Kagome dried her hair with her blow drier, straightened it and left it loose. It had grown a lot since she had cut it all off 3 years ago for cancer patients as a collage project, it now hung down to her lower back. Kagome put on light black eye liner and mascara and orange tinted chap stick.

She pulled out a black skirt that went up to her lower mid-thighs and a beige button up blouse with koi fish on it. She grabbed a black sweater and pulled it on knowing it would be cool out, and put black boots with 2 inch heels that went up to her knees. The school didn't have much for a dress code but she would try to stay professional with her own flair until she felt comfortable enough to wear what she wanted.

She looked at herself in her full length mirror beside her dresser and smiled.

Kagome?” her mom said while she peeked her head into the room. “Glad to see your up honey, breakfast is ready.” She said then disappeared to the kitchen again. She smelled the bacon, coconut rice, spinach and eggs as she walked into the kitchen.

Oh wow mom that smells really good. “Kagome said while sitting on one of the high chairs from the kitchen counter that divided the kitchen and living room. Her mom laughed and put her plate and Kagome's across from each other.

So what are your plans for this year Kagome?” her mom asked then took a bite from her coconut rice.

I really don't know yet. I'm glade I got one of the best teaching jobs in the country but I also wanted to take over the shrine for you and grandpa. For now I'm just going to move into my apartment and focus on my teaching career. I was thinking maybe doing a school here for kids and adults who have miko powers. But first I'll need to finish this program with this school. Who knows.” Kagome said.

Whatever you want to do honey. Grandpa and I will always be here for you and back you up. Oh your brother is coming home tonight, his flight from New York was late so I already called the school. He wont be here till 8:30ish so would you like to help me with the party supplies when you get home. I doubt you will get a big work load on your first day.” Kagome's mother asked while finishing off her breakfast.

I'm glad he went to school there last year but iv missed annoying the crap out of him, I’m glad hes coming home tonight, and sure I’ll help.” Kagome said while getting up and grabbing her moms plate to rinse both plates off. “Okay mom I will see you when I get home. I'll let you know how it goes. I really cant wait to see auntie Kim, uncle Lio and everyone else tonight.” Kagome said. Her mom smiled and they hugged before Kagome grabbed her purse jacket and keys from the couch where she had left them the night before. She ran out to her dark red Chevy cobalt, started the engine and drove off to her school.

While driving she was cut off by some guy in a Subaru and she flipped him her finger before speeding past him on the highway. She loved how some people can be such jerks so early in the morning. She looked at her rear view mirror as she go into the school parking lot and signed. He seemed to have followed her to the school which pissed her the heck off. “Hey who do you think you are to follow me?” She asked while slamming her car door closed and walking to his car. He got out and she stopped, he had the most amazingly hot body she's ever seen and his hair was so white and long, he had to be a demon.

I'm the principal at this school miko. You would do well to remember that.” He said closing his door and locking his car. The moment he smelled her his beast started to rage and demanded he have her for himself. Sesshomaru pushed his beast down and would not allow it to win. He remembered seeing her before and having this same problem. His beast would not win this fight.

Principal or not you cut me off while getting on to the high way, you have no idea how rude and dangerous that is, plus you can get in trouble for that.” She said crossing her arms in front of her chest, not letting him being a demon or teacher get to her at all.

He gave her a sharp look and walked right up to her. When he was mere inches from her face he said. “I don't know, but I do know how turned on you are right now. You humans are all the same. Weak and would rut with anyone.” He pushed passed her and walked away. His body was fighting the need he had to clam her. This had never happened before, and he will be sure to stop it before it became too late to stop himself.

Kagome was just too stunned to say anything. She stood there speechless, and her eyes teared up. 'That bastared, I’m so embarrassed now. How dare he.' She thought. Kagome was so pissed she wiped what little tears did fallen and went to her car to grab her purse and keys. She locked her car while walking to the school and vowed to not speak or look at him again at all. As she walked to the school her heart skipped a beat and she felt dizzy and had to hold on to the railing of the stairs before she fell over.


'What just happened?' She panicked in her mind. She lifted herself up after realizing she was sitting on the steps and tired to take deep breaths. She situated herself mentally and physically before walking in and doing her best to look like nothing had happened. Today was her first day and nothing ruin it. She wanted to be great, and she needed her mood up and mind clear from anything but her students.

The day went pretty smoothly, her students were good kids who had very good grades but this was to be expected from the kind of school she was in. They were either demon powerful royals or miko powerful royals or well known family's who made them fight to get them in such a good program and school. This school was a test in only school that selected the best of the best in the country to enhance their ability's and their school work. It only had miko and demons, no human has been known yet to be able to enter. The school was divided into wings and had a very large gym that included an inside pool and large library. A teacher named Sango had been great at showing her around and even helped her get a pass for the teachers lunchroom since the one they mailed her didn't work. They chatted in the lunch room for awhile and became fast friends instantly clicking. When the day was over and the girls were in the teachers room with many desk all together Sango told Kagome Sesshomaru was looking for her and needed her in the advanced art class room at the end of wing-F.

Seriously? Ugh, no offense but the guys a jerk.” Kagome said as she picked up her things and was about to leave.

Boy do I know it, I've been here for 3 years now and when he came in I knew right away he was trouble but hes damn good at what he does tho so I'm not going to complain. Good luck Kagome” Sango said while finishing up the last of her paperwork from the kids summer vacation reading assignment.

Before Kagome got to the bottom step in the stairway she took a deep breath and calmed her nerves. She would be fine. She held her purse and paper work and stood tall. He would not get to her. She started walking again and entered the room. When she entered she saw him sitting at the desk looking over a few papers and didn't look to be stopping to look at her but just pointed to the spot in front of his desk. She took that as a rude way of saying 'come here'.

You better start respecting me if you want me to teach you. I could kick you out at any time. Id think about that if I were you. And also . . . “ He said the last part while getting up. “I can and will if I must make it hard for you to even find work, would you like that?” He asked while looking up at her into her eyes. He was shocked when he realized her blue eyes. Not many Japanese people had such eyes. “Hmm, like the ocean.” He said while studying them. “Go, get out of my face,” Ha said when siting back down in his chair.

At first she was too shocked but now she was pissed. She glared at him and left. She felt so mad and she knew then and there this would prove to be hard school to deal with.

The party for her brother went well, as well as it could go. Her cousins were all coloring the walls and spilling food everywhere. To be honest she was a little pissed about it, but their cuteness made up for it. When everyone left it was around ten at night and Kagome was itching to go out and take a breather.

Mom I’m going out for a while, I need a breather. Cleaning this mess up was . . . exhausting.” She said while grabbing her purse jacket and keys from the living room closet where she stuffed them.

Ok, honey, drive safe.” Her mom said while walking to the kitchen to have her nightly glass of wine. Kagome nodded and left the house knowing her mother would be up for two hours watching the shows she missed today because of the party.

She hit the highway and started driving up and down the roads while listening to loud music. This is how Kagome Higurashi could breath. This is how Kagome Higurashi would let out stress. This is how Kagome Higurashi was zen.

When she stopped at one of the lights a Subaru stopped right beside her blasting the same song as her. She looked over to see her teacher half smiling back at her. He signaled for her to follow him, and she did. They both sped trying to out speed the other without out getting pulled over, while heading to a coffee shop off the highway.

What do you want? More rude and cold words or are you sorry for being such a jerk today?” She asked while getting out of her car, closing the door and crossing her arms.

You test me Higurashi.” He said closing his door and walking to her. “I wish to speak with you about something I noticed today.”

I have nothing to talk to you about unless you are going to apologies for being such an ass.” She said getting frustrated with his rudeness.

He didn't answer her, he just walked over to her, grabbed her roughly and pushed her up against her car.

You want to play dirty? I can play dirty if you want.” He said looking straight into her eyes. His eyes showed lust and anger as her eyes betrayed her and showed shock, anger and a hint of lust as well. He enjoyed how there was no fear in her eyes and how she wanted him too.

Let go, I'm going home.” She said while halfheartedly trying to get out of his arms.

He smirked and tightened his grip on her. His beast was yelling mine in his head and he was loosing the fight.

No.” Was his only answer. He smiled and moved his face in closer. He could smell the anger in her,and he suddenly felt the urge to claim it. To destroy her, and make her a shell of who she was now.

Ha . .what . . are you doing?” She said in a shaky voice. She couldn’t help but want him to continue but her mind was saying it wasn't right even tho her heart was saying it was destined.

Whatever I want.” He said as as he rubbed his fangs down from her jaw to her neck he couldn’t help but nip at her two beauty marks that looked to be a vampire or demon mating bite he licked in between the beauty marks and felt a sting shot through his body and it helped him clear his mind. They were mocking him, daring him to claim such a spitfire of a human. His beast was slowly make its way out and had to stop this now before he lost this fight. He stood up straight and walked to his car and drove off without another word or glance. She stood frozen and stayed in place just looking at the spot his car was and dropped to her knees on the ground.

'What just happened?' Her thoughts were racing on her conflicted emotions.

As she was moving to get in her car her heart stopped and she thought she would die. It just stopped beating and she only ever had this happened a few times before but this felt different. The difference was, it never stopped for this long.

Suddenly her heart started beating and she fell to the group gripping her heart and coughing.

Missed me?” She heard a very familiar voice say and knew at that moment, life would never be the same again just as was promised years ago by the speaker of the voice.

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