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Broken Wood by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch. 1 Enough

AN: So what do you guys think once you read a bit? This is actually one of my ways to half truth on venting about furniture! lol


Ch. 1 Enough

“Inuyasha.” Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes at his younger half brother in warning. He was not in the mood for a scuffle this time. Seeing the half breed smile, he quickly dodged.

“Hey!” Inuyasha yelled. Having missed his target in turn for destroying the table.

‘That was his favorite table! He just had to ruin it again? That design was really hard to find to.’ In a rare moment a possessive fury filled him. His muscles flexed as he clenched his fist. Not letting it go this time, Sesshoumaru snarled. Bringing his arm back to punch Inuyasha in an instant.

The younger yelped as the momentum from Sesshoumaru’s punch brought him backward into the other spare room. Braking the wall and landing a really nice shelf. Surprised at the anger coming from him. Though, his jaw hurt worse, it was obvious that he was upset about something else. “Geese… ass hole. What was that for?” Inuyasha got up and rubbed his jaw, almost pouting. He had wanted to spar not get beat up.

He straightened. “We agreed Inuyasha that we would only spar outside of the city. Which was a very good reason why. Yet, you keep coming here and destroying my home! I’ve had enough.” 'Though, this time he did part of the damage...'

Two cute triangle ears flattened on his head. “Damit. But, it takes to long to get there.” He whined.

Sesshoumaru let a small smirk show. “Then all you have to do is ask little brother.”

It was his turn to growl. “No way in hell. You’ll drop me or something.”

“What? The great hanyou of legend is afraid of heights?” He taunted. Having argued with him several times about it before. Then, his features hardened in resolve. “I will not allow this to continue here.”

“Fine!” Inuyasha huffed. This time opening the window to jump down 6 stories of buildings. Racing off to there destined point for sparing.


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