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Purely Demonic by jaybelle93


During their travels to find the Shikon jewel, Kagome always wondered what her fate would be. Before she fell into the well, she never knew where she truly belonged. She felt restless, needing a sense of adventure and excitement. And excitement she got. She and her group of ragtag friends had been through so many adventures together that she wouldn’t mind the quiet life back in the future.

But she knew that she would always crave the thrill she got when she was in the past beyond the well. Now that Naraku was defeated at last, and as much as she wanted to stay, Kagome knew where she truly belonged: in the future. She was born in the future, she grew up in the future, and she knew she needed to spend the rest of her life in the future.

 Her time in the past had a purpose, and now that that purpose had been fulfilled, Kagome had accepted that she had to leave her Feudal family and return to reality.

 Kagome was surprised out of her stupor when a hand was placed gently on her shoulder, trying to get her attention. She tore her eyes away from her view on the cliff to see Inuyasha smiling at her sadly.

 “It’s time.” He whispered, staring at the jewel hanging around her neck with watery eyes and drew her in for a tight hug. Kagome buried her face in the crook of his neck and willed herself not to cry, holding the hanyou to her in an almost desperate matter.

 “I-I’m going to miss you… ‘Gome…” He whispered into her hair, nuzzling his nose into the spot behind her ear, his hot breath tickling her neck.

 “Don’t forget me ‘Yasha…” Kagome whispered back softly, trying to cover up her hiccup with a rough laugh. Inuyasha pulled away from her only to place his clawed hands on either side of her face, his brow creased with frown lines.

 “Forget you? How on earth could I forget you, Kagome?” He placed his forehead against hers, Kagome’s hands clenching his biceps. They stood like that for a moment before he pushed her away with a ‘keh’, crossing his arms over his chest and looking away in embarrassment. “Go say goodbye to the others.” He growled.

 Kagome turned to see Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kilala watching them. Kagome turned to ruffle Inuyasha’s hair for the last time and tweak his puppy ears. She giggled softly when a blush rose to his cheeks when she leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. She started walking over to her other friends before she turned around like she forgot something.

"Oh, and Inuyasha? One more thing, for old time's sake?"

"Feh, what is it wench?"

"Sit boy."

Everyone was almost doubled over laughing as Kagome started walking back over to them. Sango stepped forward before the others and pulled the woman she now thought of as a sister into an almost bone-crushing hug. They stood there not saying anything before they both pulled back with tears in their eyes. Kagome leaned in to whisper something in her ear. “You and Miroku are going to have adorable babies. Stay strong.”

 Kagome and Sango grinned at each other before Kagome moved over to the lecherous monk. “Miroku, you’re like an older brother I never had. You mean the world to me and I wish you all the best of luck now that your Wind Tunnel is gone.” Miroku pulled his friend into a brief, but loving hug before Shippo leaped into her arms.

 “Mama! Don’t leave!” He bawled, burying his face into her chest. Kagome smiled down at the fox kit she took in as her adopted son, tears in her eyes.

"Shippo, you know I don't want to leave you, any of you." She patted his head gently. "But I have to make a wish on the jewel and return to my time. Maybe then I'll get to see you all grown up into a big strong fox demon." Shippo looked up at her with hopeful eyes.

Kagome leaned down and kissed his nose, hugging him one last time before setting him on the ground. Kilala trotted over and gave Kagome's hand a loving lick as her own way of saying goodbye. Kagome stroked the fire cat for a moment before standing up and straightening her kimono. She found it was a much easier garment to fight and travel in.

She gave everyone one last longing look before heading back up to the edge of the cliff. She stared out at the ocean for a moment before she pulled the necklace holding the jewel from around her neck, holding the baby pink orb in her hands. Taking a shaky breath and closing her eyes allowing a few tears to escape and leak down her cheeks, Kagome brought the jewel up and held it against her chest, making her wish.

A/N: I know this chapter is a tad short, but I hope you like where this story is going! This is the first Kagome/Sesshomaru, or het, story that I've written in a very long time! I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes I made! Please R&R! Reviews are what inspire me to write more! (:


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