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They Need You by sweetest angel


So, to start , I don't own Inu Yasha, even if I would love to. But no. All the original characters and everything (the well and the sacred tree, and all the hair and the cutest ears in the world to the panties of our heroin) are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. She is the genius, and I'm just...nothing! But I hope you will like my story. :)

To be honest, it's a story that I started to write a long time ago, the first one I ever wrote to be more precise but I hope that you will still like it!




The need you, PROLOGUE


She woke with a start, tears in her eyes and sobbing uncontrollably; sweat ran down her forehead and back, making her shiver. It was one of those dreams, yet again. The first time, she didn't think it meant anything. He was dead. The dreams haunted her, brought on by her mourning, she thought. Repeatedly. And exactly when she needed his presence the most. He appeared to her each time it became too difficult for her to be in this world, with nothing left in the other. Those dreams comforted her, until reality sank back in. Nobody would come for her now, and it was too dangerous for her to go there alone... Now, everything became normal again,...

He said to her that he would never leave her alone, that he would always be there for her. But today, he revealed to her that such may not be true and that she may never see him again. He made her promise several things before disappearing. They need her over there again. Even if he wanted to stay with her in their 'little paradise', she needed to live her life and strive for her destiny once again, to move on. He didn't want to her to stay alone because of him, which was odd if you through back of how he had always reacted when someone of the opposite sex came too close to her in the past ... But things have changed. To be able to speak to him from time to time reduced her sorrow, her loneliness, made it just tolerable. Sometimes, it was difficult to breath, to continue to live, knowing that he wasn't at her side anymore and would never be again. All her dreams of the future ended that day, when she lost him.

Of course she had her family around her, but it wasn't the same. They couldn't really grasp how much this time beyond the limit of the time and all those precious moments with her friends, with him, meant to her, they were her everything. Before, her life was full, sometimes too full but now, there was nothing and it was far more terrible than the over stuffing of before. The only things left were her dreams. Her dreams, it was odd to think she started to know him, to really know him, after his death, to know what he was too afraid to show for risk of being hurt before, to know how his life was before Naraku.

Little by little, Kagome fully awakened and finally made the decision: today she was going back to the Feudal Era.

When he said that he was in danger, like him the others, she made the only decision possible. However, after almost a full year later, would he even want to speak to her? After all she gave up to him. She gave up on everyone after InuYasha died. Going back over there was too difficult at the time, but now she didn't have any other choice.

She prepared her things; the yellow back bag, which had an unthinkable size, would see the trails again. The most difficult thing would be to convince her family that she must go back 500 years in the past and for that she had to stay and explain every thing that had happened a week after she was back in her time until now and the promise.

She went down after her shower and took everything necessary for her travel in her bedroom and the bathroom: sleeping bag, clothes, sleeping clothes, underwear, shampoo, conditioner, first aid kit... The list went on and on, but it would all fit in her faithful old, ugly yellow backpack.

Souta, Grandpa, and her mother were already in the kitchen when she entered the room. When her mother turned around to greet her but froze as she saw Kagome with the infamous yellow bag on her shoulder. Her words died in her throat, and she dropped her spoon. That bag,... That bag hadn't been out of her closet for almost a year, and she noted that it was full : her daughter was leaving again.

When she saw the stunned look on her mother's face, shaded with a touch of fear, Kagome asked them to not interrupt her until she finished to explain or she would loose all her courage. The tense atmosphere in the kitchen hung heavy around them, suffocating.

During their breakfast, she tried to explain everything: the dreams, the danger for the others, the promise. She explained some of the things she learned by the dreams of InuYasha. Leaving some details secret, what she knew, even where he was now, he wouldn't want anyone to know.

When she finished her tale, she told them that she was going back because they needed her, because he needed her; the one she'd left behind alone, for too long already. What happened after surprised her: they believed her. It was the last thing she thought would have happened after she opened her eyes this morning. She was prepared to have long discussions to no end to persuade them of the necessity of her returning. No need of that, apparently. But, she could see their fear for her in the eyes of all the members of her family, even if they tried to hide it. They were doing that for her, she realized, and because they knew her well enough to know that she wouldn't back down and let people die if she could do something, so they gave their support like that. She could feel a warm feeling coursing through her body at the trust her family had in her.

Her grandfather said that it was rare, but some mikos have visions or more precisely premonitory dreams, and only the most powerful mikos could. He was so proud of her, his grand daughter was really powerful.

Her brother was really excited, his sister was about to save the world again, and she was going back to the world of youkai, hanyou, and humans. The world he would like to see. The world of his idol, the one person he respected as much as his family: InuYasha, his Inu Onii-Chan.

Her mother smiled. Just smiled. Kagome was disturbed because her mother didn't seem to be angry at the decision at all, quite the opposite in fact.

She passed the table and went to embrace her only and very special daughter tightly. She was afraid, afraid of the danger of this other time without someone to protect her like before, but she tried to reassure herself , thinking that her daughter was a very powerful being and was able to defend herself and especially thinking that InuYasha would never send her into the past again if he didn't think she could be safe. So she tried with all her will to not show that her heart was beating wildly at the idea of her daughter's departure. She knew her Kagome. She saw in her eyes that she was fearful at the idea of returning, but was determined to follow her destiny. Kagome would not let her down.

Kagome couldn't trust her ears when she heard her mother say that she was proud of her and only asked to come back from time to time, like she had before, to make sure she was ok.

Apparently, no one was that shocked that she took the decision to go back over there, even if they had a good idea of why she didn't want to do it before. Her mother admitted that she too, believed her. During the first dream, she saw Kagome speaking while sleeping and she knew that her daughter never spoke in her sleep before. And it was strange, as if Kagome was speaking to someone. She cried a lot saying it couldn't be true, that it was impossible, just a dream. But what shocked her the most was that when she was doing that, a pink light surrounded her. Her mother explained that she didn't mention it because she didn't want to push Kagome to talk before she was ready.

Consequently, Mrs. Higurashi prepared some food that her daughter would need during her travel. She packed the lunch that she started to prepare and other fresh food from the refrigerator, like fruits. When she was done she went to the closet and packed instant food, some candies and energy bars. All in all, almost everything was there. She added a flashlight, matches, and other things that could be needed in the past. During that time, Kagome was trying to understand what was going on while eating her breakfast. She could hear her grandfather asking if it would be long before her mission was completed this time and was already excited at the idea of finding new diseases for her. He was scary sometimes.

After some last embraces and promises to be careful, she jumped in the well, leaving her anxious family behind. A familiar light surrounded her, the sensation of floating,... so poignantly familiar.

Seconds later, she touched the bottom of the well. Very slowly, Kagome climbed out of the well and paused, sitting a minute on the edge.

Finally, she was back, in the time, in the clearing that she saw for the first time, almost three years ago: the Feudal Era.


So, what do you think? I hope to read your commentary very soon... but before that, thank you for your reading. You didn't fall asleep during your reading, right? I hope not:)

Sweetest angel.


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