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Eyes Like Rubies by LadySmurf

With Eyes Like Rubies

EDIT: I would like to take this moment to add a disclaimer. NONE OF THE CHARACTERS OF THE INUYASHA SENSATION BELONG TO ME ALL RIGHTS AND HONORS GO TO THE AMAZING CREATOR. Now that that is over, this will be the only time that I will say this, as it covers the entire duration of this project. Please enjoy.

Hi everyone!

I have been on a verrrry long hiatus, as I have had absolutely no motivation—or should I say inspiration—to write. I doubt I will be able to continue my original story at this point in time, but know that I will look over it, edit it, and then brain storm for it as I get back into the swing of things. This story however, will be completely spontaneous. I will tell you right now that I have no specific outcome in mind for this little fic, nor do I plan to restrict myself by attempting to define its point. I hope you enjoy this little project.

                                                                Yours truly,


With Eyes Like Rubies

                Vibrant, crimson, daunting. Its almost funny how red falls under both good and bad connotations. Passion and violence, love and hatred, anger and lust. In the right form, it has the ability to both captivate and terrify.  

                His eyes were like rubies glittering in the moonlight. Whispering promises of blood sport, whilst maintaining an astonishing mask of beauty. She could not look away from the passion in his eyes, hooded now by pleasure and possession. He was losing himself to his beast as the moans of ecstasy and scent of arousal flowed out from her—encouraging him to go faster, harder, deeper, until all she could say was more before she finally shattered into oblivion. Yet, the slap of flesh on flesh continued as even the mews of pleasure could no longer be uttered. He was glorious. Even as his desire drew blood. Even as his beast took full control. Even as pleasure transformed into pain.

                And then his eyes were not the only things that resembled rubies.


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