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Unembellished by SunsetMiko


Kagome looked in the mirror and smiled. It had taken hours but all the effort was worth it. She looked absolutely perfect. She just hoped he liked it. She twirled in front of the full length mirror before jumping at the sound of the front door closing downstairs. She turned and looked out into the hall, waiting for her husband to appear.

When he saw her, Sesshoumaru shook his head.

"What?" she asked. "Don't you like it?"

"Come with me," was all he said before taking her hand and pulling her into the bathroom. She stood in shock as he carefully removed the long, dangling earrings. He unclipped the diamond necklace and matching bracelet, setting it all on the counter.

Tears welled up in her eyes as he reached for her makeup removing wipes, gently washing away every trace of the lipstick, blush, and eye makeup she'd spent an hour applying.

She bit her lip to keep from sobbing as he plucked the clips from her hair one by one until it hung freely around her face and down her back in long black waves.

Finally he turned her to look at him, his thumb wiping away the first tear that fell. "Much better," he said softly. When she gave him a strange look he chuckled. "You need none of these embellishments," he said while his hand motioned towards the pile of things he'd removed. "You are perfect just like this."


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