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Lonesome George by Midnight Song


It started with a turtle. Not just any turtle, but a Pinta Giant Tortoise. He was the last of his kind. They tried everything to get him to mate, to breed, so that more could be born and another species could be preserved. But for whatever reason his eggs didn’t hatch and his line was not continued.

George was certainly not the first or only creature to die alone but Sesshoumaru Tashio was determined he would be the last. In the summer of 2012, at the beginning of yet another new life, he began to plan. He studied science after science, creature after creature. He would find a way to preserve those that did not deserve to die out, those who were not strong enough to continue.

It took another seven life times to perfect the science. Seven lives of thinking and planning and watching and hoping. His family and allies thought he was obsessed, wondered why he was so intently focused on his sudden desire to help preserve the lives of mere animals. When it occurred to them that he too was the last of his kind, they understood. They wondered if maybe he was working so hard so that he could one day have someone for himself.

Except that he denied every attempt made to give him such a person, refused to use his science, his machines, for himself. None of them understood. He didn’t even fully understand himself why he was so adamant about not using his sciences for his own purposes, just that he didn’t want to.

He was the last full blooded Inu Youkai on earth. His mother and father had long since passed and the only actual blood relation he held was that of his bastard, admittedly intelligent, half-brother. And it just wasn’t the same. It wasn’t that he was bothered by the fact that his supposed someone would end up being a science experiment. It didn’t matter that she would be created solely for his purposes, his needs.

When Tashio finally understood why it was so important for him to remain alone, he kept the answer to himself. Let them think it was pride, or arrogance, or even a certain hypocritical nature. None of them remembered, he hoped would never remember, that he had loved once, and he had lost.

What good then was an intended mate when he was still caught up in the memories of warm brown eyes, bright laughter and smiles, and a heart that never stopped giving. Why would he wish for another when his old heart still craved the first one to hold it?


Word Count: 436

A/N - Okay. I'm sorry. I really shouldn't be adding another story, not when I'm still working on so many but I just couldn't help myself. This fic is dedicated to Lonesome George, the 100 year old giant turtle that passed yesterday. This isn't going to be my typical action/angsty fic, though there will be a teensy bit of both. I want to focus on the romance/friendship aspect of it, so that I can get better at writing that kind of then. So, that said, I'd love advice, comments and critiques, whenever possible. As always, hope you enjoy! --Fei


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