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My little brother by cassandra

Chapter 1

Kagome stood outside the building and sighed. It was her first day at a new school. It annoyed her that she had to move in the middle of the school year. It was her senior year for crying out loud! As much as she hated it, there was a good reason for her moving. There had been a boy who'd become obsessed with her at her last school. His obsession quickly led to stalking and then harassment. Her mother had enough when he attacked her. He'd hurt her so bad that she spent a month in the hospital.

" I might as well get this over with." She said. She went inside and went to the office. As she was walking out of the office, a boy ran into her and knocked her down.

"Watch it bitch!" He yelled.

"It's no wonder you can't get a girl Bankotsu. You don't know how to be polite to one." Said a boy behind her. He helped pick up her things before helping her to her feet.

"Thanks." She mumbled.

"You're new here aren't you? Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Sesshomaru Taisho."

She finally got a good look at him when she shook his hand. He had long, silky, silver hair that reminded her of the moon and his eyes were a deep honey gold.

"I-I' It's nice to meet you." She said blushing.

"Do you need any help?" He asked.

"Yeah. I have no clue where any of my classes are."

"Let me see your schedule." He said.

"Ok. Here you go." She said handing it to him.

He looked at it and smiled. "You're in luck. We have the exact same schedule."

"That makes this a whole lot easier."

He smiled. "Yes it does."

She followed him to their first class. He made sure they walked to all their classes together and that they always sat by each other. They easily became friends. At lunch time he took her to a table in the corner. A group of boys were already sitting there.

"Hey guys! I'd like for you to meet my new friend Kagome." He said smiling.

"Hi!" They all said smiling.

"Kagome, these are my friends. This is Kouga, Naraku and this is Bankotsu. He's the jerk that knocked you down."

"Bankotsu! Why would you push a pretty thing like her?" Kouga yelled.

"Hmp. The damn wench got in my way. It's not my fault that she wasn't paying attention."

Kouga slapped him upside the head. "You can be such an ass at times!"

Naraku rolled his eyes. "Ignore these two fools. This is an every day thing for them. They're worse than children."

"We're not kids!" They both yelled at the same time.

"Could have fooled me." Sesshomaru said.

Kagome giggled. "You guys act like you're brothers."

Naraku nodded. "We may as well be. We've known each other our whole lives. Our parents are all friends." He said.

"Oh. That's nice." She said sadly.

"Kagome what's wrong?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Oh it's nothing. I just miss my two best friends back home. My friend Sango was like my sister and her pervert boyfriend was like my big brother."

"Well don't you worry. You got all of us now. I'm sure we'll be best buds in no time." Kouga said smiling.

"That would be nice." She said. Just then the bell rang.

"Well I'll catch you guys later. Come on Kagome." Sesshomaru said.

The rest of the day flew by without a hitch. Sesshomaru's friends were all in the rest of their classes. Just as Kouga had said at lunch, they'd all became fast friends with her. When school let out Sesshomaru followed Kagome to her locker. He seemed nervous for some reason.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"'s nothing. I was just wondering if you had a ride home?"


"Well I could give you a ride if you want. I'll have the guys with me though."

"Uh...ok." She said.

"Good. Come on then."

She followed him outside to his car. Kouga, Bankotsu and Naraku were already waiting there. Naraku was the first to spot them. He looked from Sesshomaru to Kagome and smirked.

"Well now what do we have here? Taking Kagome home huh? This is a new developement. You'll be the first girl he's ever let in his car Kagome. Come to think of it, I don't think he's ever even really hung around any girls. I detect a little crush Sesshomaru?" Naraku teased.

Sesshomaru looked away blushing. "Don't speak of such things. I'm just giving her a ride home. She's just a friend." He said.

Naraku smirked. "Is that so? Then why are you blushing?"

Sesshomaru growled. "Are you done?"

Naraku laughed. "I'm only kidding!  I will say however that you two would make a good couple. You look good together." He said winking at Kagome. Now it was Kagome's turn to blush.

"Yo! Are you done blabbing yet? I got a date tonight! So will you and your wench come on!" Bankotsu yelled. Kouga turned around and bopped him upside the head.

"What the hell man!" Bankotsu yelled rubbing his head.

"Dumb ass! Don't call her a wench!" Kouga yelled.

"I'll call her whatever the hell I want!" He yelled back.

Kouga growled. "Not while I'm around you won't!"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah!" Kouga yelled getting in his face.

"Get out of my face wolf!"

"Make me!"

Sesshomaru sighed. "Here we go again. Must we go through this every day?"

"Every day?" Kagome asked.

"Yeah. These two morons always find something to fight over before we leave to go home."

"So why take them then?" Kagome asked.

"Good question. Sometimes I question my sanity for offering them any kind of kindness." Sesshomaru said.

"I got an idea! Let's leave these two dumb asses here!" Naraku said smirking.

"No way!" Kouga and Bankotsu said at the same time before glaring at each other.

"Well then I think you'd better get in the car." Sesshomaru told them.

"I got shotgun!" Bankotsu yelled.

"No." Sesshomaru said.

"Why not?" He said whining like a child.

"Because Kagome is sitting up front."

"That's not fair! What's so special about this wench? She's just a stupid girl!"

Sesshomaru sighed. "My car, my rules." Mumbling to himself, Bankotsu got in the backseat and crossed his arms.

Kagome giggled. "He reminds me of a little kid."

"That's Bankotsu for ya!" Kouga said laughing.

"Shut it wench!" Bankotsu yelled.

This time it was Sesshomaru who defended her. He turned to Bankotsu and growled. His eyes slowly bled red. "If I hear that word coming out of your mouth one more time, I will grab your ass and kick you to kingdom come. Do you understand me?" He said.

"Uh...yeah, sure. Whatever you say." Bankotsu said. He wasn't stupid. He knew Sesshomaru's wrath was nothing to balk at. He knew Sesshomaru wouldn't hesitate to carry out his threat. So he wisely shut up.

"Good. I'm glad we understand each other."

Kouga and Naraku looked at each other and smiled knowingly. They knew what was going on even if Sesshomaru did not. He'd never shown any interest in any woman before. When his eyes bled red they knew his beast was trying to take control. The only reason for that to happen was if his beast had found the one it wanted to mate. Naraku came up with an idea to help this romance along.

"Hey Kagome?" Naraku said.


"Since tomorrow's Friday I'm gonna throw a party. Would you like to come? Maybe you'd make some new friends. I have an older sister you might like." Naraku said.

Bankotsu snorted. "Yeah right. The first time she meets Kagura she'll run for the border."

"Why? Is there something wrong with her?"

"Well...Kagura doesn't exactly go for men. She's into women." Naraku said.

"Oh." She said blushing.

"There is one way you can keep her away from you." Naraku said.

"How's that?" She asked.

"Bring a date." Naraku said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"But I don't know anyone!" She protested.

"Sure you do. You know us don't ya? The only one who's available though is Sesshomaru. I'm sure he won't mind taking you. Isn't that right Sesshomaru?" Naraku said smirking.

"Well...sure. That is if it's ok with you Kagome." Sesshomaru said nervously.

"Sounds good to me!" She said blushing.

Kagome told Sesshomaru how to get to her house. They talked about the party the whole way there. When they got to her house, they were all surprised.

"You live on a shrine?" Sesshomaru asked.


"So...uh...does that mean you're a...a miko?" Kouga asked nervously. Miko's were known to hate demons.

"Yeah. I'm not really trained though. I just found out before I moved here that I was one. Don't worry though, I'm not like other miko's. I'm perfectly fine with hanging out with demons. I beleive everyone deserves a chance to have friends no matter what their race is." She said smiling at them. They all relaxed after she said that.

"Well I'll see you guys at school. Thanks for the ride Sesshomaru. I can't wait for the party tomorrow!"

He smiled. "You're welcome. By the way, I need your number."

"Why?" She asked.

"So that I can call to let you know when I'm on my way to pick you up for the party tomorrow."

She blushed. "Oh." She gave him her number and he gave her his. After he pulled away from Kagome's home the guys started teasing him.

"Do I detect a possible romance on the horizon?" Naraku said smirking.

"Yeah. She seems like the perfect girl for you Sess. Not to mention she's sexy as hell. I bet she's good in the sack." Kouga said smirking.

"She just may be the one for ya Sess. I know you're still a virgin, Mr. I'm waiting for my soulmate. Maybe SHE'S your soulmate." Bankotsu said joing in the teasing.

"Shut up! So what if I'm still a virgin. As for Kagome, we just met and we're just friends." Sesshomaru said blushing.

"Aw look guys! He's blushing! I think our boy has a crush!" Bankotsu said smiling.

"It's love at first sight!" Kouga said dramaticaly. They all laughed as Sesshomaru growled and his face got redder.

That night as Sesshomaru lay in bed he thought about what his friends had said. They were right about Kagome. There was something about her that caught his interest. She was beautiful but he could tell that she was special as well. Perhaps his friends were right. Maybe he was already developing a crush on her.

He smiled. "Kagome, what have you done to me?" He whispered before drifting off to sleep.


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