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Mezame Tonbo by Clio

Just An Old Fan

A/N: I was bound and determined NOT to start another chapter story until I'd finished A Modern Miko. However, as any writer can tell you, sometimes an idea runs into the side of your head and sticks like bubblegum. This is the result of such an attack. It is an A/U, so you'll see familiar characters, but not in ways of places which will necessarily be expected. Also, as it says in the summary, "Mezame Tonbo" is (at least on GoogleTranslate) translated as something like "Dragonfly Awakening". If you want to think on that, you might uncover where the story is perhaps going. Now, on to the rest of the tale!

Disclaimer: All canon characters found within belong to one, Rumiko Takahashi. I make no money from this fanfic.

Original Pub. Date: May 20, 2012


Kagome Higurashi had mixed feelings on graduation day. After all, while school hadn’t always been easy for her, it was still the place where she’d made some amazing friends. As she walked away from the large building with her family, she threw one final glance over her shoulder. A crowd was gathered around one of the few remaining graduates. The younger of the two Taisho brothers had been in the same year. He was loud and cocky and, once upon a time, she’d had a crush on him. Most of the girls in the school had. There was just something about the bad boys...

Facing front again, she hurried to keep up with her own little group. In the morning, she would begin to take over some of the full-time responsibilities of her family’s shrine. Her grandfather, who’d been the only priest since his own father’s passing, needed a bit of help now that the years were catching up with him. Being a miko hadn’t been her first idea for life after school, but one couldn’t always be picky. And if it would help her family, she would gladly step into the role.

Just as they reached the corner, the Taisho and their ever-present followers spilled out onto the sidewalk. The voice which caught and held her attention, however, was not that of her recent schoolmate. It was the deeper, calmer voice of his older half-brother. Sesshomaru had graduated a few years before she’d entered high school. He was, apparently, everything Inuyasha was not. Refusing to look back again, she continued on.

If Inuyasha was a jerk, it stood to reason that his older brother was one, as well. No matter what all the magazines said...


As the summer wore on, Kagome became more and more comfortable with her new position at the shrine. Due to her grandfather’s advancing age, she began to take on some the tasks which he had once performed.

One day in early autumn, she made the decision to clean out the back storehouse. The building hadn’t been touched with a broom or a dust cloth her entire life. Putting on some of her oldest clothes and wrapping her hair up in a piece of rag, she marched across the courtyard, eyes gleaming.

An hour into her chore, she began to realize just how much stuff was actually in the structure. Small boxes were crammed in between long crates and old, round barrels. Taking a seat on one, she took a drink from her water bottle. Looking up, she spotted something peeking out over one of the rafters. Curious, she climbed up onto the barrel and carefully stretched herself as far as she could go.

Just as she felt the barrel beginning to tip precariously, she snagged whatever it was with her fingers. Rocking herself backward, she managed to avoid hitting the floor. A deep breath or two later, Kagome hopped down and glanced at what she’d found. It was an old folding fan. Several of the spokes were cracked and sticking out at odd angles, but the rice paper between them didn’t seem too badly torn. Opening it carefully, she was surprised at what she found. Painted across it was the phrase “mezame tonbo”. Kagome’s eyebrows pinched together as she read it to herself again. Why was “dragonfly awakening” written on an old fan? Strange, usually it would be something like “long life and happiness” or “lovely peach blossoms”.

Shrugging, she set it aside so she could get a bit more cleaning done before lunch. Maybe her grandfather would know something about it, if she remembered to ask him. Humming softly to herself, she started dusting again.


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