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Sesshomaru and Kagome's Pink Fluffy Sponge by Walter205

P1: Handicap

She was a forlon sight, coming out of the hospital in the wheel chair. Crying softly to herself that the painkillers weren't working properly, Kagome threw a glare at the male walking next to her as Inuyasha kindly pushed her wheelchair for her.

"I don't know why you're so angry at me Kagome, I warned you our demon mating ritual was likely to be rough," shrugged Sesshomaru.

"You didn't have to cripple me, y'know!" came the hot reply.

"I'm the one who advised the human style wedding. You have only yourself to blame," the ice prince nitpicked.

"Only myself to blame? I'm stuck in a wheelchair for two weeks, on the advice of my private doctor, because some stiff of a demon had to Jackhammer me so damn hard that my pussy turned into a sponge, and unlike a wishbone, just about split me in half evenly up the middle!" cried Kagome.

Then Kagome proceeded to cry even more as Inuyasha spit out the hot coffee he'd had in his mouth all over her hair, shoulders, and legs. As Kagome sat there sobbing, Sesshomaru tried in all his might to stop a giggle from escaping his mouth, before proceeding to help his handicapped wife.


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