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A Living Memory by Clio

Chapter 1

A/N: As of the moment, this is a simple oneshot. If I later decide to add on, I'll change the status and everything. This won first place over on dokuga_contest (LiveJournal). I'm so glad everyone liked it! Thanks so much ^-^

Genre: drama, budding relationship

Rating: K

Prompt: swing

Word Count: 400

Universe: C/U (Canon with alternate ending)

Summary: Familiar faces in strange places...

Disclaimer: All canon characters found within belong to one, Rumiko Takahashi. I make no money from this fanfic.

Originally Published: April 27, 2012 (dokuga_contest)


The park was quiet, although not as quiet as it could have been. Feudal Era quiet and Modern Era quiet were two very different sounds. Sitting in the swing, not really moving, the young woman glanced around. Two children, a boy and a girl, were showing their parents how good they were at the curly slide. A teenager was listening to music beneath a tree. On the path, an elderly couple walked slowly by, their dog bouncing around in front of them. They were holding hands.

Three years had passed since she’d used the Shikon Jewel, defeating Naraku. Three long years since the well shoved her back into her own time. No last goodbyes for her...No lingering what-ifs. One minute she was there, the next she was home. Now, it was just a well, albeit an old one.

Pushing with her toes, she set herself moving slowly, back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Swinging was hypnotic...Kagome had discovered that if she allowed her mind to drift while doing it, she could forget, if even for just a short while, what her life had once been. Only then would the memories of her friends stop tormenting her.

Several minutes of this went by, the swing creaking rhythmically the entire time. As she was about to bring herself to a stop, she felt a hand softly touch the small of her back, nudging her into continued motion. Kagome couldn’t breath. As the hand came in contact again, she felt the same brush of remembered power. Coming out of her trance in a burst of speed, she dove off the swing.

Spinning around, she found herself looking into the eyes of a stranger. His dark hair was short, a businessman’s cut. His clothing was tailored, but obviously of good quality. Hands hung loosely at his sides, long, tapering fingers slightly curled. What caught and held her attention, however, were his eyes. They were brown, but, as the sun hit them, she thought she saw the hint of a glint.

He stilled the erratically moving seat she had so quickly vacated, rounding it and stopping within a foot of her. Staring down into her upturned face, he sent one dark eyebrow up in question.

Again, she felt that brush of power, and it brought back so many memories. She knew that power...She’d been afraid of that power...



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